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最新—中考必備吉林專版 新課標·RJ2014中考英語復習方案自學反饋+重點突破+即時自測,含13年試題課件:第10課時 Units 3—4,Book 8B.ppt

'最新—中考必備吉林專版 新課標·RJ2014中考英語復習方案自學反饋+重點突破+即時自測,含13年試題課件:第10課時 Units 3—4,Book 8B.ppt'
第10課時 Units 3—4,Book 8B自 學 反 饋自 學 反 饋即 時 自 測即 時 自 測重 點 突 破重 點 突 破第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B自 學 反 饋類別課標考點要求詞匯拓展1. strange→(名詞)陌生人 ________ 2.follow→(形容詞) ________ 3.amazing→(同義詞) ________ 4.close→(反義詞) ________→(形容詞) ________ 5.fly→(名詞)航班,班機 ________ 6.thin→(反義詞) ______→(比較級)______7.own→(名詞) ________ 8.true→(名詞) ________→(副詞)________ stranger   following surprising open closed flight fat thinner owner truth truly 自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B類別課標考點要求詞匯拓展9. lucky→(名詞)________→(副詞)________ →(形容詞的反義詞)________10.eat→(過去式) ________→(過去分詞)________11.decision→(動詞)________12.disappoint→(名詞)__________________ →(形容詞)令人失望的_______________ →(形容詞)感到失望的________________13.silence→(形容詞)_________→(副詞)__________ luck luckily unlucky ate eaten decide disappointment disappointing disappointed silent silently 自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B短語歸納1. 出去;離開 ______________2.起飛 ______________3.逃跑;跑掉 ______________4.在候診室 ______________5.自愿去做某事 ______________6.發生 ______________7.傳遞 ______________8.應該…… ______________9.首先 ______________10.在……方面做得好 ___________________11.身體健康 ___________________ get out  take off run away at the doctor's volunteer to do sthtake place pass on be supposed to first of all do well in/be good at in good health 自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B短語歸納12. 克服;恢復 ______________13.打開 ______________14.舉辦一場驚喜晚會 ___________________15.不再 ________________________16.生某人的氣 ______________17.在……前面 ______________18.像……一樣 ______________19.聽說 ______________20.照料,照顧 ______________21.處在危險中 ______________22.沉默 ______________ get over open uphave a surprise party   not…anymore/any more   be mad at sb in (the) front of  as…as hear about/of care for in danger in silence 自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B句型再現1. 當那個不明飛行物來的時候我正在廚房。 I was in the kitchen______________________.2. 當那個女孩看見外星人出來的時候,她正在購物。 The girl was shopping_________________________.3.當外星人正在參觀博物館時,那個男孩給電視臺打了 電話。 While the alien ________________________, __________________________.4.他告訴我他第二天會打電話給我。 He told me that he___________________________.5.那不令人驚奇嗎?________that___________? when the UFO arrived when she saw the alien get outwas visiting the museumthe boy called the TV stationwould call me the next day Isn't amazing 自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B句型再現6. 車站里人很多,琳達到處都看不到戴維的蹤影。 The station was crowded and Linda __________ Davy __________.7.你可以想象那是多么奇怪! You can imagine _____________ it was!8.她真的很生我的氣,并聲稱不再做我最好的朋友。 She got really _______ me and said she __________ to be my _______ friend _________. 9.在英語方面,我的閱讀比聽力好。 In English, I'm ______________ than listening.10.她說幫助別人改變了她的生活。 She said ________________________her life. couldn't see anywhere how strange mad at didn't want best anymore better at reading helping others changed 自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B語法結構1. 過去進行時。[詳見P92,語法互動(十)]2.when 與while引導的時間狀語從句。 。省略部分。應該在早上八點鐘開門。自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B3 I was sorry to hear that he had a cold last week. 聽說他上周感冒了,我感到難過。 [句型] be sorry +to do sth that從句做……很難過/抱歉 be sorry for sb 同情某人 be sorry about sth 對某事感到歉疚 I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long. =I'm sorry that I have kept you waiting so long. 很抱歉,讓你久等了。 I'm really sorry for you. 我非常同情你。 I'm sorry about the silly mistake. 我犯了愚蠢的錯誤,對此我感到歉疚。自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B4 I had a really hard time with science this semester, and I wasn't surprised to find that my worst report was from my science teacher. 本學期我學科學學得很費力,當我發現我的最差的成績報告 單來自科學老師時,我并沒有感到意外。[句型] (1)have a hard/difficult time doing sth=have difficulty (in) doing sth 做某事有困難have trouble/problem (in) doing sth做某事有麻煩have fun (in) doing sth 做某事有樂趣She had a hard time with math last year.她去年學數學很吃力。自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B(2)be surprised to do sth 做某事感到驚訝be surprised +that 從句 對……感到驚訝/吃驚be surprised at sth 對某事感到驚訝in surprise 驚訝地,驚奇地to one's surprise 使某人感到驚訝的是I'm surprised that you of all people think that.我很驚訝,在所有人當中只有你想著那件事。自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B中考典例The fans were ________ to know the death of their favorite singing star Whitney Houston. [2012·東營]A. glad       B. angry C. excited  D. surprisedD  解 析   由“the death of their favorite singing star”可知“歌迷對它們最喜愛的歌星的死感到很吃驚”,而不是“開心,憤怒,激動”,故選D。自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8BⅠ.單項選擇1.[2013·齊齊哈爾] Mrs Zhang is one of _______ teachers in our school. We all like her. A. popular   B. more popular C. the most popular2.I ________ my homework while my parents _______ TV last night. A.did; have watched B.was doing; were watching C.had done; were watching D.would do; were watching3.Great changes _______ in my hometown in recent years. A.took place B.were taken place C.have taken place D.have been taken placeB C即 時 自 測C 自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8B4.[2013·烏魯木齊]If Ted can ________ his difficulties, he'll make great progress. A. come over B. get over C. get off D. come out5.—Jack, will your family move to Shanghai? —Yes. That's a very big ________ my parents made. A.decide B.decision C.education D.message6.The two children in this story have been through a lot of bad ________. A.experiments B.expressions C.experiences D.emotionsBBC自學反饋重點突破即時自測第10課時┃Units 3—4,Book 8BⅡ. 根據句意及漢語提示完成單詞1. Mother is cooking in the ________ (廚房).2.I'm ________ (幸運的) enough to have a lot of good friends at school. 3.My little dog likes ________ (跟隨) people. It's lovely. 4.Noise has a bad ________ (影響) on people's health. 5.Let's help the boy. He's in ________ (危險).lucky   kitchen following influence danger 自學反饋重點突破即時自測
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