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? 英文學術論文常用高級詞匯和精美句型(第三版)基本詞匯1.與時間相關的(1) no change on 1-day intervals for 3 consecutive days(2) at given intervals of time (30, 50, and 90 min)(3) for a given exposure time(4) …increased with age.(5) for different time span.(6) After the scheduled time, each sample was tested.(7) …throughout the entire test period.(8) It will decrease as time passes.(9) in a time interval t0≤t≤t0+T(10) in the mid-1950s2. 表示增加或下降的(1) An increase in the FA content decreased the…(2) …decrease with increase in…(3) …deceases as …increases, and increases as… increase.(4) As …is lowered.(5) augment(6) The cumulative AE energy increases with a stepwise pattern in which each sudden jump of energy can be related to …(7) …develop at an increasing rate with time(8) the total absorbed fracture energy is increased mitigating catastrophic phenomena(9) …decreased the roof temperature on hot summer afternoons by 7.2 ℃.(10) …increased by a factor of 10000 from 1millisecond to 10 seconds, and the SNR improved by the same factor(11) …increased from 1 millisecond, to 0.1 seconds, by a factor of 100.(12) ramp up(13) attenuation /undergo relatively high attenuation(14) decay(15) the …is accelerated at higher temperature and less prominent at lower temperatures.(16) with a rise in…(17) A increases by steps with increasing B.3. 表示原因, 由哪些因素決定(1) probably due to…(2) A possible mechanism contributing to the reduction of …is(3) This might be attributed to…(4) …depends on the two main mechanisms(5) …is a common cause of (6) …is the essential parameter governing the…(7) …, contributing in part to the interface separation phenomenon, besides the above-described possible interfacial material toughening mechanism.(8) the cause of this resides in …(9) Two parameters are considered in this study to evaluate the strengthening effectiveness with regard to the amount of FRP (i.e., the number of layers of sheets) and construction imperfections.(10) owing to…(11) deterministic(12) thanks to…(13) depends upon(14) …is governed by…4. 表示展示(1) exhibit(2) illustrate(3) present(4) reflect(5) depict(6) …is plot in…(7) describe(8) highlight(9) showcase5. 表示某種摻量(1) high volume fly ash(2) contain high percentages of fly ash as a replacement of cement (0,15,30 by weight of total cementitious materials)(3) for concrete incorporating 30% and 40% fly ash.(4) …increase the amount of fly ash in concrete(5) as partial cement replacement materials(6) with partial fly ash substitution are investigated.(7) the dosage of fly ash(8) with a certain amount of fly ash added6. 性能的詞匯(1) mechanical property(2) transport property(3) workability(4) flexibility(5) sustainability(6) serviceability7. 表示測試(1) examine 8. 表示超過(1) exceed9. 有關圖片或表格的(1) As seen from Table 2,(2) The result of…are presented in Table 4.(3) A was plotted against square root of time (t0.5 in min0.5)(4) 。省略部分。er cross-linked networks.(14) Methods such as stress wave (acoustic), infrared thermography, x-ray, and radar(microwave) have all seen use to varying levels of success.(15) A basic fact which comes out from the measurements is that the effect of external surface colour gets diluted if the ventilation is maintained in the building and if direct radiation is allowed to penetrate into the building.(16) A white painted normal size room is shown to record 6°C lower temperature during hot summer months than the corresponding black painted room while it records 4°C lower temperatures during winter months even when the air exchanges up to 3 are allowed in the room.(17) The results of SNR by Heursure and Minimaxi algorithm are very similar and the value of the fit coefficient indicates the superiority of Minimaxi algorithm. (18) a knowledge of these defects of with a view to detect and evaluate them and then minimising them in the product is essential to achieve improved or acceptable level of quality.(19) NDT enables optimum utilization of components without sacrificing safety. (20) Flaws or imperfections may be from the original material, caused by the process used, created by some human error or defects introduced during the operating life of the component or a result of combination of some of them.(21) This is a vibratory system never actually encountered in practice.(22) Infrared thermography uses a camera to image the differential heating or cooling of a concrete structure where air pockets in cement, indicative of a defect, cause thermal anomalies and is capable of measuring large areas rapidly.(23) An example of this increase in stiffness due to curvature is the difference between a piece of paper held flat, which flops down, and a piece of paper held in a curved shape which can support its own weight.(24) consider the elementary region in a medium in the shape of a rectangular prism having its sides parallel to the x,y and z axes and dimensions dx, dy and dz, where the coordinates of the corner A are (x,y,z).(25) The relationships between A (…) vs. B (…) and C (…) and D (Tables 3 and 7) were formulated by fitting data according to the best-fit power law and logarithmic regression respectively, as follows:(26) Sub-surface radar has become established over the past ten years as a valuable inspection tool for use as part of non-destructive surveys of structural concrete.Acknowledgements1. We thank the reviewers for their useful comments. This work was supported by …2. The present study has been carried out within the framework of a project on… The financial support from the… is gratefully acknowledged.3.文獻參考1. FRP-bonded concrete的制作過程Ahmed M. Mahmoud, Husserin H. Ammar, Osama M. Mukdadi, et al. Non-destructive ultrasonic evaluation of CFRP-concrete specimens subjected to accelerated aging conditions. NDT&E International. 43(2010): 635-641.反駁1. , however this should not change too much in the analysis.2.
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