?高中英語必修三單詞及語言點總結單詞總結Unit 1 Festivals around the worldExercise 1 據句意及所給單詞首字母或漢語意思完成下列句子.1. ---Do you need more milk? ---No, thanks, there’s p_______ in the fridge.2. She’s s_______ herself to try to lose weight.3. Nothing s_________ him, he’s always complaining (抱怨).4. You f ________ me to death suddenly shouting out by my ear.5. I a________ him for his success in business.6. The judge __________ (判定)both finalists (決賽者) equal points.7. These books are ___________ (最喜歡的東西) of mine.8. Christmas Day is a __________ (宗教的) festival.9. I made my ___________ (道歉) and left early. 10. I ___________ (原諒) her long ago.Exercise 2 根據句意, 用所給的詞或詞組的最恰當形式填空(注意有多余選項)have one’s origin as, do (no) harm ( to), lead to, have fun with, wait for, set off, set on, make…of , decorate… with, take place, look forward to, play a trick on, in the shape of, be proud of 1. He means __________by saying what he thinks.2. This misunderstanding _________ a war between the two countries.3. Sam used to be a spy ___________ a journalist.4. The Spring Festival in China ______________ an activity to drive off the “Nian”, a wild beast.5. Don’t ____________ me; I’m not a fool.6. He ended the letter with “____________ seeing you soon”.7. The parents __________________ their child’s success.8. What time are you planning to __________ tomorrow?9. Father bought a Christmas tree ____________ coloured lights a week ago.10. We have never discovered what _____________ between the couple that day.Unit 2 Healthy eatingExercise 1 據句意及所給單詞首字母或漢語意思完成下列句子.1. Don’t take some e___________ exercise when you have caught a cold.2. He gave in to c_________ and opened the letter addressed to his classmate.3. Tom would never a__________ to being wrong.4. Did Lucy m_________ when she would come to see me?5. I’ve had the b___________ of a good education.6. Because they didn’t reach any agreement, they had to make a _________(折中) decision.7. He could do nothing but stand and ___________ (驚訝).8. The subject has already been fully _____________(研究).9. Dao Lang is ____________ (受歡迎的) among the youth.10. Hydrogen ____________(結合) with oxygen to form water.Exercise 2 根據句意, 用所給的詞或詞組的最恰當形式填空(注意有多余選項)earn one’s living, care about, are for, after all, above all, take park in, take the part of, success, avoid, long before, before long, feel fit, provide1. He’s been ill for weeks and doesn’t __________ for work yet.2. She ______________ by singing in a nightclub.3. He was extremely angry yesterday and said he would not come back. But he returned today ______________.4. How many countries will be _______________ the games?5. He _______________ Hamlet in the play.6. I just stopped cycling to ________ running over the cat in the street.7. He wasn’t ___________ as a teacher because of lacking of experience.8. That sad thing had happened ___________.9. All the woman ____________ their children.10. The firm ___。省略部分。s center of a city or a towneg. They went downtown to do some shopping.It is a downtown city.9. flow vi: to move freelyeg. The river Thames flows into the North Sea.The river flows rapidly.After the concert the people flowed out of the hall.The blood flowed out.10.bordera) n: outer areaeg. Their house is on the border of the river.They picked on the border of the lake.Her handkerchief has a white border.b) n: boundary of countryeg. They were near the border between France and Germany.It is a border city.They will ask for your passport at the border.11. terrify : make someone feel terrifiedeg. He was terrified of being left alone in the room.You terrified me just now!The thunderstorm terrified the child.12. officiala) adj: relating to a public officeeg. He gave me an official letter.The official language of the country is English.Is the news official?b) n: person who holds a position of authorityeg. The government officials are having a meeting.He is an official at the local bank.The mayor is an elected official.13. toura) n: visit other places or journey through which performances are giveneg. Mr. Adams made a tour around East Asia last year.He joined a bicycling tour.The film star is on tour in our city.b) v: make a toureg. We’ll tour around Italy for our holiday this summer.Many Americans tour by car14.settle v: make one’s home in a place.eg. After years of travel, we decided to settle here.He settled in Canada at last.They got married and settled near Beijing.15. broad adj: wideeg. He worked in the broad fields.It is a broad river.He has broad shoulders.16. eastward adv: towards the easteg. They sailed eastward.We couldn’t decide whether to go eastward or westward.Useful expressions1. settle down: sit or lie in a comfortable position or get used to a new way of life, job etceg. She settled down in an armchair to read a book.Mary is settling down well in her new job.He got used to settling down in the foreign country.2. have a gift for: natural talent or abilityeg. He has a gift for music.Tom has a gift for making friends.The girl has a gift for learning English.3. figure out : work out or understandeg. She figured out the problem at last.The boss asked me to figure out the cost of the plan.I can't figure him out.4. as far as a) to the extent that; as much aseg. As far as I know, the book is popular with students.As far as I know, he is likely to come.I'll help you as far as I can.b) the same distance aseg. They walked as far as the lake.The children walked as far as the seaside.I’ll walk as far as the post office.5. rather than : in preference to sb or sth; insteadeg. I think I will have a cold drink rather than coffee. Rather than getting money in such a dishonest way, Tom would beg in the street.用與平行結構中I’d call her hair chestnut rather than brownI prefer to go in summer rather than in winter.
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