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必修2 Module6 Films and TV Programmes單元知識點總結.doc

'必修2 Module6 Films and TV Programmes單元知識點總結.doc'
?Unit 6. Films and TV Programmes一. 重點詞匯及拓展 1.poster n.海報 2.masterpiece n.杰作3.leap vi.跳躍 4.channel n.頻道5.plot n.情節6.argue vi.爭論→argument n.爭吵,爭論7.graceful adj.優美的,優雅的→gracefully adv.優雅地→grace n.優美8.character n.角色,人物→characteristic n.特征,特色9.entertaining adj.有趣的,令人愉快的→entertain v.使歡樂,使娛樂→entertainment n.娛樂,消遣10.actress n.女演員→actor n.男演員→act v.扮演,行動11.occasionally adv.有時,偶爾→occasional adj.偶爾的→occasion n.時機12.interest vt.使感興趣→interesting adj.有趣的,感興趣的 13.brave adj.勇敢的→bravely adv.勇敢地→bravery n.勇敢14.moving adj.感人的→move v.可移動 二. 重點短語 1. come out出版,出現2.fall in love with愛上;喜歡(表動作)3.to one's surprise使某人吃驚的是4.in surprise 吃驚地5.care about關心,顧慮,在乎6.every now and then有時,偶爾7. get back收回8.play a part扮演角色9.at the age of在……歲時10.take place 發生11.from time to time有時,不時12.every two days每兩天 三. 重點句型 1....is a good way to do sth.……是做某事的好方法2.But it's generally agreed,that he,more than anyone else in the history of films,understands the meaning of the word “entertainment”.但是,人們一致認為他比電影史上其他任何人都更能理解“娛樂”這個詞的意思。 四. 語法 1.Adverbs of frequency and place(頻度和地點副詞)2.Adverbs and adverbial phrases(副詞及副詞詞組) 一. 重點詞匯及拓展1.character n.[U]性格,特征;角色;名譽;[C]字,人物歸納拓展(1)a man of character品質好的人,有骨氣的人a leading/main character主角in character與自己的個性(或習慣、所演角色)相稱out of character不適合,和……不相稱give sb. a good character給某人好評;推薦某人get a good/bad character得到好/壞名聲 (2)characteristic adj.特有的,典型的n.特性,特征例句:He described the character of the character he played with two Chinese characters. Liquids are different in character from both solids and gases.液體的特征與固體和氣體的均不相同。Her behaviour last night was quite _____________.她昨晚的舉止與她的性格很不相符。 【鏈接訓練】In the movie ________ the famous player,he played twins who were quite different in ________.A.starring;characters B.starred;charactersC.starring;character D.starred;character2.leap vi.,vt.&n.跳,跳躍;激增歸納拓展(1)leap的過去式和過去分詞有兩種形式:leap-leapt-leapt或leap-leaped-leaped(2)leap over sth.=take a leap over sth.跳躍過某物leap at急切地抓住……leap out跳出來leap with joy高興地跳起來look before you leap三思而后行 例句:The dog leapt over the fence.狗跳過了圍欄。Our hearts_____________ at the good news.聽到這個好消息,我們的心情非常激動。 He crossed the garden in three leaps. 3.interest n.興趣,趣味性;利益,利息 vt.使產生/感興趣歸納拓展have/show/take (an) interest in=be interested in對……感興趣lose interest in失去對……的興趣with interest有興趣地,津津有味地in the interest of為了……的利益,為……起見the public interest公共利益 例句:Now he’s grown up,and he no longer______________his stamp collection.他已經長大了,對集郵已不再感興趣了。__________________,no smoking is allowed.為了安全,嚴禁吸煙。________________________.她對游泳非常感興趣。 【鏈接訓練】①—Is he going to attend the celebration for the victory of the volleyball team?—From his ________ expression,we can see that he'll go to it.A.interested B.interesting C.interest D.bored②My travelling around Paris last year really________me________French culture.A.interests;at B.have interested;inC.interested;at D.interested;in4.argue vi.