Language study and GrammarUnit 5Theme parks1. theme: e.g. The theme for tonight’s talk is education. They played the theme song of the famous film.Language pointsa main subject or idea 主題今晚講話的主題是教育。2. fun: have fun: enjoy oneself 盡情地玩 for fun: for pleasure 為了娛樂 a lot of / much / no fun 有趣/沒趣 (be) in fun 在開玩笑 The little cat is full of fun. It’s no fun spending the weekend doing nothing.enjoyment; pleasure (U)周末無事可做一點樂趣都沒有。3. more than 在本句意為“不僅僅是……;不只是……”This book is more than a grammar book. 這不只是本語法書。另外, more than happy/glad/willing, etc (to do sth)表示“非常樂意(做某事)”。We are more than happy to show you around Beijing. 我們非常樂意帶你到北京到處看看。4. There are various kinds of theme parks, variousadj.各種各樣的,不同的;好幾個,很多There are _________________________.雞蛋有各種各樣的做法。__________________ they had seen the accident.許多人說他們目睹了這次的事故。various ways of cooking an eggVarious people saidvariation n. 變化,變更 variety n. 品種,種類,多樣性 vary v. 改變,變更________________ roses are being shown.許多玫瑰花品種在展出。Her health _____________________ ______.她的健康時好時壞。Many varieties of varies from good to rather weak固定搭配: a (considerable / great /wide) variety of 各種各樣的,種類繁多的;variety of form 各種形式;for a variety of reasons 因種種理由; in (a) variety of ways 用種種方法。(2)vary v. 變化;改變。 例如:Habits and hobbies vary from person to person.習慣與愛好因人而異。The temperature varied throughout the day. 氣溫一整天變化無常。variety n. 變化,多樣性,種類The shopping center sells a variety of goods.在學校里我們學習各種東西。At school we learn a variety of things.She made the children glad _________________ (用各種方法).in a variety of ways購物中心出售各種各樣的商品。be famous for 意為“以...而聞名”。5.be famous for 例如:This is a place famous for its hot springs .這個地方以其溫泉而著名。拓展: well--known adj. 眾所周知;著名的;聞名的。be well--known / famous as 表示“作為…而聞名”,后接表示人的身份,職業的詞語;be well--known / famous for 意為“因為......而聞名”,其后多接表示某個人或物的特點,特長,技能等方面的詞語。注意: well--known 的比較是better -- known, 同義詞是famous.翻譯:He is a well--know writer. 他是一位著名的作家。Hangzhou is well--known / famous for the West Lake. 杭州以西湖而聞名。6. As you wander around the fantasy amusement park, you may see Snow White or Mickey Mouse in a parade or on the street. 當你在夢幻樂園漫步時,你可能會在游行隊伍中或者街上看到白雪公主或米老鼠。1) wander (v.): to walk slowly across or around an area, usually without a clear direction or purpose 漫步;徘徊We wandered around the shopping area for two hours. 我們在這個購物區逛了兩小時。She doesn’t like wandering the streets aimlessly. 她不喜歡在大街上毫無目的地閑逛。2) amusement (n.) n. 消遣,娛樂(活動)China’s Cultural Theme Park offers its visitors all kinds of amusement.To her great amusement the actor’s wig(假發) fell off.amuse oneself 消遣 自我娛樂 The children amused themselves by playing hide-and-seek games.翻譯:她讀偵探(detective)小說消遣。She amused herself by reading detective storiesamusev. 娛樂;消遣___________________.他的故事使我發笑。The。省略部分。___ down ____ and ____ on ____.enginecarpenterscartoonsamusementeaglesUse the words in the box to complete the sentences .Tourism slideslidesswingswingsattraction deed fantasy preserve sword tournament whicheverfantasytournamentspreserveComplete the paragraph with the words below in their proper forms.whicheverattractionThere are many stories about Britain’s ancient King Arthur, some just _________. When Arthur was a boy, no one knew who his parents were. He worked for a great knight and his son , to help them prepare for ___________ and battles. One day, news came that Britain’s old king had died without a son. To _______ the kingdom from disorder, the old wizard Merlin took the king’s _________ and drove it into a great stone. He announced that __________ knight could take it out was Britain’s true king. The ___________sworddeedbrought many knights from all over the country to try their strength. One morning, Arthur came across the ___________ in the stone. He knew nothing about it but decided that he should try to get it for his master. He pulled hard, and it came out! Soon the whole country heard about Arthur’s amazing _______ and made him king.Discovering useful structures up-to-date為復合形容詞,與out-of-date相對(落伍的;舊式的;過時的),意為“現代的;時新的”。如: up-to-date ideas 最新的思想 an up-to-date record 最新的紀錄 up-to-date clothes 時髦的衣服 an out-of-date model 老式的模型英語構詞法(Word Formation)掌握一些英語構詞法,對單詞的記憶和理解有很大的幫助,下面我們將列舉一些常用的構詞法: 1. 合成(Compounding) 2. 轉化(Conversion) 3. 派生(Derivation)1. 合成(Compounding)由兩個或更多的詞合成一個詞,有的用連字符號”-”連接,有的直接連寫 在一起.eg: wood(木)+cut(刻)=woodcut(木刻) man(人)+kind(種類)=mankind(人類) air(空氣,空中)+sick(惡心的,暈的) =airsick(暈機的) merry-go-round旋轉木馬 up-to-date最新的 life-size與真人一般大 2. 轉化(conversion)由一種詞類轉換成另一種詞類。(即一般拼寫不變,但是詞類發生了變化,有時發音也變化)e.g. water n. 水 ---- water v. 澆水 dirty adj. 臟的---- dirty v. 弄臟e.g. He went in and sat down. The army downed a plane. 3.派生(Derivation) 由一個詞根加上前綴或后綴構成另一個詞.1)后綴(suffix) ①名詞后綴-or actor sailor-ist scientist -ment achievement movement-(a)tion preparation exception-y difficulty discovery②形容詞后綴-ful useful cheerful-able comfortable enjoyable-ed manned cultured-less careless fearless-ive active decisive-an European Indian③動詞后綴-ize realize modernize-en widen strengthen④副詞后綴-ly really extremely-ward backward eastward⑤數詞后綴-teen fourteen fifteen-ty forty fifty-th ninth twelfth2)前綴(prefix)一般不造成詞類的轉變,只是引起意思的變化e.g. un-(不,或做相反動作) unhappy undo im-(不) impossible impolite re-(重新) retell rewrite mis-(錯誤的) misunderstand 個別前綴會引起詞類的變化e.g. en-(使得…) endanger enlarge a- asleep awakeHomeworkFinish exercises on page 37.Finish exercises on pages 70-71.
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