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?1.We never go to church other than for funerals and weddings .除了去參加葬禮和婚禮之外,我們從來不去教堂。2. I have no ambitions other than to live an independent life .除了過一種獨立的生活之外,我沒有什么其他野心。3. He insists the designs have no great meaning, other than that they appealed to his eye .除了它們很吸引他的眼球之外,他堅持認為這個設計意義不大。4. He doesn't eat pork, but other than that, he'll eat just about everything .他不吃豬肉,但除此之外,他什么都吃。5. I don't know the exact location of the church, other than that it's somewhere in the town center .除了知道它在市中心的某個地方,我對那個教堂的確切地址一無所知1.With all this on hand, he shouldn't have been to the cinema last night .手頭還有那么多工作,他昨晚不應該去看電影。2.I would have told him the answer had it been possible, but I was so busy then.如果可能的話,我會告訴他答案,但那時我太忙了。3.They hurried there only to find the meeting canceled. In fact , they needn't have gone at all .他們匆忙趕到那兒卻發現會議被取消了。實際上,他們根本不需要去。4.If Henry did not attend the conference last night ,he must have had too much work to do .如果亨利昨晚沒有參加會議,他一定是有很多工作要做。5.Philip might have been injured seriously in the car accident.菲利普可能在車禍中受了重傷。1.With so much going on at the office, it is a wonder to find than Mr.lawrence has much time left for anything else.辦公室里有那么多事情,勞倫斯先生竟然還有時間做別的,這真是奇跡2.It is a surprise for us to find that television enjoys its greatest competitive advantage on information.電視機最具有競爭性的優勢竟然是信息優勢,這一發現真讓我吃驚。3.You'll soon find that it is a waste of time to argue with him .你很快就會發現與他爭論是浪費時間。4. It's a comfort to know that there's always someone to keep an eye on the kids.得知總有人在看管孩子們,這令我很寬慰。5.It is a relief for us to learn that the driver was able to control the car during the stormy weather.得知司機在暴風雨中平安地開車,我們如釋重負。1.Prices are going up so rapidly. Petrol now is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago.汽油價格上漲太快,現在的價格是幾年前的兩倍。2.Have you visited their house? Theirs is about three times as big as ours.你去過他們家嗎?他們的屋子大約是我們的三倍大小。3.*****.Latin American customers talk two to four times as long on the phone as people in North America.該公司預計,他們從每位拉丁美洲電話客戶身上獲取的平均年收益約為2000美元,而從每位美國客戶身上獲取的年平均收益則為860美元,其中部分原因是:拉丁美洲電話客戶的通話時間是北美洲客戶的二至四倍。4.In spite of the fact that the fee for cell phones is typically twice as much as for calls made over fixed lines , they are still very popular , especially among the young people.盡管移動電話的資費通常是固定電話費的兩倍,他們依然十分受歡迎,尤其是受年輕人歡迎。5.*** Lasers shooting light through glass fiber can transmit 250,000 times as much data as a standard telephone wire.光纖電纜是容量巨大的高效信息載體,而通過玻璃光纖傳送信息的激光可以傳送高達標準電話線25萬倍的數據。1.My father always gets information from the local library. You might as well go there to see whether there is the information you need.我爸爸經常在當地圖書館查資料,你不妨去那兒看看有沒有你需要的資料。2.While you live alone , you can do as you like. We might as well call it freedom.當你獨處時,你可以做自己想做的事情,我們不妨稱之為自由吧。3.They miss you very much. You might as well ring and tell them you're going to visit them.他們非常想念你,你不妨打電話告訴他們你要去看望他們。4.It's no good waiting for the bus. We might as well walk home.等車沒什么用,我們不如步行回家吧。5.This passage is too difficult for us to read. We might as well find an easier one to read.這篇文章對我們來說太難,我們不如找一篇容易點的讀吧。
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