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牛津譯林版英語八下Unit 2 Travelling單元小結.doc

'牛津譯林版英語八下Unit 2 Travelling單元小結.doc'
?8BUnit 2 Travelling 單元小結一、短語1. 去南山度假 go to South Hill for a holiday2. 為旅游做好準備 get ready for travelling3. 準備做某事 get ready to do sth 4. 加入某人 join sb 5. 丹麥的首都 the capital of Denmark6. 自從上周以來 since last week7. 玩得很愉快 have a fantastic time 8. 如此想念你 miss you so much9. 在香港迪斯尼樂園度過一整天 spend the whole day at Hong Kong Disneyland10. 在太空山玩得愉快 have fun on Space Mountain 11. 室內過山車 an indoor roller coaster 12. 在黑暗中 in the dark13. 快速移動 move at high speed 14. 整個乘坐過程中都在尖叫大笑 scream and laugh through the ride 15. 急忙趕去飯店匆匆吃了一頓飯 hurry to a restaurant to have a quick meal =go to a restaurant to have a quick meal in a hurry16. 在路上 on the way 17. 在上學途中 on the way to school18. 在回家途中 on the way home19. 遇見一些迪士尼卡通人物 meet some Disney cartoon characters 20. 例如白雪公主 such as Snow White21. 迪士尼人物的游行 a parade of Disney characters 22. 下午晚些的時候 later in the afternoon 23. 一天中最好的部分 the best part of the day 24. 追趕他們 run after them25. 忍不住做某事 can’t stop doing sth26. 忍不住拍照 can’t stop taking photos 27. 乘地鐵到達公園(3種) get to the park by underground=reach the park by underground=arrive in the park by underground28. 變得激動 get excited29. 看4-D電影 watch a 4-D film 30. 像魔法 be like magic 31. 聞到蘋果派 smell the apple pie 32. 感覺到風 feel the wind33. 購物 do some shopping34. 給同班同學買了幾個鑰匙環 buy a couple of key rings for classmates 35. 在一天的末尾 at the end of the day 36. 在睡美人城堡前觀看焰火 watch the fireworks in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle 37. 在煙火下看起來明亮且美麗 look bright and beautiful under the fireworks38. 曾經去過南山(人已回來) have/has been to South Hill 39. 已去了北京(人還沒有回來) have/has gone to Beijing 40. 已在北京三天 have/has been in Beijing for three days41. 在沙灘上玩 play on the sand 42. 順便說一下 by the way 43. 參加/出席會議 attend a meeting44. 邀請Andy去野炊 invite Andy to go for a picnic 45. 去農村 go to the countryside 46. 離開北京一周 be away from Beijing for a week 47. 開始/ 結束 be on/ over 48. 在寒假的第一天 on the first day of the winter holiday 49. 將這本書在我身邊保存幾天 keep the book with me for a few days50. 中國園林 Chinese gardens 51. 自然美景區 places of natural beauty 52. 海邊城市 seaside cities 53. 在海邊 at the seaside54. 主題公園 theme park55. 一年到頭 all year round 56. 水上運動 water sports 57. 幫助我們。省略部分。e dictionary the day before yesterday.=I have had the dictionary since the day before yesterday.=I have had the dictionary for three days.我前天買了這本字典。borrowkeepMy brother borrowed the book two weeks ago.=My brother has kept the book since two weeks ago.=My brother has kept the book for two weeks.我弟弟兩周前借了這本書。arrive/come/go/get to/reachbe in/atMillie arrived in Hong Kong half a month ago.=Millie has been in Hong Kong since half a month ago.= Millie has been in Hong Kong for half a month.米莉半個月之前到達香港。Li Ping came to the school three months ago.=Li Ping has been in the school since three months ago.=Li Ping has been in the school for three months.李平三個月之前來到這所學校。leavebe awayI left my hometown last year.=I have been away from my hometown since last year.=I have been away from my hometown for a year.去年我離開我的家鄉。join/take part inbe in/a member ofShe joined the club in 2005.=She has been a member of the club since 2005.=She has been in the club for nine years.她于2005年加入這個俱樂部。diebe deadHis grandfather died a year ago.=His grandfather has been dead since a year ago.=His grandfather has been dead for a year.他爺爺一年前去世了。marry/get marriedbe marriedThey got married /married ten years ago.=They have been married since ten years ago.=They have been married for ten years. 他們結婚十年了。begin/ startbe onThe class began two minutes ago.=The class has been on since two minutes ago.=The class has been on for two minutes.已經開始上課兩分鐘了。stop/finish/endbe overThe match stopped last Sunday.=The match has been over since last Sunday.=The match has been over for seven days.那場比賽上個星期天就結束了。(4). 常用的非延續性動詞及其延續性動詞還有以下:非延續性動詞延續性動詞becomebecatch a coldhave a coldget upbe upopenbe openclosebe closedwake upbe awakecomeback/go back/returnbe backfall asleepbe asleepfall illbe illgo outbe outmove tolive in/be inhear from sb/get a letter from sb/receive a letter from sbhave a letter from sb四、主題習作范例(作文內容及范文) 根據以下提示,以“Travelling”為題,寫一篇60—80詞的短文。 提示:1. 旅游是一種非常好的活動。當我們工作或學習很長一段時間后可以到外地欣賞自然風光,這樣可以讓我們呼吸新鮮空氣,忘記煩惱,還能夠交到朋友,有益健康; 2. 旅游有時也很麻煩,比如天氣多變,被小偷(thief)偷錢等等; 3. 旅游前應準備充分,及時了解天氣情況;和朋友一起可相互照應,注意安全。 范文示例:TravellingTravelling is a very good activity. When we get tired of our work or study, we can go to some interesting places to enjoy the beauty of nature if we are free. It can make us forget unhappiness. It can also help us make friends with different people. It’s also good for our health.But sometimes it can bring trouble to us while we are travelling. For example, the weather changes a lot and it’s usual for us to meet thieves on the bus or in some other places.In a word, we’d better get everything ready before travelling. We must learn a lot about the weather. While travelling we must stay with our friends and take good care of each other. Safety is important. If we plan carefully before we set out, we’ll have a good time.7
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