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Listen to the passage and answer the following questions.What does the speaker think of the relationship between happiness and wealth ? 2. What is the secret to happiness according to the passage ?3. Why happiness is not an end but a process ?The speaker thinks that happiness does not naturally follow wealth or success.The secret to happiness lies in our successful work, in our contribution to others’ happiness and in the wealth we have earned through our own honest effort.Because it is only through the continuous process of honest and productive work that you can make a real contribution to others and feel that you are a useful, worthy person. It is the feeling of fulfillment and self-esteem that brings you true happiness.Listen and Respond1. The world is full of very rich people who are as ________ as if they were ______________.2. If you obtain wealth through _________ or _________________, you will not be happy with it. You will think you are a mean person.3. Long-term happiness is based on _________, and _______________, contribution, and self-esteem.4. If your happiness depends on _____________________, you will always feel unfulfilled because there will always be something ____________ Listen to the passage again and fill in the blanks according to what you have heard. living in hellmiserabledishonest meansluckproductive workexternal circumstancesmissinghonestyListen and RespondMaslow’s Hierarchy of Human NeedsHappiness lies in contentment, so one won’t be happy until one’s needs are met. Our needs must be satisfied in an order of priority. Before higher ideals can be achieved, the lower needs must be met. Which needs could be fulfilled with material benefits, which could not? Before ReadingGlobalReadingDetailedReading Understanding questions Discourse analysis Text structureWhile-readingText ReadingI. Problemspara 1-2Thesis Statement II. Causespara 3-6Topic sentencesSupportsIII. Solutionspara 7-11SuggestionsSupportsIV. Thesis Restatement para 12ConclusionExpactationsMain BodyIntroductionConclusionText StructureWhen we human beings enjoy better life provided by extraordinary economic growth, we should naturally feel happier.1. What is so-called standard economic theory?No improvement on degrees of happiness and crime rates.2. What are the indicators of dissatisfaction mentioned?When people have enough money to meet their daily needs, extra income may sound not so important.3. According to the passage, at what stage increased income wouldn’t sound so important at all?Part I: Understanding QuestionsGlobal Reading Over the last 50 years, we in the west have enjoyed unparalleled economic growth. We have better homes, cars, holidays, jobs, education and above all health. According to standard economic theory, this should have made us happier. But surveys show otherwise. When Britons or Americans are asked how happy they are, they report no improvement over the last 50 y。省略部分。ral ideas by using facts or examples.e.g. general examples, specific examples; dataBoth of these two ways should be used when you are writing an argumentation. Further DevelopmentDevelopment (Sample)Secondly, drinking soybean milk is healthier than drinking milk. Milk is good for health, but it has cholesterol and lactose while soybean milk does not. Thus, those who have a habit of drinking milk have a higher risk of getting hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes, for they may take in too much cholesterol and lactose. By contrast, the habit of drinking soybean milk keeps people in a safer distance from being caught by those diseases, and at the same time contributes to strengthening immunity and maintaining physical condition. Accordingly, soybean milk is more beneficial to health. The writer makes a contrast between soybean milk and milk. Besides, he achieves the conclusion via stating the reasons.Further DevelopmentIllustration (Sample)Last but not least, the increasing convenience of modern life hinders people from taking sufficient exercises to keep fit. For example, they now go to work and back home by bus, by car or by tube instead of on foot or by bike. Another example is that diversified TV programs have lured people to stay at home to be a couch potato while in the past people often went out and had a walk in the evening. Here, the writer supports his topic sentence with two well chosen examples.Further DevelopmentParagraph WritingWrite a paragraph on the topic “What’s the most important for a happy life”. Give your idea and support it in the ways we have learned in this article.Further DevelopmentExtensive Reading: Text BTask 1: Skim Text B and find its main ideaTask 2: Scan Text B and answer questions after it.Task 3: Learn new words and expressions in Text B and do exercises in this unit.Further DevelopmentEnjoy English: Proverbs and Quotations1. Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower. 手上的幸福是種子, 分享的幸福是花朵。2. Happiness takes no account of time.歡娛不惜時光逝。3. The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. — Mark Twain, American Writer 讓自己高興的最好的辦法是讓別人高興起來。 —— 美國作家 馬克?吐溫4. Pleasure is spread through the earth In stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find. — William Wordsworth, British Poet 幸福就在散落于地球上的七零八落的禮物中, 任何人都可以擁有它。 —— 英國詩人 威廉?華茲華斯Further DevelopmentEnjoy English: Proverbs and Quotations6. My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy.— William Shakespeare, English Writer and Poet 我的皇冠是自我滿足,這個皇冠很少有國王擁有。 —— 英國作家和詩人 威廉?莎士比亞 5. Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. — Nathaniel Hawthorne, American Writer 幸福就像蝴蝶,當你追趕它時,它已飛走。而當你靜靜坐著時,它卻可能就落在你頭上?!?美國作家 納桑尼爾?霍桑 Further DevelopmentThank you!
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