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高考英語(人教版)要點梳理 重點突破:選修6 Unit 2 Poems.doc

'高考英語(人教版)要點梳理 重點突破:選修6 Unit 2 Poems.doc'
?選修6 Unit 2 Poems 要 點 梳 理高效梳理·知識備考●重點單詞1.convey vt.傳達;運送2.concrete adj.具體的3.contradictory adj.引起矛盾的;好反駁的4.flexible adj.靈活的;可彎曲的;柔順的5.pattern n.模式;式樣;圖案6.tease vi. & vt.取笑;招惹;戲弄7.branch n.枝條;支流;部門8.eventually adv.最后;終于9.transform vi. & vt.轉化;轉換;改造;變換→transformation n.轉化10.sorrow n.悲傷;悲痛;懊悔→sorrowful adj.悲傷的11.appropriate adj.適當的;正當的12.exchange n.交換;交流;互換 vt. & vi.調換;交換13.sponsor n.贊助人;主辦者;倡議者 vt.發起;舉辦;倡議14.load n.負擔;負荷物(尤指沉重的)●重點短語1.make sense          有意義2.can’t take one’s eyes off sb./sth. 無法將目光從某人 身上/某物上挪開3.stay up 熬夜,不睡覺;挺立4.take it easy 輕松;不緊張;從容5.run out of 用完6.make up of (多用于被動結構)構成7.transform into... 變成……8.in particular 尤其;特別9.try out 測試;試驗10.let out 發出;放走●重點句型1.There are various reasons why people write poetry.人們會寫詩有種種原因。2.Some rhyme(like B) while others do not(like C).有些詩押韻(像B),但也有些不是這樣(像C)。3.And said though strange they all were true.而且他說雖然這有些離奇,但卻真實。4.With so many different forms of poetry to choose from,_students may eventually want to write poems of their own.因為有許多不同類型的詩可以選擇,學生們可能最后都想寫他們自己的詩歌了?!窀呖挤段募僭O你是新華中學的學生張華,班里從外地轉來一名同學李明,他一時無法融入新的班集體中,感到很苦惱。請根據下列要點用英語給他寫封信:*幫他分析原因*給他提出建議*陳述你幫助他的具體打算注意:詞數120~150Dear Li Ming,________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best regards, Zhang Hua[范文]Dear Li Ming, I'm sorry to know that you feel distressed at your new class. One of the reasons, I believe, is that you might be too shy to talk confidently with your classmates. Maybe you are afraid that your classmates will make fun of your accent. Therefore it is natural for you to feel lonely occasionally.I believe, with your effort, you can manage to overcome these difficulties. To start with, it can be well learned to speak putonghua, well understood by all the Chinese. Besides, comparing notes with your classmates frequently is a good way for you to make new friends.In our spare time, I‘ll invite you to play basketball or go to some parties. Also, I’d like to introduce my good friends to you.I hope you can adapt to the new school life as soon as possible Best regards, Zhang Hua考 點 探 究互動探究·能力備考Ⅰ.詞匯短語過關1.convey vt. 傳達;運送;傳播conveyor (er) n. 運送者,傳達者;運輸設備convey sb./sth. from...to... 把某人/某物從……運送到……convey sth. to sb. 向某人傳達/表達(思想、感情等)[即學即練1](1)Pipes ______ hot water ______ the boiler ______ the radiators. 管道把熱水從鍋爐輸送到散熱器里。(2)Words can‘t ______ how delighted I was.言辭無法表達我內心的喜悅。(3)Please ______ my good wishes ______ your mother.請向您母親轉達的美好祝愿。conveyfromtoconveyconveyto2.transform vt.&vi. 改變,轉變,改造,使改觀transformation n. (外觀或性質的)改。省略部分。 B. honest C. perfect D. formal3.A. refers to B. relates withC. talks about D. comes to4.A. why B. how C. whether D. when5.A. normal B. funny C. special D. unique6.A. shock B. influence C. attract D. impress7.A. proud of B. interested in C. satisfied with D. ashamed of8.A. reported B. announced C. claimed D. warned9.A. caring about B. worrying about C. thinking about D. complaining about10.A. silence B. threat C. horror D. dark 11.A. pleased B. astonished C. supported D. encouraged12.A. describe B. explain C. declare D. remark13.A. experiments B. incidents C. details D. memories14.A. wish B. guess C. bet D. promise15.A. smiled B. nodded C. doubted D. shrugged16.A. because B. if C. while D. as17.A. parents B. audience C. students D. teachers18.A. cleaned B. blew C. cleared D. opened19.A. best B. proudest C. finest D. greatest20.A. natural B. ambitious C. important D. enough答案及解析:1.A。用mean來解釋前一句的意思。2.C。perfect杰出的,完美的。此句意為“每個人都認為你應該與眾不同或者完美”。3.D。when it comes to說到,談到,為固定搭配。注意這里it為形式主語。4.B。句意:我有時候會想父親怎么會有我這樣的兒子呢。5.C。句意:父親是如此的特別,擅長任何事。6.D。impress給人以深刻印象。7.A。句意:希望能夠做出特別的事情來給父親留下印象,并讓他以我為驕傲。8.B。announce宣布。此處意為:老師向我們宣布了一件事,即讓我們寫關于父親的作文。9.C。放學回家的時候,作者想著父親的一切,決定寫什么。10.D。dark對應nightmare。11.A。作者八歲生日時,父親買回只小狗,作者感到驚喜。12.B。作者的父親向他解釋死亡是怎么一回事。13.D。此空上面四句話都屬于作者的回憶。14.C。bet打賭。鄰居確信作者會得獎,因為他是唯一一個可以寫宇航員父親的人。15.D。shrug聳肩,表示不置可否或不同意。16.A。作者不想因為自己父親是宇航員才獲獎。17.B。當我讀完文章,下面的觀眾都為我鼓掌。18.C。父親清了一下喉嚨。說明父親借此掩飾自己的激動。19.B。這是作者父親一生中最自豪的時刻,文章最后一段首句也有暗示。20.D。雖然不能成為英雄或獲得諾貝爾獎,但此時能作為父親的兒子就足夠了。Ⅳ.短文改錯Once, lately at night, an Englishman came out 1.________of his room into a passage of the hotel and ask 2.________the servant to bring her a glass of water. The servant 3.___________did as he asked. The Englishman returned to his room, 4.__________lately→lateask→askedher→himhe∧asked→wasand a few minutes later he came into the passage again 5._________________and once more asked the servant a glass of water. 6._________________Every a few minutes the Englishman would come out 7._________________of his room and repeated his request. After half an hour 8._____________________and→butservant后加for去掉arepeated→repeatthe astonishing servant decided to ask the man what 9.__________________he was doing with the water. “Nothing,” he answered10._______________________calmly. “It's simply that the room is on fire.”astonishing→astonished √19
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