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*Chapter 14 JavaFX Basics*MotivationsJavaFX is a new framework for developing Java GUI programs. The JavaFX API is an excellent example of how the object-oriented principle is applied. This chapter serves two purposes. First, it presents the basics of JavaFX programming. Second, it uses JavaFX to demonstrate OOP. Specifically, this chapter introduces the framework of JavaFX and discusses JavaFX GUI components and their relationships. *ObjectivesTo distinguish between JavaFX, Swing, and AWT (§14.2).To write a simple JavaFX program and understand the relationship among stages, scenes, and nodes (§14.3).To create user interfaces using panes, UI controls, and shapes (§14.4).To use binding properties to synchronize property values (§14.5).To use the common properties style and rotate for nodes (§14.6).To create colors using the Color class (§14.7).To create fonts using the Font class (§14.8).To create images using the Image class and to create image views using the ImageView class (§14.9).To layout nodes using Pane, StackPane, FlowPane, GridPane, BorderPane, HBox, and VBox (§14.10).To display text using the Text class and create shapes using Line, Circle, Rectangle, Ellipse, Arc, Polygon, and Polyline (§14.11).To develop the reusable GUI components ClockPane for displaying an analog clock (§14.12).*JavaFX vs Swing and AWTSwing and AWT are replaced by the JavaFX platform for developing rich Internet applications.When Java was introduced, the GUI classes were bundled in a library known as the Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT). AWT is fine for developing simple graphical user interfaces, but not for developing comprehensive GUI projects. In addition, AWT is prone to platform-specific bugs. The AWT user-interface components were replaced by a more robust, versatile, and flexible library known as Swing components. Swing components are painted directly on canvases using Java code. Swing components depend less on the target platform and use less of the native GUI resource. With the release of Java 8, Swing is replaced by a completely new GUI platform known as JavaFX. *Basic Structure of JavaFXApplicationOverride the start(Stage) methodStage, Scene, and NodesRunMyJavaFXRunMultipleStageDemo*Panes, UI Controls, and ShapesRunButtonInPane*Display a ShapeThis example displays a circle in the center of the pane.RunShowCircle*Binding PropertiesJavaFX introduces a new concept called binding property that enables a target object to be bound to a source object. If the value in the source object changes, the target property is also changed automatically. The target object is simply called a binding object or a binding property. RunShowCircleCentered*Binding Property: getter, setter, and property getter *Uni/Bidirectional BindingRunBidirctionalBindingDemo*Common Properties and Methods for Nodes style: set a JavaFX CSS stylerotate: Rotate a nodeRunNodeStyleRotateDemo*The Color Class*The Font ClassRunFontDemo*The Image Class*The ImageView ClassRunShowImage*Layout PanesJavaFX provides many types of panes for organizing nodes in a container.*FlowPaneRunShowFlowPane*GridPaneRunShowGridPane*BorderPaneRunShowBorderPane*HBox*VBoxRunShowHBoxVBox*ShapesJavaFX provides many shape classes for drawing texts, lines, circles, rectangles, ellipses, arcs, polygons, and polylines.*Text*Text ExampleRunShowText*LineRunShowLine*Rectangle*Rectangle ExampleRunShowRectangle*Circle*EllipseRunShowEllipse*Arc*Arc ExamplesRunShowArc*Polygon and PolylineRunShowArc*PolygonRunShowPolygon*Case Study: The ClockPane ClassThis case study develops a class that displays a clock on a pane.ClockPane*Use the ClockPane ClassRunDisplayClock
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