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? 單句語法填空1.(2017·湖南六校聯盟聯考)Most importantly,though,remember the following old rule:try to eat different food,____________not too much.but/yet 解析:考查連詞。根據語境可知,嘗試吃不同的食物,但是不要吃太多。根據句意可知,空處應用轉折連詞。2.(2017·遼寧沈陽高三教學質量監測一)I had never seen what a sandstorm looked like ____________ I told him I wanted to go out just to see it for myself.so/and 解析:考查連詞。句意:我從來沒有看過沙塵暴是什么樣子,(所以)我告訴他我要出去親自看看。根據空處語境可知,空處前后句間為并列關系或因果關系。3.(2017·重慶西北狼教育聯盟第一期聯考)I was driving home late at night ____________ my car lost momentum(動力) and got slower and slower.when 解析:考查狀語從句。句意:我深夜正駕駛在回家的路上,突然汽車失去動力,變得越來越慢。分析該句結構可知,空處引導時間狀語從句。be doing...when意為“正在做某事時突然……”。4.(2017·湖北部分重點中學高三起點考試)____________you cover a baby’s favorite toy with a piece of cloth,the baby thinks the toy has disappeared and stops looking for it.If 解析:根據句意可知,前半句是一個條件句,故用If引導。5.(2017·太原二模)I had hardly sat down on the train and opened a bar of chocolate ____________ a really old man with huge bags sat down across from me.when 解析:考查連詞。hardly...when...意為“一……就……”,為固定用法,符合語境,故用連詞when引導時間狀語從句。6.(2017·貴州適應性測試)If you visit Nepal,you will find Nepalese often greet each other with the hands pressed together instead of shaking hands,____________in North America and the U.K,people greet one another by shaking hands.while 解析:考查連詞。根據語境可知,此處表示尼泊爾人雙手合十打招呼,而在北美和英國,人們通過握手打招呼。該空前后為轉折關系,故用while。7.(2017·安徽蚌埠一模)People in Dali are very friendly and honest to you ____________ you are a foreigner or just a local.whether 解析:句意:大理的人對你友好而真誠,無論你是外國人還是當地居民。whether...or...表示“無論是……還是……”,引導讓步狀語從句。8.(2017·福建龍巖3月質檢)But for now, they all have to postpone their plans____________the winter storms pass.until/till 解析:句意:但是現在他們都得把他們的計劃推遲到冬季風暴結束時才能實施。根據句意可知設空處填until或till。9.(2017·山西重點中學協作體一模)He overcame many difficulties,____________ he was not fortunate enough.but/yet 解析:句意:雖然他克服了許多困難,但是他還是不夠幸運。兩個分句間為轉折關系,故填but或yet。10.(2017·遼寧葫蘆島六校協作體考試)Some animals,like people,eat both plants____________animals.and 解析:句意:一些動物,例如人類,既吃植物也吃動物。both...and...為固定搭配,意為:既……也…… 單句改錯1.(2017·鄭州第一次質量預測)She was born into a poor family or she worked very hard to be successful.____________________or→and/so 解析:考查連詞。根據語境可知,上下文表示邏輯上的并列或因果關系,故用and或so。2.(2017·廣東七校聯考)Although I was tired,but I really had a good time.____________________刪除but或but改為yet 解析:although不能和but連用,能和yet連用。補充:此處也可刪除Although,但是語意上沒有修改but好。3.(2017·湖北黃石大冶一中高三月考)I was so tired that I fell asleep at the moment my head touched the pillow._ ___________________去掉at 解析:此處the moment是名詞短語引導時間狀語從句,at多余。4.(2017·河北“五個一”名校聯盟聯考)Because you have anything that puzzles you,it would be great to talk with Mr.Tang.____________________Because→If 解析:句意:如果你有任何使你困惑的事情,與唐老師交談一下會非常好。根據句意可知,從句為條件狀語從句,表示“如果……”,應用If引導。故將Because改為If。5.(2017·安徽百所重點中學二模)It happens such often that we end up taking our parents for granted.____________________such→so 解析:在so/such...that...句型中,so修飾形容詞或副詞,such修飾名詞。此處修飾副詞,故用so。6.(2017·鄭州第一次質量預測)I was very touched that I couldn’t sleep the whole night,and thought about being a teacher in the future.____________________very→so 解析:考查副詞。根據固定句型so...that...“如此……以至于”可知,應用副詞so。7.(2017·云南11校區調研)All the way we appreciated the beautiful scenery and fresh air,so a few of us picked flowers while going sightseeing.____________________so→but 解析:考查連詞。一路上我們欣賞美麗的景色,但是有人摘花。前后表示轉折關系,故用but。8.(2017·云南統一檢測)It sounds very noisy but unpleasant,especially in the cinema.____________________but→and 解析:考查連詞。此處表示在電影院里它聽起來吵鬧且令人不快。noisy和unpleasant并列,不是轉折關系,故用and。 語法填空(2017·東北三省四市模擬)Many of Van Gogh’s paintings were inspired by warm,yellow sunlight because he loved how it could light up the world in different ways.His painting Sunflowers,for example,1.____________(fill) with vivid yellows and browns.These colors give 2.____________ painting a feeling of warmth and well-being.However,the sunflowers are actually dead and dying.The result is a painting that combines the warmth of life that Van Gogh loved 3.____________the feelings of sadness that were all around him.It is a painting that is warm,beautiful and sad all at the same time.Van Gogh’s most famous painting,The Starry Night,takes this 4.____________(mix) of joy and sadness one step further.It is a landscape full of deep blues and shadows 5.____________represent the sadness Van Gogh was feeling as he 6.____________(paint),rather than what he was actually seeing.This is why Van Gogh’s 7.____________(image) in his painting look more imagined than real.The stars and moon in The Starry Night are 8.____________(unusual) bright,9.____________(they) light swirling(旋動) above the darkening hills.A tree that looks like black fire cuts through the view of the night,10.____________(interrupt) its beauty.[解題導語] 本文介紹了凡·高作品的藝術特點。1.is filled 解析:考查動詞的時態和主謂一致。本句缺少謂語,主語是His painting Sunflowers,謂語動詞應用單數,且此處表示一種客觀事實,應用一般現在時,再結合固定搭配be filled with可知,填is filled。2.the 解析:考查冠詞。前面提到了Sunflowers這幅畫,此處表特指,應用the。3.with 解析:考查介詞。固定搭配combine...with...意為“把……和……結合”,符合語境。4.mixture 解析:考查名詞。動詞后面接名詞作賓語。5.which/that 解析:考查定語從句。本句是定語從句,先行詞是物,且從句中缺少主語。6.was painting 解析:考查時態。下文的“rather than what he was actually,seeing”表明此處也應該用過去進行時。7.images 解析:考查名詞的數。他作品中的形象不止一個,且根據謂語動詞look可知,應用名詞的復數形式。8.unusually 解析:考查副詞。修飾形容詞應用副詞。9.their 解析:考查代詞。名詞前需要使用形容詞性物主代詞。10.interrupting 解析:考查現在分詞。interrupt與句子主語是主謂關系,且空處與謂語動詞之間無連詞連接,所以用現在分詞作狀語。
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