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?廣西柳州高級中學2019-2020學年高二英語寒假第二次線上測試試題第一部分 聽力(共兩節,滿分30分)第一節(共5小題) 1. What season is it now?      A. Autumn   B Winter.   C. Spring.2. What will the woman do next?      A. Get the paper.   B. Go shopping.   C. Do the cooking.3. Where are the speakers?      A. On the sixth floor.   B. On the fourth floor.   C. On the second floor.4. What are the speakers talking about?      A.A TV station   B. A game.   C. A forecast.5. Why doesn't the woman wear the pink skirt?      A. It doesn't look beautiful.B. This is a formal occasion.C. The blue one fits her better.第二節 (共15小題)      聽第6段材料,回答第6.7題。6. Which film are the speakers seeing?      A. Sunny Day.   B. Field of Green.   C. Heart of Gold.7. How will the speakers go to the cinema?      A. By car.   B. By bus.   C. On foot.聽第7段材料,回答第8.9題。8. What do we know about John?    A. He didn't work hard.B. He passed the English test. C. He should change his study methods. 9. How should John improve his English?      A. By rending and speaking it.B. By learning more grammar.C. By remembering more words.聽第8段材料,回答第10至12題。10. How is Ted's homework this time?      A. Very poor.   B. Well done.  C. So-so.11. Where is Ted going now?      A. The gym.   B. The library.   C. The bookstore.12. What is the relationship between the speakers?      A. Boss and secretary.   B. Mother and son.   C. Teacher and student.聽第9段材料,回答第13至16題。13. How long has the man been working in the 700?      A. For 25 years.   B. For 20 years.   C. For 15 years.14. How does the man describe his work?      A. Hard.   B. Well-paid.   C. Interesting.15. When does the Zoo close in winter?      A. At 4:30 pm.   B. At 5:30 pm.   C. At 6:30 pm.16. What does the man do in the 200?      A. He clears out cages. B. He feeds the animals.      C He does the management work.聽第10段材料,回答第17至20題。17. What was the woman doing when she was hurt?      A. Running.  B. Picking flowers.   C. Walking her dog.18. What is Mr. William?      A. A policeman.   B. A farmer.   C. A doctor.19. What color is the cat's tall?      A. Black.   B. Brown.   C. White.20. What did the police find?      A. Some animal tracks.   B. Some dead cats.   C. Some blood.第二部分 閱讀理解(共兩節,滿分40分)第一節(共15小題;每小題兩分,滿分30分)閱讀下列短文,從每題所給的四個選項(A、B、C和D)中,選出最佳選項。 ASan Francisco Fire Engine ToursSan Francisco Winery Tour Running: February 1st through April 30th This delicious tour goes through the city on its way to Treasure Island where we will stop at the famous Winery SF. Here you can enjoy 4 pours of some of the best wine San Francisco has to offer.(Included in tickets price) Departing from the Cannery: Tell time upon request. Duration(時長):2 hours Price: $90Back to the Fifties Tour Running: August 16th through August 31st This tour transports you back in time to one of San Francis。省略部分。句 Some took pictures of notes because they knew their phone was a safe place to store material.They might lose paper,they reasoned,but they wouldn’t lose their phones.可以推斷,因為他們認為手機是一個儲存資料的安全地方。他們可能會丟掉紙張,但不會丟掉手機。故選B項。34.C 【解析】推理判斷題。根據第五段倒數第二句 Writing things down engages a student’s brain in listening,visual,and kinesthetic(觸覺的)learning—a view supported by a long\|standing research.可知,手寫筆記可以讓學生的大腦在聽覺、視覺和觸覺等方面都得到運用。故選C項。35.B 【解析】推理判斷題。根據最后一段可知,作者對于手寫記筆記還是拍照記筆記兩種方法到底哪個更有效也不確定。只是認為不管哪種方法,記筆記總比不記筆記要好。由此可以推斷,作者的觀點是中立的。故選B項。七選五答案:GAFDE【解析】【分析】本文是一篇說明文,作者提出了5條提高聽力水平的建議。(1)考查考查對上下文的理解和推理判斷能力。本段提出的建議是在聽力檢測時要放松,要處于一個寧靜的狀態。所選句是與調整緊張心態有關的方法,故G. If you feel nervous or anxious, try taking a deep breath to calm yourself down.“如果你感覺緊張,深呼吸病放松自己”符合上下文串聯,故選G。(2)考查考查對上下文的理解和推理判斷能力。根據本段的主題句“As soon as the listening starts, focus on it without thinking about anything else.聽力一開始,要保持專注不要考慮其他事情”可知本段的建議考生保持專注。故A項為本段中心思想,選A。(3)考查考查對上下文的理解和推理判斷能力。本段提出的建議是“Grasp the main idea.抓住大意”以及空前“However, you don't need to understand it completely.”告訴考生不必完全理解全文,只要抓住關鍵的要點即可。故F項與本段中心思想及上下文一致,選F。(4)考查考查對上下文的理解和推理判斷能力。本段提出的建議是忽視新單詞。根據空后“It's mistaken to waste much time on figuring them out while listening.”在聽力時,搞清楚新單詞的意思是錯誤的。說明前句告訴考生不要在意新單詞。故D項符合本段中心思想,且與上下文一致,故選D。(5)考查考查對上下文的理解和推理判斷能力。本段提出的建議是在聽力的時候記好筆記。根據空后“By taking notes, we can remind ourselves of the key points”.通過筆記,我們可以提醒自己記住關鍵點,這是一個好習慣。E項與本段中心思想一致,選E。語法填空答案:61. started         62. to receive      63. truly 64. their           65. in    66. traditional 67. death          68. called       69. a 70. that / which短文改錯(共10小題;每小題1分,滿分10分)I am delighted to know you are interesting(改為interested) in Tang poems. Now I’m writing to tell you the plan for the next class.Actual (改成Actually) I am very fond of Tang poems. I think it a(去掉a) great fun to learn the poems write (改成 written) in the Tang Dynasty with you. We are to meet in (改為on) Sunday morning in the People’s Park, that (改成where) the air is fresh and the scenery is beautiful. We’ll learn from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. Beside (改成Besides), I advise you to go to the bookstore to borrow a history book or (改成and) learn the history of the Tang Dynasty in advance. It can help you well understand the poems to be learned.If they (改成you) have any question, please let me know. Looking forward (加 to) your early reply.書面表達 Dear Peter,I’m writing to suggest a popular holiday destination — beautiful Colorado.There are rushing rivers and great valleys. The forests there are home to many kinds of trees and animals. Besides, it’s cheap and convenient for us to get there by bus. It takes about two hours.We can camp in national parks in our tents. We can also have a picnic along the river. Best of all, there is something for everybody to do in Colorado. We can fish in streams; we can go hiking; we can wander around the park taking photos or just sit somewhere and paint pictures.Don’t you think Colorado would be great? Yours, Li Hua
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