?聽力略( )21.My father is a teacher. ___ likes his job very much.A. He B. Him C. His D. Himself( )22.Gina was born ___ 1999. She is old enough to go to school.A. to B. in C. at D. on( )23.--___ do you go to school every day? -- By bike.A. How B. Which C. Who D. What( )24. Both Mary and Lucy ___ our foreign teachers. They come from Canada.A. be B. am C. is D. are( )25.I like this shirt, ___ it’s too expensive.A. or B. so C. and D. but( )26.___ is here. Let’s begin our class.A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Everybody( )27. My father is a good driver. He drives ____ than my mother.A. carefully B. more carefully C. most carefully D. the most carefully( )28.-- ____ you play the piano? -- No. But I can play the violin.A. Can B. May C. Must D. Should( )29. The teacher tells us___ sports after school every day.A. do B. did C. doing D. to do( )30. I ___ with my friend when my mother came in.A. am talking B. was talking C. talked D. am going to talk( )31.The children will go to the zoo if it ___ tomorrow.A. won’t rain B. didn’t rain C. doesn’t rain D. isn’t raining( )32.—How was your holiday last week? -- Great! We ___ a good time.A. have B. are having C. will have D. had( )33. We ___ many English songs since we came here.A. learn B. will learn C. learnt D. have learnt( )34. Chinese ___ by more and more people in the world now.A. is spoken B. spoke C. speaks D. was spoken( )35.—Excuse me, do you know _____? --It’s over there in front of the park.A. where is the post office B. where the post office isC. where was the post office D. where the post office was完形填空 “Do you like my dress?” She asked a passing stranger. “My mommy made it just for me.” She said with tears in her eyes. “I think it is really pretty, but why are you __36_?” With a quiver(顫抖) in her voice, the little girl answered, “After mommy made me the __37_, she had to go to the heaven(天堂).” Finally the woman realized what the child meant. She gently __38_ the child in her arms and together they cried for the mommy that was gone. Then suddenly the little stopped crying, stepped back from the woman and __39_ to sing. She sang so softly that it was almost a whisper. It was the sweetest sound the woman had ever heard, a most like the song of a very small bird. __40_ the child stopped singing, she explained to the lady, “My mommy used to sing that song to me before she went away, and she made me promise to sing it whenever I started crying and __41_ would make me stop.” “See,” she said, “it did, and now my eyes are _42__!” As the woman turned to go, the little girl grabbed her sleeve(袖子). “Madam, can you stay just a minute? I want to show you __43_.” “Of course,” she answered. Pointing to a _44_ on her dress, she said, “Right here is where my mommy kissed my dress and here,” pointing 。省略部分。she said.57. The numbers in the first paragraph are to show _____.A. the serious effect of secondhand smokeB. how common smoking is in the worldC. how dangerous smoking is to smokersD. that most children die from smoking58. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?A. WHO has the exact number of people sickened by secondhand smoke.B. About 165,000 children die from secondhand smoke every year.C. Smoke—free homes are very common in Africa and South Asia.D. Children are more easily hurt by secondhand smoke.59.What did Helena want to tell us in the last paragraph?A. It’s dangerous to leave a child in the middle of the road.B. Smoking in front of a child is not so dangerous as people think.C. Smoking parents are not aware of the danger of secondhand smoke.D. Smoking parents don’t care about the deaths of their children.60. Health experts suggest that people should _____.A. not smoke near their children or indoorsB. pay attention to smoking-related illnessC. stop smoking as soon as possibleD. smoke when they are alone補全句子 One day a young girl was driving with her father and it started to rain. “What should I do?” the girl asked. “Keep driving!” her father said. Cars began to pull over(靠…停車) to the side of the road. “What should I do?” the young girl asked. “__61_” her father said, “But don’t stop.” A few feet up the road, she noticed that even more drivers were also pulling over. “__62_. Everyone else is pulling over.” She told her father. “Don’t give up, just keep driving!” her father told her. The rain continued, but she never stopped driving and soon she could see a little more clearly. After a few miles she was again on dry land and the sun came out. “__63__” her father said. “But why now?” the girl asked. “When you get out, look back at all the people that gave up and are still in the rain. __64__” said her father.A. I must pull over.B. Drive slowly and carefully.C. Drive as fast as possible.D. Now you can pull over and get out.E. You never gave up and your storm is now over.完成句子:70.明天是星期天。去鳥巢怎么樣?Tomorrow is Sunday. _______________ going to the Bird Nest?71.Tom和Jack都不喜歡騎車上學。_________ Tom___________ Jack likes going to school by bike.72.我一收到你的郵件就告訴你媽媽。I’ll tell your mother about it ___________I get your E-mail.73.因為昨天的大雪,我上學遲到了。I_______________ school because of the heavy snow yesterday.74.亞運會的籃球賽太激動人心了。我們指導看完比賽才吃晚飯。The basketball match in Asian Games was _______________________________________________________ we finished watching it.文段表達。(共15分)75.根據中文大意和英文提示詞語,寫出意思連貫、符合邏輯、不少于60詞的短文。所給英文提示詞語供選用。 為了增強同學們的安全意識,學校英語俱樂部準備開展以“確保安全,從我做起”為主題的交流活動。請根據下面的英文提示,準備一篇發言稿。內容包括:你是怎樣遵守校內外的安全規定的,你對安全重要性的認識以及今后的打算。發言稿的開頭和結尾已給出。 提示詞:walk, on the right, not ride, school ground, not bring, dangerous, important, keep safe, obey Good afternoon,everyone! I’mvery happy to be here to talk about the safety of students. Thanks for listening!8
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