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?課時跟蹤檢測(二)  Using language一、聽力強化訓練Ⅰ.聽第1段材料,回答第1至3題。1.What meal will the speakers have?A.Breakfast.    B.Lunch.    C.Supper.2.What did Julie ask the boy to attend?A.A trip. B.A meeting. C.A party.3.Where did the woman put the message?A.Under a book.B.Under a lamp.C.Under a box.Ⅱ.聽第2段材料,回答第4至6題。4.What will the woman's mother receive for her birthday?A.A shirt. B.A skirt. C.A bag.5.Who'll cook the special dinner?A.The woman.B.The woman's friend.C.The man.6.Who'll do the shopping?A.The woman's parents.B.The woman and her mother.C.The woman and her father.Ⅲ.聽第3段材料,回答第7至9題。7.What are the two speakers talking about?A.A seaside trip.B.Swimming in the sea.C.Problems about travel.8.What caused the difficulty eating on the beach?A.Seawater and wind.B.Sand and pebbles.C.Rain and sand.9.How did they create a wind-free barbecue?A.By putting up a table in the pebbles.B.By digging a big hole in the sand.C.By digging a big hole in the pebbles.答案:1~3 CCB 4~6 BAC 7~9 ABC附:聽力材料(Text 1)M: Hi, Mom, I am back.W: Get ready for supper, quickly.M: OK, I ate little at lunch, so I'm very hungry. What will we have?W: Fish, fried chicken and a pizza.M: Great. Has anyone called me?W: Yeah, a girl, named Julie. She wants to ask you to attend a party.M: Julie, I haven't seen her for two months. OK, I will call back soon.W: She asked me to leave a message for you.M: What is it about?W: She changed her cellphone number.M: OK, you took it down?W: Sure, I put the paper under your reading lamp.M: Thanks, Mom.(Text 2)M: Mary, tomorrow is your Mom's fiftieth birthday. Did you remember?W: Of course, I did. How shall we celebrate it?M: First of all, a birthday present. What about buying her a beautiful skirt?W: That's a good idea. It will make her look younger. And a big birthday cake, too, with fifty candles.M: That's right. Shall we have a special dinner?W: How about a Chinese dinner?M: Fine. Where shall we have it?W: We can have it at home. I've learned to cook a few dishes from a Chinese friend. I'm sure Mom would like them.M: All right. Are you going to do the shopping as well?W: Why don't we go together, Dad? And don't let Mom know.M: OK, when?W: How about this afternoon?M: OK.(Text 3)M: You have returned from the sea. Had a good time?W: Sure. You should have gone there, too.M: But I had to finish my paper then.W: We had wonderful meals there.M: Easy and delicious?W: Not easy, there is sand and pebbles everywhere.M: How to deal with them then?W: Luckily we brought some beef from London.M: You are always considerate.W: We found a nice quiet spot and dug a big hole in the pebbles.M: To create a wind-free barbecue?W: Right. It was great fun doing so.M: You are clever.二、語基語法訓練Ⅰ.單詞拼寫1.You should observe the local custom (風俗) when you go abroad.2.The money he spent within (在……里) a month added up to more than 1,000 dol。省略部分。ne, please. I'm already getting a lot of food!M:Perfect. I'll be right back with your wine.Ⅱ.閱讀理解The World Health Organization (WHO) says people around the world are eating more sugar. As a result, health problems related to weight gain and tooth damage are increasing. Sugary foods and drinks also weaken the bone.The WHO finds that, on average, the amount of sugar in the foods we eat has risen about 10 percent over the past 10 years. But it has risen at a faster rate in some areas.In the Middle East and North Africa, sugar intake (攝入) has risen about 15 percent over the past 10 years. In some Asian and Pacific countries, sugar intake is 20 percent higher. And in South America, people eat more sugar than anywhere else in the world.Francesco Branca is director of the WHO's Department of Nutrition for Health. He said, “In South America, it is about 130 grams per person, per day, so much more than twice the WHO's recommendations, but we also have some parts of the world where the intake is still low, such as in Equatorial and Southern Africa, where it is about 30 grams per person, per day.”Mr. Branca says reducing the sugar intake can be difficult because so many cooks and food-makers add sugar. He says researchers found that 80 percent of the food items in the US markets included some kind of sugar.The WHO is calling on governments to take measures to reduce the sugar intake. It advises taxing (對……征稅) products with a lot of sugar and requiring food-makers to list how much sugar is added to their products. Another advice is to restrict (約束) marketing of sugary foods and drinks to children.However, the WHO says it is fine to eat foods that naturally have sugar, such as fresh fruits, vegetables and even milk.語篇解讀:攝糖量高會導致一些健康問題,如肥胖、牙齒疾病以及骨骼變得脆弱。世界衛生組織就如何減少人們的攝糖量給出了一些建議。1.High sugar intake will cause the following problems EXCEPT ________.A.overeating      B.overweightC.weak bone D.tooth damage解析:選A 細節理解題。根據文章第一段的內容可知,攝糖量高導致的問題包括肥胖、牙齒的損害以及骨骼的脆弱,沒有提到過度飲食。2.Who eat the least sugar?A.People from South America.B.People from the Middle East.C.People from Pacific countries.D.People from Southern Africa.解析:選D 細節理解題。根據文章第三、四段的內容可知,非洲南部的人是所列四個地區中攝糖量最少的人。3.It is hard to reduce the sugar intake mostly because ________.A.human bodies need sugarB.most products contain sugarC.people enjoy eating sugary foodsD.sugary foods are cheaper than healthy foods解析:選B 細節理解題。根據文章第五段的第一句“Mr. Branca says reducing the sugar intake can be difficult because so many cooks and foodmakers add sugar.”可知,大多數食物中都被加入了糖,因此人們要想減少攝糖量是很難的。4.To reduce the sugar intake, the WHO suggests that ________.A.products with a lot of sugar should be taxedB.the markets of sugary foods should be closedC.sugary foods should be replaced by fruits, vegetables and milkD.foodmakers should be punished for adding sugar to their products解析:選A 細節理解題。根據文章倒數第二段中的“It advises taxing (對……征稅) products with a lot of sugar ...”可知,世界衛生組織認為對含糖量高的食物征稅可以減少人們的攝糖量。
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