爭論,辯。省略部分。s/was proposed that...有人建議…… 例句:__________________ Mr Rollins would sign the contract on May 1st.約定羅林斯先生于5月1日在合同上簽字。______________ twenty men were killed in the clash.據報道20個人在這次沖突中遇害。________________ he would go to America for further study.據說他將去美國深造。 【鏈接訓練】It ________ that China ________ another man-made earth satellite into orbit.A.is reported;has sent   B.reports;has sentC.is reported;has been sent   D.reports;has been sent 四. 語法1.頻度和地點副詞副詞在句中作狀語,修飾動詞、形容詞、副詞及短語或整個句子,用來說明動作或狀態的特征,有時也可以用作表語或定語。副詞按照詞匯意義和句法功能可以分為時間副詞、地點副詞、頻度副詞、程度副詞、方式副詞、疑問副詞、連接副詞、關系副詞等。本單元著重介紹地點副詞、頻度副詞。 (1)頻度副詞通常放在所修飾動詞的前面;如果句中有be動詞、情態動詞或助動詞,則通常要放在這些動詞的后面。常見的頻度副詞有always,ever,frequently,sometimes,usually,often,rarely,never,occasionally,seldom,from time to time,every two days ,every now and then,constantly,regularly,hardly等。例句:I have never chatted with anyone on the Internet before. John usually goes to school at 7:30. You must often keep this in mind. (2)地點狀語在句中的位置較為靈活。常見的作狀語表示地點的詞匯有there,anywhere,everywhere,somewhere,nowhere,out,ahead,upstairs,downtown,home,indoors,nearly,outdoors,overhead,underground,on the top,at the foot of,about,along,abroad,around,away,back,outside,inside,in,below,downstairs,over,here,in the west,between the houses等。地點狀語通常放在句尾,也可放在句首。 例句:One of my friends has been sent abroad for further education. This kind of plant can be seen everywhere in the south. She rushed downstairs and burst into the kitchen. 2.副詞及短語作狀語(1)副詞作狀語①副詞的主要作用就是作狀語,特別是以-ly結尾的副詞,它們可以修飾動詞、形容詞、副詞等。例句:She kindly waited for me. Perhaps you’re partly right. ②還有相當多的副詞不以-ly結尾,它們可以修飾動詞、也可以修飾形容詞或副詞。例句:She speaks French well. The bag isn’t big enough. ③有一些副詞可以修飾整個句子,表明說話人的態度,作句子的狀語。常見的這類副詞有actually,briefly,certainly,clearly,fortunately,honestly,luckily,surprisingly等。例句:Honestly,I think you’re a little prejudiced. (2)短語作狀語①介詞短語亦可作狀語表示時間、地點、方式、原因等。 例句:He swims every day during the summer. We sat down on the grass. ②名詞短語作狀語表時間、方式、程度等。例句:The letter was in my pocket all the time. He operated the machine the same way. ③另外,動詞-ing和過去分詞短語也可作狀語。例句:Holding a DV,she went in. Lost in thought,she almost ran into the car before her. 【鏈接訓練】①As we all know,bird flu ________ infects birds and ________ affects humans.A.mainly;occasionally B.surely;mainlyC.occasionally;hardly D.surely;hardly ②—The paint on the door ________ has to dry for another two days.—Yes.I doubt if the painters have read the directions ________.A.also;still B.yet;alreadyC.still;yet D.even;yet ③—How often do you go to see the opera?—________.A.In no time B.After a whileC.In a short time D.From time to time ④In spite of repeated wrongs done to him,he looks ________ to people greeting him.A.friendly B.lively C.worried   D.cold ⑤Excited by the news,Marie lay in bed with her eyes ________ open while all her family were ________ asleep.A.widely;soundly B.wide;soundC.widely;sound D.wide;soundly
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