?新版人教版九年級英語Unit6-Unit9Unit6 When was it invented ?一.短語歸納1.It's my pleasure.= My pleasure. 我的榮幸 2.seem+to+動詞原形 好像做某事3.such a great invention 如此偉大的一項發明 4.think of = think about 想到,考慮5.in our daily lives 在我們的日常生活中 6.in my daily life在我的日常生活中7.have a point 有道理 8.by accident 偶然地,意外地 9.over an open fire 在篝火上 10.it mentioned that 它提到 11.It is said that 據說 12.It is believed that人們相信13.fall into(過去式fell into)=drop into掉進… 14.in the 19th century 在19世紀15.spread to other countries 傳播到其他國家 16.at a low price 以很低的價格17.bring(brought) sth. to sp.把某物帶到某處 18.all of a sudden 突然地19.less than少于,不到 more than = over 超過20.without doubt 毫無疑問 21.at that time 在那時 22.advise sb (not) to do sth建議某人(不要)做某事23.start doing sth 開始做某事 24.work on sth 致力于某事 25.(be) similar to 與……相似 26.the Olympics 奧運會27.by mistake 錯誤地,無意地 28.make a mistake 犯錯 29.divide ...into…把…分成… 30.in the end = at last = finally 最后 31.at the same time 同時 32.teach(taught) sb to do sth 教某人做某事 33.come up with 想出 34.encourage sb. to do sth.鼓勵某人做某事 35.the purpose of ……的目的 36.stop sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 37.look up to sb.欽佩某人 38.look up the word 查找單詞 39.work together 一起工作 40.I want to achieve my dream.我想實現夢41.My dream will come true.我的夢想會實現 42.work hard 努力工作 43.on a hard floor 在堅硬的地板上 44.lead to導致 leader 領導,引路人 45.Don't mention it.不客氣,不用謝 46.translate...into....把…翻譯成…47.be used for doing sth=be used to do sth 48.dream of doing sth 夢想做某事二.用法集萃1. be used to do 被用來做某事 be used as 被用作…be used by sb. 被某人使用2.help sb do sth.=help sb. to do sth. 幫助某人做某事3.make a decision to do sth.=decide to do sth.決定做某事4.make sb. + adj. 使某人怎么樣make sb do sth使某人做某事be made to do sth 被使喚去做某 5..in this way這樣,用這種方式三語法全解1. some time 一段時間 sometimes 有時 some times幾次 sometime 某個時候2. one of the world's favorite drinks世界最受歡迎的飲料之一.one of …之一,后面的名詞用復數(一般要加S),動詞用單數(一般要加S);favorite,最喜歡的,前面要用“誰的”.3. thousand千hundred百million百萬,當它們前面有數字的時候,它們本身不能加S,當它們后面有of的時候它們要加S,但前面的數字和后面的of不能同時存在 4. not…until直到…才,I don‘t go to sleep until 11 every day.我每天直到11點才睡覺。5. take place 表示預料之中的事情的發生,happen表示預料不到的事情的發生,兩個“發生”都沒有被動6. alone adv.獨自,如live alone 獨自居??; lonely adj,孤單的,如a lonely person7. enough, 足夠的,修飾名詞時放前面,如enough money足夠的錢; 修飾形容詞或副詞時放后面,如old enough(年齡)足夠大8. not only ... but also...不但…而且…,句子中的動詞要根據but also后面的人來確定單復數(即“就近原則”),如 Not only I but also she likes the new teacher.9. the number of …的數量,后面的名詞用復數(一般要加S),動詞用單數(is) a number of 許多…,后面的名詞用復數(一般要加S),動詞用復數(are)10. else 和 other 都表示“別的”,else 一般放在who、what等特殊疑問詞或somebody 、someone等不定代詞后,如someone else別人who else別的誰,而other一般放在名詞前,如other animals11. such和so 都表。省略部分。When you finish high school or university, is learning done? The answer is “no”. In many countries, people continue learning all their lives. Why is lifelong(終身的)learning important? How can it help you? Let’s look at one 1 ________of lifelong learning in Japan.You go to school and learn .You study. You take tests. But 2.________ doesn’t only happen in school. learning doesn’t 3.__________ when you graduate from high school or college .You are learning all the time. For example, learning can 4.__________ when you go to a museum . It can 5.___________ happen when you get a job. You learn when you 6._________ a sport or when you take a trip. Learning is 7.___________! We never stop learning . Every day you can improve yourself by learning something 8.__________.In Japan, lifelong learning is very important .People in Japan like to try new learning 9._________.Music ,handwriting and foreign languages are some of their 10_____ classes. The Japanese take classes to improve their skills and learn new things.八. 任務型閱讀(10分)Taking kids to the movies sounds like fun. Now we have some suggestions for you. Choose the right movie and date.Make sure that you’ve chosen a suitable movie for your children’s ages and that the running time isn’t too long. Avoid opening days, especially with younger children, as too many people can mean long lines and more noise.Buy the tickets ahead of time and bring your own snacks.Save yourself time at the ticket box and snack bars. You can buy your tickets online. And bringing snacks from home saves money as well as time. You can bring a box of popcorn (爆米花) to share. Also, bringing small drinks can help to avoid toilet trips.Let the kids know the rules.It’s time to talk about a few rules. Make sure your children know the usual cinema rules about being quiet, staying in their seats and not disturbing (打擾) other people. Ask them to tell you some rules before you go inside the cinema—that’ll make sure they can remember them. Save the attention span (持續時間) for the movie.Trying to keep your kids sitting for two hours can be difficult. Make it easy on them by skipping (跳過) the endless previews (預告片) and ads at the start of a movie. Ask about when the movie will start and don’t get into the theatre until then. 根據短文內容,完成表格,每空不超過三個單詞。Suggestions on taking kids to the moviesChoose the right movie and date.Choose a movie that is suitable for your children’s ages. Don’t go to the movies (1)         .Buy the tickets ahead of time and bring your own snacks.Buy tickets online.Bring snacks from home to save (2)        .Let the kids know the rules.Talk about the rules with your children and make sure they can (3)         by asking them to tell you some rules.Save the attention span for the movie.Skip the previews and ads at (4)         the movie. Don’t get into the cinema until (5)        .46. on opening days 47. money and time 48. remember them 49. the start of 50. the movie starts
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