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?廣東省汕頭市2011屆高三級第一次學情摸底考試英語試題英 語(本試卷共三大題,滿分135分;考試用時120分鐘。)Ⅰ 語言知識及應用(共兩節,滿分45分)第一節 完形填空(共15小題;每小題2分.滿分30分) 閱讀下面短文,掌握其大意.然后從1—15各題所給的A、B、C和D項中,選出最佳選項,并在答題卡上將該項涂黑。Teaching my first child, Danae, to share her toys was the biggest challenge. To 1 this, we started inviting other children to play, which could help Danae discover that it’s fun to share with others — a lesson I needed to 2 myself as well, as it 3 .One evening Danae had 4 a friend, Natalie, to play with her. Their favorite was a children’s card game called Go Fish. That evening, after Natalie left, Danae came to me and said, “Mommy, I’d like to give these to Natalie tomorrow. They’re her favorites.”She help up three cards from the Go Fish game. I tried to 5 that I didn’t want her to give them away because then our 6 wouldn’t be complete. “But I really want her to have them!” Danae 7 . I thought perhaps she didn’t understand that when she gave something away, it was gone 8 . So I tried again, saying, “Once you give the cards to her, you can’t 9 them back tomorrow.”A look of 10 came over Danae’s face. For a moment I was happy that she seemed to 11 . But then she smiled and said. “Well, that’s okay; I want her to have them anyway.” What could I say to that? I sat 12 for a moment and then I realized I had been trying for so long to ask her to share. Did it 13 that our Go Fish set would be 14 ? What mattered was that my daughter was learning the 15 of giving, that she was thinking about others instead of herself, and that she was trying to make her friends happy. Isn’t that what life is all about? 1.A.achieve B.apply C.receive D.get 2.A.design B.know C.create D.review 3.A.turned up B.turned away C.turned to D.turned out 4.A.begged B.encouraged C.invited D.found 5.A.explain B.suggest C.respond D.teach 6.A.thing B.card C.set D.toy 7.A.insisted B.recommended C.announced D.cried 8.A.surely B.suddenly C.forever D.indeed 9.A.ask for B.call for C.look for D.care of10.A.surprise B.concern C.delight D.satisfaction11.A.understand B.accept C.refuse D.doubt12.A.sadly B.angrily C.quietly D.slowly13.A.work B.mean C.remind D.matter14.A.incomplete B.lost C.limited D.gone15.A.content B.usefulness C.way D.joy第二節 語法填空(共10小題;每小題l 5分.滿分l5分) 閱讀下面短文,按照句子結構的語法性和上下文連貫的要求,在空格處填入一個適當的詞或使用括號中詞語的正確形式填空,并將答案填寫在答題卡標號為16—25的相應位置上。A motto is a sentence or a phrase ____16____ can inspire us especially when we are __17______(face) with difficulties. Many of us have our mottoes, such as “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Or “Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it.”, and so on. My motto is “God helps those who help __18______.” Sometimes I am lazy and don’t want to make efforts _19_______( work) hard, __20______ the moment I think of my motto I will get energetic again and devote myself __21______ what I am doing. I write my motto __22______ I can see it 。省略部分。得知她的情人將死在墻里,自然成為骷髏了。故選C。C 【答案與解析】 36—40 BCDBA 繪制人類基因組圖,這將意味著人類消滅癌癥、艾滋病的危害,延長人類壽命將成為現實。36. B。語義理解題。從文章最后一段第1句話Once these genes are found and studied, researchers can develop new ways to attack infections(傳染), and genetic diseases 可以看出科學家們完成人類基因組圖的目的。37. C。細節題。因為 …the leading organization for genetic research is in the United States,所以答案選 C。38. D。判斷題。美國是在 1990 年,即 20 世紀末開始繪制人類基因組圖的,所以選項D 不對。39. B。判斷題。從文章內容可知,人類基因組圖的完成將有助于科學家們攻克一系列難關。所以,他們在更努力地探究。40. A。主旨題。綜合文章內容,不難概括出本文主旨:解讀基因密碼。 D 【答案與解析】 41—45 BDACB本文介紹了新中國成立后非常關心青少年一代尤其是貧困地區的兒童。41. B。細節題。 根據 The reason behind the tremendous achievement is China’s long tradition of caring for children both at home and in society 得知青少年能健康幸福成長的條件是社會和家庭共同關心小孩,故選 B。42. D。細節題。 根據 The Beijing children’s Welfare Home, …has at present spent more than 400 children 和 …the agency spends 400 — 500 yuan a month for an average orphan 可知一年的費用在1 920 000 yuan 和2 400 000 yuan 之間,當然也不會正好是2 160 000 yuan,故答案選 D。43. A。細節題。 根據 …which has helped the establishment of 2 074 Hope Primary Schools and enable more than 1.25 million dropouts to return to school classrooms 可知這筆錢用于在貧困地區建立希望小學和讓失學兒童返校,則 A 為可選項。44. C。推斷題。閱讀全文可知 B、D 為錯誤答案,A 在第 4 段已提到,再根據 The Beijing children’s Welfare Home, set up soon after New China was founded in 1949, has at present more than 400 children 可知 C 為正確答案。45. B。細節題。亞特蘭大奧運會是 1996 年召開的,再根據 They will be torchbearers for the Chinese Team for the coming Atlanta Olympic Games this year 可知這篇文章寫于 1996 年,故選 B。第二節 信息匹配(共5小題;每小題2分,滿分10分) 46—50 ADBCEⅢ 寫作(共兩節,滿分40分)第一節 基礎寫作(共1小題,滿分15分)Whether television has an effect on children’s aggressionTom and Peter are not only neighbor but also good friends. They have much in common, but they also differ from each other in many ways. Both of them work very hard and they are both good at mathematics and English. However, Tom likes listening to popular songs while Peter prefers classical music. In their spare time, Tom often takes part in all kinds of sports, especially playing basketball, but Peter always enjoys reading in the school library.第二節 讀寫任務(共1小題,滿分25分)Reading Reading is important for Americans. More and more people are joining book clubs which are formed by different people or organizations and for specific groups of readers. Book clubs are really good things. Reading the same book and sharing what we think of it can help us know more. Reading is also my favorite activity. My favorite novel is Gone with the Wind. It tells us a story about a woman, Scarlet, who is very brave and goes through a lot of difficulties but still faces life with courage. I always remember a famous sentence in this book “Tomorrow is another day. “ This book encourages me to be brave. Whenever I am in trouble I will think of this sentence. Personally, I think reading can really bring us benefits。 It can enlarge our knowledge and make us more intelligent. Besides, it is helpful for our learning, especially for writing good compositions.
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