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?°íê?ò?o?á·?°2á?ì??ì???á·?°. p5.Mike?ˉs grandma died weeks ago. He missed her very much and felt very _1__all the time. Hisgrandma _2__ to go to the City Park. One afternoon Mike went there. He saw an old womansitting there and _3__ some birds. Little Mike went up and sat next to her. He took __4_ his foodand drinks and shared them with her. She __5__at him. Mike felt quite happy to see the oldwoman?ˉs _6_face. They sat there all the __7_,eating and talking. As it grew dark, Mike had toleave . __8_he left ,he hugged the old woman and she gave him her sweet smile.When Mike __9_home that day, his mother was ___10_to see the joy on his face. ?°I metgranny in the park. Her smile was like the kind of smile on the grandma?ˉs face,?± Mike said.Sad used watching out smiled smiling afternoon Before got surprisedP8Dear Xiao Fang,How time__1_! I miss you very much. How I wish to visit you.Several months ago I was a stranger here, you know.__2_that time I was really upset andlonely. What?ˉs __2_,I couldn?ˉt fall ___2_ as well as usual. I was not used to everything here. Ithought the roads here were not as clean as __5_ in our hometown. The food was not as deliciousas __6_,either. It ___7_that the people here were not as friendly as you. But now ,everything haschanged. __8_the help of my teachers and classmates. I?ˉm __9_used to the life here. I?ˉm not afraidto talk with others. My classmates all accept me . I live as __10__as before.Please give my best wishes to your parents.Yours,Li Hongflies At more asleep those ours seemed with getting happilyP12As we know ,many things __1_us can affect our moods or feelings, such asweather ,music ,movies, news, the environment and so on . Some things _2__you happy and somethings make you sad. Good moods can keep you __3_,but bad moods will make you ill. So weshould learn to make ourselves happy and healthy.When the rainy weather makes you unhappy, you can __4_to the beautiful rock music and makeyourself excited. When you don?ˉt get on __5_with your parents or friends, you may talk __6_them.If the noisy city and dirty air make you angry, you can go to the suburbs, walk in the forest or sit__7_the river on weekends. Then you?ˉll __8_calm and happy.In a word ,we have __9_ways to change our bad moods into good moods and make ourlife__10_.Around make healthy listen well with by feel many better.P15 In many big cities ,there are usually more than one underground line(μ?ì???). The fastest wayto travel in a city is __1_subway. How to travel by subway? Do you know? Here is someinformation to know _2__ you travel by subway. First ,you should __3_the right line. If youdon?ˉt ,you will have to get _4_and take another one . second ,you need some coins __5_yourticket, because __6_of the machines which sell tickets only accept coins. Coins can be __7_next tothe ticket machines. Or you can go to the ticket office to change some. __8_you have a。省略部分。nine in the morning. They hada good rest in a hotel. The next morning they rented a car in the city and began their travel. A fewhour ___the sun was shining in the sky and there were no shade trees beside the road. It was so hotthat they could ___go on driving. They had to stop to look around. Mike found a river was abouthalf a kilometer away ___them. They were ___very happy and drove the car quickly. Soon theygot to the river. Before they jumped into the water, Dick saw a boy ___under a big tree. He asked,?°Are there any sharks in the river, boy??±?°No, there aren?ˉt .?ˉanswered the boy . So they began to swim in the river. After a while, Dickfelt ___hit against his leg. He told Mike about it . They were afraid and ___swimming. Dick askedloudly, ?°Is it true that there aren?ˉt any sharks in the river??ˉ ?°Yes, sir.?± Said the boy. ?°There?ˉre alot of crocodiles in the water. All the sharks have swum away!?±Key: same their arrived later hardly from both playing something stopped.??o?D???ì?P5One day a man went to see his doctor and said to him , ?°I have swallowed (íì) a horse ,__1__I felt very ill ?±The doctor thought _2__a few seconds and then said , ?°All right. Let me _3__you. Please_4__down on the bed.?± The doctor ??s nurse gave the man an injection(×¢é?. The man soon went to__5_, and the doctor went out quickly to look __6__a horse in the town. After half an _7___the doctor found a __8__, bought it and took it back. When the man wokeup. He saw a horse _9___in front of him. The doctor said , ?°I?ˉve taken it out of your stomach, andit would give you no more trouble now.?±The man _10__at the horse and said , ?°But doctor ,my horse is white and this one is brown.?±Key: so for help lie sleep for hour horse standing lookedP 6Mr. Green looks o__1__ of the window. There is a little boy on the other side of street The boyTakes a piece of bread and begins to eat it .There is a very thin dog i_2____ the street ,too. The boy says to it , ?°Come here, good dog.I ??m going to give you s__3__ bread. ?± The dog is very h__4__ and goes to him. But the boydoesn?ˉt give it any bread. He kicks t__5__ dog. It runs away, and the boy laughs.?°Come here!?ˉ Mr. Green says , ?°I?ˉll give you a shilling9£¨?èá?£?.?±The boy goes to him, b_6___Mr. Green doesn?ˉt give him a shilling . he hits ( ′ò)him w __7__a stick.The boy c_8__ and says, ?°Why do you hit me ? I don?ˉt ask you for a __9__money.?ˉ?°No.?± Mr. Green says, ?°And the dog doesn?ˉt ask you f_10___ any bread., but you kick it .?±Key : out in some happy the but with cries any forP 10Tom liked to play at school. He had not been doing w____in the exam. So the a____teacher decided to ask his father to come to school to have a t____ with him. When his fathercame, the teacher said to him, ?°Your son didn?ˉt work hard, and e ___ worse, and he cheated (×÷±×) in the exam.?±?°How do you l ______ it ??± Tom?ˉs father said . ?°Since ?ˉ
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