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?2013年職稱英語綜合類完型填空WORD整理第五、八篇為2012年4月的真題,2013年不列為考試范圍,估計將真題更換為其他文章A Life with BirdsFor nearly 17 years David Cope has worked as one of the Tower of London's yeoman warders, __1__ known to tourists as beefeaters. David, 64, lives in a three-bedroomed flat right at the __2__ of the Byward Tower, one of the gatehouses. "__3__ our bedroom we have a marvellous view of Tower Bridge and the Thames, " says David. The Tower of London is famous __4__ its ravens, the large black birds which have lived there for over three centuries. David was immediately fascinated by the birds and when he was __5__ the post of Raven Master eight years ago he had no __6__ in accepting it. "The birds have now become my life and I'm always __7__ of the fact that I am __8__ a tradition. The legend says that if the ravens leave the Tower, England will fall to enemies, and it's my job to __9__ sure this doesn't happen!" David_10_about four hours a day to the care of the ravens. He has grown to love them and the _11__ that he lives right next to them is ideal. "I can _12__ a close eye on them all the time, and not just when I'm working." __13__, David's wife Mo was not __14__ on the idea of life in the Tower, but she too will be sad to leave when he retires next year. "When we look out of our windows, we see history __15__ around us, and we are taking it in and storing it up for our future memories." 詞匯:marvellous /'mɑ:vil?s/a.奇妙的,不可思議的       fascinate  / 'f?smeIt / v.  著迷,吸引raven /'reiv?n/ n. 烏鴉,黑色的鳥               legend  / 'led3;lnd / n. 傳奇,傳說注釋:1. ...from our bedroom we have a marvellous view of ... :從我們的臥室看去,有一個奇妙的角度。。。2.  ... keen on the idea of life in the Tower..: 熱衷于塔里的生活練習:1. A. more      B. better          C. sooner       D. very 2. A. height     B. summit         C. peak         D. top 3. A. Since      B. Out            C. From         D. Through 4. A. for        B. because        C. of            D. by 5. A. award     B. applied         C. presented     D. offered 6. A. regret      B. delay          C. hesitation     D. choice 7. A. aware      B. knowing       C. pleased       D. delighted 8. A. holding     B. maintaining    C. surviving      D. lasting 9. A. take        B. make         C. have          D. keep 10. A. devotes    B. spends        C. passes        D. provides 11. A. reason     B. chance        C. opportunity    D. fact 12. A. hold       B. have          C. keep          D. put 13. A. Firstly      B. First of all      C. At first        D. First 14. A. interested   B. keen         C. fond          D. happy 15. A. every       B. all           C. much         D. so答案與題解:1.  B   根據上下文,這里應選擇比較級,所以排除D,再根據句意,為“更為人所熟知”,因而better是正確答案。2.  D        根據句意,詞組搭配 at the top of ,表示在……頂部最為合適。Height 意為“高度“,summit 意為“最高點”,peak 意為“頂峰“,所以選 D。3.  C         根據句意,從臥室的角度看去,from 最為恰當。4.  A        固定搭配 be famous for 意為“以……而著名”,文中要表達的是倫敦塔以烏鴉而著名,因而 for 為正確答案。5.  D         根據句意,David 是被提供了這樣一個職位,所以 offered 最為恰當awa。省略部分。sly D) broadly12. A) speak B) discuss C) talk D) debate13. A) possibly B) necessarily C) probably D) consequently14. A) absolutely B) more C) quite D) a lot15. A) going B) passing C) travelling D) walking 1. A) pushed  B) attracted  C) fetched  D) ,brought2. A) lay    B) make  C) put  D) find3. A) fairly  B) greatly  C) mostly  D) widely4. A) a  B) one  C) no  D) some5. A) seeing  B) moving  C) going  D) even6. A) idea  B) plan  C) purpose  D) decision7. A) quite  B) just  C) more  D) living8. A) produce  B) cause  C) build  D) create9. A) missed  B) lost  C) avoided  D) escaped10. A) connected  B) joined  C) attached  D) related11. A) treat  B) control  C) contact  D) direct12. A) with  B) by  C) for  D) through13. A) track  B) path  C) road  D) way14. A) get  B) appear  C) be  D) feel15. A) should  B) might  C) ought  D) must2. 1. A) Could  B) Should  C) Would  D) Ought2. A) in  B) up  C) out  D) away3. A) depressed B) weakened C) lowered D) fainted4. A) wonder B) idea C) curiosity D) regard5. A) become B) developed C) arisen D) changed6. A) caution B) warning  C) advice  D) signal7.  A) minded B) concerned  C) worried  D) bothered8. A) dependence  B) confidence  C) certainty  D) courage9. A) Ignoring  B) Omitting  C) Avoiding  D) Preventing10. A) along  B) down  C) through  D) across11. A) gaining  B) reaching  C) starting  D) opening12. A) for  B) by  C) with  D) drop13. A) made  B) took  C) drew14. A) help  B) miss C) fail  D) on15. A) soft  B) fine  C) quiet  D) stillA) suggestion B) context C) abstract D) information2. A) poor B) ideal C) average D) disappointed3. A) fun B) work C) learning D) prize4. A) by B) in C) for D) with5. A) criticized B) innocent C) responsible D) dismissed6. A) collected B) distributed C) assigned D) finished7. A) maximum B) minimum C)possible D) practical8 A) when B) what C)why D) how9. A) particularly B) essentially C) obviously D) rarely10. A) selections B) collections C) sources D) origins11. A) hate B) dislike C) like D) prefer12. A) too B) such C)much D) more13. A) but B) except C) with D) besides14. A) plentiful B) limited C) irregu1ar D) flexible15. A) greet B) annoy C) approach D) attach. A) view B) idea C) thought D) decision2. A) percentage B) group C) number D) proportion3. A) afford B) decide C) hope D) expect4. A) reason B) duty C) necessity D) task5. A) made B) cut C) brought D) born6. A) refers B) concerns C) turns D) comes7. A) of B) opposite C) across D) next to8. A) In addition B) In fact C) In reality D) In contrast9. A) way B) matter C) surprise D) exception10. A) perfectly B) extremely C) very D) certainly11. A) people B) adults C) members D) grown-ups12. A) little B) no C) lots D) plenty of13. A) used B) attached C) keen D) fond14. A) make B) give C) have D) do15. A) quality B) attitude C) behavior D) manner
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