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?第十一篇 When Our Eyes Serve Our Stomach當我們的眼睛服務我們的胃Our senses aren’t just delivering strict view of what’s going on in the world; they’re affected by what’s going on in our heads. A new study finds that hungry people see food-related words more clearly than people who’ve just eaten.我們的感官不只是提供嚴格的世界上正在發生的事情的看法;他們在我的頭上有什么影響。一項新的研究發現,饑餓的人看到食品相關的詞比那些剛剛吃過的人更清楚。Psychologists have known for decades that what’s going on,inside our head affects our senses. For example, poorer children think coins are larger than they are, and hungry people think pictures of food are brighter. Remi Radel of University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis,France,wanted to investigate how this happens. Does it happen right away as the brain receives signals from the eyes or a little later as the brain’s high-level thinking processes get involved.心理學家幾十年前就已經知道發生了什么,在我們的頭會影響我們的感覺。例如,窮人家的孩子比他們認為的硬幣,和饑餓的人認為食物圖片是光明的。雷米拉德爾尼斯的索菲亞Antipolis,法國大學,想了解這是如何發生的。它馬上發生的大腦接收從眼睛或晚一點作為大腦的高級思維過程參與信號。Radel recruited 42 students with a normal body mass index. On the day of his or her test, each student was told to arrive at the lab at noon after three or four hours of not eating. Then they were told there was a delay. Some were told to come back in 10 minutes; others were given an hour to get lunch first. So half the students were hungry when they did the experiment and the other half had just eaten.拉德爾招募了42名學生和一個正常的身體質量指數。在他或她的考試那一天,每個學生被告知,中午到達實驗室后三或四小時不吃東西。然后他們被告知有一個延遲。一些被要求在10分鐘內回來;別人得到一個小時前吃午餐。所以一半的學生被餓的時候他們做實驗,另一半剛剛吃了。For the experiment, the participant looked at a computer screen. One by one, 80 words flashed on the screen for about l/300th of a second each. They flashed at so small a size that the students could only consciously perceive. A quarter of the words were food-related. After each word,each person was asked how bright the word was and asked to choose which of two words they’d seen — a food-related word like cake or a neutral word like boat. Each word appeared too briefly for the participant to really read it.在實驗中,參與者看著電腦屏幕。一個接一個,80字閃現在屏幕上約升/第三百秒每。他們把在如此小的尺寸,學生只能意識到。四分之一的話食物有關的。每個單詞后,要求每個人的話是多么的明亮和要求選擇其中的兩個字,他們看到一個有關食物的單詞像蛋糕或中性詞像船。每個單詞出現的參與者真的讀過。Hungry people saw the food-related words as brighter and were better at identifying food- related words. Because the word appeared too quickly for them to be reliably seen, this means that the difference is in perception ,not in thinking processes, Radel says.饑餓的人看到了食品相關的詞為光明和更好地識別食品有關的詞語。因為這個詞出現的太快,他們是可靠的,這意味著,不同的是感覺,不是在思維過程,拉德爾說?!癟his is something great to me. Humans can really perceive what they need or what they strive for. From the experiment, I know that our brain can really be at the disposal of our motives and needs,” Radel says.“這是對我很好。人類真的可以看到他們所需要的或他們所追求的。從實驗中,我知道,我們的大腦真的可以在我們的動機和需要處理,“拉德爾說第十一篇 當我們的眼睛服務我們的胃我們的五官不僅僅讓我們感知世界;還受大腦活動的影響。一項新研究發現:比起那些剛剛用過餐的人,饑餓的人能更清晰地看到與食品有關的詞。數十年以來,心理學家已經知道我們的心理活動直接影響到我們的視覺。例如,貧窮的孩子看到的硬幣比實際的要大;饑餓的人看到的食物圖片更明亮。法國的尼斯?索菲亞?