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  09高考英語解題指導一、命題特點?。?、純語法題逐年減少,語境題逐年增加?!。?、知識覆蓋面廣,題目設計靈活多樣?!。?、某些題目選用了往年高考閱讀理解題中   的句子,某些出自詞典。(一)補全法有時為了使語言生動、自然、簡潔,經常采用省略形式。解題時要盡可能把省略部分補全,這有助于正確地確定答案。例1、The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street , but his mother told him ______.( ) A. not to B. not to do C. not do it D. do not to 分析:to 的后面省略了ride his bicycle A二、單項填空的解題指導 (二)簡化法  命題者有意地在一個句子中間插入一個從句、插入語或附加的次要信息,造成主謂隔離。解題時,如果將題干中的多余部分去掉,題干就會變得很簡單,答案就可以迅速找到。例 1、John plays football _____,if not better than David. ( ) A. as well B. as well as C. so well as D. so well分析: 改題考查副詞的同等比較,這一語法現象實際并不難,但題干中加入了省略形式的插入語(if not better than)后,則加大了迷惑性.如果把插入語去掉,簡化為John plays football _____ David. 此時答案就一目了然.B例2. E-mail ,as well as telephones, _____ an important part in daily communication. ( ) A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play 分析: as well as telephones 是附加信息A例 3.The person we spoke to _____ no answer at first. ( )A.make B. making C. makes D. made 分析: we spoke to 是一個定語從句,將其去掉后會發現這個句子少了一個謂語動詞.D 例4. Who do you think ___ us a talk this afternoon ? ( ) A. to give B. gave C. will give D. giving 分析:do you think 是一個插入語C例 5.The days we looked forward to ____at last. ( ) A. comes B. to come C. came D. coming分析: 本題很容易被誤認為是一個介詞to后面要接動名詞。實際上 we looked forward to 是一個定語從句,介詞to 已有其相應的賓語,是省略了的引導詞,將從句去掉就可看出本題缺少一個謂語.C(三).把握語境法 在一定的語境中進行語法知識和語言知識的考查,是近年高考英語試題中常見的題目,這就要求考生一定要以語境為切入點,認真思考,仔細分析,才能確定正確答案。例1 -- Are you coming to Jeff’s party ?( ) -- I’m not sure , I ___ go to the concert instead. A. must B. would C. should D. might 分析:該題考查情態動詞在語境中的的運用。如果脫離了具體的語境,四個選項都正確,但根據答語 I’m not sure 可得出答案。D例2、Robert is said ____ abroad, but I don’t know what country he studied in. A. to have studied B. to study C. to be studying D. to have been studying分析:根據studied 可確定過去Robert 在國外學習。A(四) 找提示詞法  對于有些題來說,若找到關鍵的提示詞(如but, and ,otherwise 等)就會迎刃而解。例1、They are all very tired ,but ____ of them would stop to take a rest. ( ) A. any B. some C. none D. neither 分析:but 表示轉折C例2___ it with me and I’ll see what I can do . ( ) A. What left B. Leaving C. If you leave D. Leave D(五)轉化法(還原法)高考中一些單項選擇題的測試點本來十分簡單,但命題者有意把題干復雜化,將其改寫成一個少見或陌生的結構。對于這類題,考生可以反其道而行之,把題干還原成自己熟悉的結構,題目就變得簡單了。1. 將倒裝句改成陳述句. 例1.Whom would you rather have ____ with you ? A. to go B. go C. gone D. going 分析:本題測試的知識點是 have sb do sth 改寫題干成陳述句,則應是 You would rather have whom ___ with you.B 例2. Never ____ time come back again. ( ) A. will lose B. will lost C. lost D. will to lose 分析: 改寫成陳述句后其結構為: Lost time will never come back again.B2. 將陳述句改為倒裝句。 我們首次接觸時是一個倒裝句,而命題者恰恰有意地使用陳述句來命題,題目便具有很大的迷惑性。例1、We had__。省略部分。dinner? Your father and I are waiting for you.” 9________beencomeleading語態虛擬時態非謂邏輯hasinformationtheir主謂名詞代詞主謂、名詞單復數、虛擬語氣和邏輯一致??贾复恢?、時態語態一致和非謂語的一致必考鞏固練習Today I visited the Smiths—-my first time visit 1__________   to American family. They live in a small    2__________   town. It was very kind for them to meet me   3__________   at the railway station and drove me to their home. 4__________   The Smiths did his best to make me feel     5__________   at home. They offered me coffee and other    6__________   drinks. We have a good time talking and laughing 7__________   together. They were eagerly to know everything  8__________   about China but asked me lots of questions. In fact,9__________   they are planning to come to China next year.  10___________  返回timeanofdrivetheirhadeagerand go名冠介非謂 代時態 形副連 邏輯Dear Mother,GroupworkPlease make up a proof reading passage of your own according to the way you have learned.There must be one missing(缺詞),one or two unwanted(多余),five or six false(錯詞) at least and a right one. **********順口溜*********句為單位進行改,連冠缺誤搞明白;形副介詞看搭配,七個一致要用對;整體邏輯前后顧,時態非謂定記住。主謂一致 、 名詞的單復數一致 、代詞的指代一致 、時態語態一致、非謂動詞與邏輯主語一致虛擬語氣句中前后一致、行文邏輯關系的一致2005(浙江) At first I was not quite willing to sit down andwatched the 90-minute football match.Usually I just 1________checked the results because I thought that was dull 2________to watch a game in which players kicked a ball each 3_______other. Therefore,my father loves football. During the 4_______World Cup in 2002,my dad stays up late just to watch 5_______his favorite sport.Seeing his strong interest in this 6_______game of 22 men run after a ball, I decided to sit down 7_______ to watch the game. I found the game excited, and my 8_______dad explained for the rules. We shared our joy. Football 9_______is not too badly as long as I watch it with my dad! 10______watchittoHoweverstayedrunningexcitingforbad返回1997 Dear Bob, Hello. I learn about you from my English teacher, 86._______ Miss Fang. I'd like to your penfriend, and get to 87. _______ know more about your country. First, let me tell you something more about myself 88. ________ My name is Li Hua. I live in Beijing, where is the 89. _______ capital of China. I go to Hongqi Middle School. 90. ________ We study quite a few subject, such as maths, Chinese 91. _______ English and physics. I use to play ping-pong a lot 92. _______ in my spare time, but now I am interesting in football. 93._______ Do you play any ball games? What your favourite 94._______ sport? I look forward to hear from you soon. 95. _______ Yours, Lihualearnedbemorewhichsubjectsusedinterestedishearing返回Best wishes to all of you! Bye-bye
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