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Unit 1Unit 1What's the matter?Section A 3 What’s the matter with her?Does she have a fever?Does she have a toothache?What should she do?What’s the matter with him?Does he have a fever?Does he have a toothache?Does he have a sore throat?Does he have a backache?What should he do?What’s the matter with him?Does he have a fever?Does he have a toothache?Does he have a sore throat?Does he have a stomachache?What should he do?What’s the matter? I have a stomachache.You shouldn’t eat so much next time.What’s the matter with Ben?He hurt himself. He has a sore back.He should lie down and rest.Do you have a fever?Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. / I don’t know.Grammar focusDoes he have a toothache? Yes, he does.He should see a dentist and get an X-ray.What should she do?She should take her temperature.Should I put some medicine on it?Yes, you should. No, you shouldn’t.讀以下四個句子,總結出have的用法。have \ hasI have a bag.He has noodles for breakfast.I have a bad cold.They have a look at the picture.1. 作“有”講。 如: I have a bag. 我有一個包。 He has a red cup. 他有一個紅杯子。 2. 作“吃、喝”講。如: have breakfast (吃早飯) have tea (喝茶) have a biscuit (吃塊餅干) have a drink (喝點水) 3. 作“患病”講。 have a cold, have a fever4. 固定短語 have a try, have a look, have a party1. 她有許多好朋友。 She ____ lots of good friends.2. 當我們感冒時,應該多喝水。 When we _____ bad colds, we should drink more water.3. 他早餐常吃雞蛋。 He ____ eggs for breakfast.4. 他昨天去參加聚會了。 He ___________ yesterday.hashavehashad a party should屬情態動詞, 后接動詞原形, 沒有人稱和數的變化。用于提出建議勸告別人。 should的否定形式為 should not, 通??s寫為 shouldn’t。1. — Tom, I have a toothache. 湯姆, 我牙痛。 — You should see a dentist. 你應當去看牙醫。should2. — I’m not feeling well these days. I have bad cough. 這些天我身體不適, 老是咳嗽。 — You shouldn’t smoke so much, I think. 我認為你不該抽這么多煙。3. — Should I put some medicine on it? — Yes, you should. / No, you shouldn’t.4. — What should she do? — She should take her temperature.1. — She has a stomachache. — She __________ eat so much next time.2. — Should she see a dentist and get an X- ray? — Yes, she _______. / No, she _________.shouldn’tshouldshouldn’t 反身代詞又稱為自身代詞,表示動作行為反射到行為執行者本身。它還可以在句中起到強調的作用,用以加強語氣。 反身代詞英語中共有八個反身代詞,在使用時應注意和它所指的相應的對象在人稱、性別、數上保持一致。其基本形式如下表所示:第一人稱第二人稱第三人稱單數myself yourself himself herself itself 復數ourselves yourselves themselves 1. 可用作賓語,指的是賓語和主語表示 同一個或同一些的人或事物。 如:Maria bought herself a scarf. 瑪麗亞給自己買了一條圍巾。We must look after ourselves very well. 我們必須好好照顧自己。2. 可用作表語,指的是表語和主語表示同一 個或同一些人或事物。如:She isn’t quite herself today. 她今天身體不太舒服。3. 可用作主語或賓語的同位語,常用來加強 語氣。如:She herself will fly to London tomorrow. 明天她自己將要坐飛機去倫敦。I met the writer himself last week. 我上周見到了那位作家本人。4. 用在某些固定短語當中。照顧自己 look after oneself / take care of oneself 自學teach oneself sth./ learn sth. by oneself玩得高興,過得愉快enjoy oneself請自用……(隨便吃/喝些……)help oneself to sth.摔傷自己 hurt oneself自言自語 say to oneself沉浸于,陶醉于……之中lose oneself in 把某人單獨留下 leave sb. by oneself給自己買…...東西 buy oneself sth.介紹……自己  introduce oneself1. 反身代詞不能單獨做主語,但可以做 主語的同位語,起強調作用。如:我自己能完成作業。(誤) Myself can finish my homework.(正) I myself can finish my homework. / I can finish my homework myself.2. 反身代詞表示“某人自己”,不能表示“某人的東西”,因為它沒有所有格的形式。表達“某人自己的(東西)”時,須要用one’s own.如:我用我自己的蠟筆畫畫。(誤) I’m drawing with myself crayons.(正) I’m drawing with my own crayons.1. My classmate, Li Ming, made a card for _______ just now.2. Bad luck! I cut _______ with a knife yesterday. 3. They tell us they can look after __________ very well.4. My cat can find food by _____.5. Help __________ to some beef, boys.himself myself themselves itself yourselves 4a Fill in the blanks and practice the conversations.1. A: I hurt ______ when I played basketball yesterday. What _______ I do? B: You ______ see a doctor and get an X-ray.2. A: _______ the matter? B: My sister and I ______ sore throats. _______ we go to school? A: No, you _________.myselfshouldshouldWhat’shaveShouldshouldn’t3. A: _____ Mike _____ a fever? B: No, he ________. He _____ a stomachache. A: He _______ drink some hot tea.Does havedoesn’thasshould1. Jenny cut herself. She should (get an X-ray / put some medicine on the cut). My advice: _______________________.2. Kate has a toothache. She should (see a dentist / get some sleep). My advice: ________________________.4b Circle the best advice for these health problems. Then add your own advice.Put a bandage on it She shouldn’t eat cold food3. Mary and Sue have colds. They shouldn’t (sleep/ exercise). My advice: ______________________.4. Bob has a sore back. He should (lie down and rest / take his temperature). My advice: ______________________.Drink more waterGet an X-ray4c One student mimes a problem. The other students in your group guess the problem and give advice.Name ProblemAdviceLiu Peng fall down go home and restA: What’s the matter? Did you hurt yourself playing soccer.B: No, I didn’t.C: Did you fall down?B: Yes, I did.D: You should go home and get some rest.
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