介詞for的用法表示“當作、作為”。 如: 我喜歡把面包和牛奶作為早餐 I like some bread and milk for breakfast. 2. 表示理由或原因,意為“因為、由于”。 謝謝你幫我學習英語。 Thank you for helping me with my English. 3. 表示動作的對象或接受者,意為“給……”、“對…… (而言)” 吸煙有害于你的健康。 Smoking is bad for your health. 4. 表示時間、距離,意為“計、達”。如: 我早晨通常跑步一小時 I usually run for an hour in the morning. 5. 表示去向、目的,意為“向、往、取、買”等。如:我們出去散步吧。 Let’s go for a walk. 6. 表示所屬關系或用途,意為“為、適于……的”。如: 到上學的時間了。 It’s time for school. 8. 用于一些固定搭配中。如: 你在等誰? Who are you waiting for? 比如,格林先生是一位心地善良的老師。 For example, Mr Green is a kind teacher. of 1. ...的,屬于 布朗先生是我的朋友。Mr. Brown is a friend of mine. 2.一袋土豆 : a bag of potatoes 中國的東部: east of chinaatin表示時間點具體某一天年、月、季等1. at常用來表示時間點,即“在幾點幾分”,“在某一時刻”。如:at 6:30 在六點三十分 at 10:00 在十點鐘另外,at還可以用在 at night 在晚上 at last 最后 at weekends 在周末(英式用法) at noon 在中午 2. on常用來表示“在某一天或星期幾”。注意:表示“在某一天的上午、下午或晚上”時,介詞也要用on。如:on Sunday 在星期天, on weekdays 在工作日, on weekends 在周末(美式用法) on February 18th 在二月十八日 on Monday morning 在星期一早上 on the afternoon of May 1st 在五月一日下午 on a cold winter evening 在一個寒冷的冬天的晚上3. in常用來表示“在某年,某月,某個季節”。如: in March 在三月 in April,2003 在2003年四月 in summer 在夏天 in autumn 在秋天注意:在一些固定短語中要用in, 如:in the morning 在早上 in the afternoon 在下午 in the evening 在晚上 in the day 在白天 in the middle of the day 在一天的中間1. What time do you usually go to bed? I usually go to bed ______ 11:00. A. in B. on C. at D. for2. The weather is hot ______ summer in Beijing. A. of B. in C. at D. on3. We also have lessons ______ Saturday morning. A. in B. at C. during D. on4. I went to the movie______ a cold winter morning. A. in B. at C. to D. onat英語中:at主要表示: (1)在某具體時刻之前,如 at seven o’clock,at7:30。 (2)在固定短語中,如:at noon,at night,at that time,at the age of ,at the weekend,at Christmas。表示地點的at的用法區別at通常指小地方,in一般指大地方。He arrived ____ Beijing yesterday.They arrived ____ school ____7:30a.m.with1.talk with a friend 與朋友談話 2.和…一起 上個周末她和家人一起去看電影了。She went to movie with her family. 3.表示“有”那個直發女生是我的同班同學。The girl with straight hair is my classmate.改錯:1.Jim is good in English and Math. 2.How many students have their birthday on May? 3.They are talking to their plans 4.I usually take photos in Sunday morning. 5.What did you do on the Spring Festival? 6.Can you come and help me on my English?7.I can jog to school on the morning. 1. Walking ______ a beautiful garden, you will see my new house. A. to B. in C. across D. through2. Don’t go to bed too late! It’s already twenty ______ ten. A. from B. in C. past D. at3. Lily usually goes to school ______ foot. A. by B. on C. with D. in4. Listen ______ the teacher carefully and take some notes. A. / B. to C. at D. from5. There will be a football match ______ Class 1 and Class 2. A. at B. in C. among D. between6. Look! The plane is flying ______ the bridge. A. over B. on C. about D. at7. The new supermarket is ______ my home. A. near B. to C. from D. among8. Playing football is good ______ our health. A. to B. in C. for D. at9. Maybe the keys are just ______ your bag. A. in B. on C. from D. at10. We often get ______ home late. A. to B. at C. in D. /選用括號內恰當的介詞填空。1.What’s this ____ (at, on, in) English?2.Christmas is ____ (at, on, in) the 25th of December.3.The man ____ (with, on, in) black is Su H a i’ s father.4.He doesn’t do well ____ (at, on, in) PE.5.Look at those birds ____ (on, in) the tree.6.We are going to meet ___ (at, on, in) the bus stop___ (at, on, in) half past ten.7.Is there a cat ___ (under, behind, in) the door?8.Helen’s writing paper is ____ (in, in front of) her computer.9.We live ___ (at, on, in) a new house now.10.Does it often rain ____ (at, on, in) spring there?
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