安提波利斯大學試圖調查這一現象:發生這種情況的時間是在大腦從眼睛接收到視覺信號的即時還是稍后些,這時高級思維活動已經介入了。省略部分。 NOT true according to the first three paragraphs?根據前三段,下列哪項是不正確的?A Shimi is a one-foot tall robot.米是一一英尺高的機器人。B Shimi is the creator of the musical companion.米是音樂的同伴的創造者。C Shimi is a docking station with a“ brain” powered by an Android phone.米是一個??空九c一個“大腦”的Android手機供電。D Shimi can gain the sensing and musical generation capabilities of the user’s mobile device.米可以獲得用戶的移動設備的傳感和音樂生成能力。2. What does Shimi do if the user taps a beat?什么是米做如果用戶點擊跳動?A It stores the beat in the musical library.它在音樂圖書商店的節拍。B It transmits the beat to the docking station.它將打敗的塢站。C It positions its speakers for optimal sound.它的位置,最佳音響揚聲器。D It selects a perfectly-matched song and plays it in sync with that beat.它選擇了一個完全匹配的歌,它與節奏同步起。3. Which of the following about Shimi is true?下面關于米以下正確的是?A Robots are limited by their programming instructions, and Shimi is no exception.機器人是由他們的編程指令的限制,和米也不例外。B Present apps allow the user to shake their head to alert Shimi to skip to the next song.目前的應用程序允許用戶搖頭警告米跳到下一首歌。C Existing apps allow the user to wave a hand to alert Shimi to turn up/down the volume.現有的應用程序允許用戶波手警報宓出現/音量。D Shimi can be creative and interactive.米可以創意和互動。4. What does the author want to tell us?作者想告訴我們什么?A The research center is developing a stronger and more versatile Shimi.研究中心正在開發一個更強大和更靈活的米。B Weinberg only expects staffs from Georgia Tech. to develop more apps for Shimi.溫伯格只希望從喬治亞科技人員開發更多應用米。C Shimi is not yet technologically ready for commercialization.米是沒有技術的商業化做好準備。D Robots such as Shimi are created for large corporations rather than homes.機器人例如宓為大公司而不是家庭。5. Which of the following is Weinberg’s assertion?下面哪一個是溫伯格的說法?A Shimi as a robotic musical companion can be applied to all types of smart phones.宓為機器人的音樂伴侶可以適用于所有類型的智能手機。B human lives will be filled with more fun if Shimi is going to arrive in homes.人類的生活將充滿更多的樂趣,如果米將要抵達的家園。C Shimi's creative and interactive capabilities are appreciated by most of its users.米的創意和互動的能力是由大多數用戶的贊賞。D Weinberg has reached an agreement with Georgia Tech to commercialize Shimi.溫伯格已經與喬治亞技術商業化的宓協議。答案與題解:1. B在前三段中均可找到與選項A、C、D相應的句子,強調Shimi是一種電子設備;B與原文不符, Shimi不是該機器人的發明者,Gil Weinberg教授才是the robot’s creator。2. D選項D簡要地表述了第三段的倒數第二句“If the user taps a beat, Shimi analyzes it, scans the phone’s musical library and immediately plays the song that best matches the suggestion”的意思,所以是答案。選項A、B、C都不符合上述句子的含義。3. D選項A的意思與原文相反。雖然人們認為機器人受到程序指令的限制,但Shimi卻表現出具有創造能力和互動能力,所以A不是答案。選項D的意思與原文相同,因而是答案。第四段第三句指的是未來的應用程序: future apps in the works,而選項B,C是指目前的應用程序,兩者的表述均與原文有出入。4. A第三段介紹Shimi的多種功能,第四段和第五段說Weinberg還在開發更多的應用程序來豐富Shimi的功能,還希望其他研發者也參與開發,因此,A是答案。選項B說Weinberg 僅僅希望Georgia Tech員工參與開發更多的應用軟件,這與原文不符。文章最后一段告訴我們,Weinberg正在與Georgia Tech進行有關Shimi商業化的談判,選項C的意思與此相反,不會是答案。選項D也與原文不符。5. B選項A、C和D的內容Weinberg都沒有說過。第三段告訴我們,Shimi是Android smart phone的擴充基座,并不適用于所有智能手機,所以A選項不正確;Shimi尚未進入市場,還談不上公眾對Shimi欣賞與否的問題,因此選項C不符合原意;Shimi正在進行商業化運作,但絕非已經完成,所以D也不是正確選項。本題的答案是B,依據是最后一段倒數第二句。
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