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?廣東省2012屆高三英語專題突破訓練6信息匹配 (共5小題;每小題2分,滿分10分)A.    The wild girl (hardcover) by Chris WormellList price: $17.00Price now: $13.2You save: $3.8 (22%)In the great wide 高考資源網wilderness(荒野), a little girl and her dog live alone in a cave high up on the mountainside. They are happy surviving on their own, until one day in the bitter cold of winter, they see bear tracks in the snow that lead right up to their cave…Charming illustrations bring life to this sweet story of courage and compassion(同情), written and illustrated by award-winning author and illustrator Chris Wormell.B.    Ocean (hardcover) by Fabien Cousteau w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.mList price: $50.00Price now: $31.50You save: $18.50 (37%)As the site where life first formed on earth, a key element of the climate, and a continuing but fragile resource, oceans are of great importance to our planet. From the geological and physical processes that affect the ocean floor to the key habitat zones, this is the definitive reference to the world’s oceans for the entire family. Includes the latest developments in ocean exploration and photographs.C.    The best 361 colleges (paperback) by Princeton reviewList price: $21.95Price now: $14.93 w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.mYou save: $7.02 (32%)College students (more than 115,000 of them) reveal (透漏)what life is really like at the nation’s top schools. This must-have guide gives you college rankings and covers all the essentials—from academics to social life to financial aid, and everything in between. We also provide you with all the basics: admissions criteria, deadlines, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and more.D.    Animals (paperback)List price: $24.95Price now: $16.47You save: $8.48 (34%) w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.mGet ready to take a walk on the wild side! National geographic children’s books brand – new reference work provides families and children with everything they need to know about the animal kingdom. You’ll meet more than 1,000 animals. It introduces the entire animal kingdom: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.E.    Mommy? (Hardcover)List price: $24.95Price now: $14.97You save: $9.98 (40%)The story line is very simple: a young child looks for his mommy, meeting various monsters (怪物)along the way and defeating them in creative way. There are only a few written words in the book. But the story that the picture tells is wonderful. And there’s ton of details in the pictures as well. My girls like to spend several minutes looking at each page spread.F.    Dooby dooby moo (hardcover) by Doreen CroninList price: $24.95Price now: $14.97 w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.mYou save: $9.98 (40%)I didn’t think life got any better than click clack moo, but Dooby dooby moo tops it. I love it! Dooby dooby moo is one of those rare books that hold enjoyment for kids and adults alike. Kids like the story of the talent show and each animal’s attempts to win, while parents get to laugh their heads off at the pig’s interpretive(解釋的。省略部分。         書 名1.Jack                       A. The wild girl2.Margaret                   B. Ocean             3.Alice                      C. The best 361 colleges4.Peter                      D. Animals5.Lynne                      E. Mommy                                         F. Dooby dooby moo語法填空(共10小題, 每小題1. 5分, 滿分15分)About 160 years_1__, young men and women swarmed into New York, Philadelphia, Boston which are equal to China’s Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. All of these young people were searching __2___ work, for riches and for fame. However, few found any of that. The rest joined the masses working hard at low-level jobs to try to support themselves and their ___3__.Horace Greeley, ___4____ editor of a well-known newspaper, gave sound advice to those___5___(seek) work. “Do not lounge in the cities! There is room and health in the country. Go west…”w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.mIn the mid-19th__6___, when Greeley called on young people to go to west, America was on the brink of developing its __7__regions, just as China. In the west, the unemployed could find jobs. What was needed in America at that time is ___8___is needed now in the west of China: men and women determined to make something of __9__. With these efforts, any ___10___ (develop) country will be thriving and prosperous.基礎寫作w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m假如你是李華,正在英國牛津參加短期語言培訓,計劃星期天去倫敦旅游?;ヂ摼W上一則廣告引起了你的注意,但一些具體信息不明確(箭頭所指內容)?!緦懽鲀热荨空埥o該旅行社發一封電子郵件,詢問有關情況。 【寫作要求】   只能使用5個句子表達全部內容?!驹u分標準】   句子結構的準確性;信息內容的完整性和連貫性。Dear Sir or Madam,                  Best wishes, w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m                                                                       Li Hua【參考答案】信息匹配:C D B F E語法填空w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m1.ago 2.for 3.families  4. an   5. seeking  6.century   7. western 8. what   9. themselves    10. developing 基礎寫作:Dear Sir or Madam,I’m writing for more information about the tour to London.As a student at Oxford University, I’d like to know if you have any special price for students. As for the money you charge, does it cover the entrance fees for visiting the places listed? Since I need to prepare my lessons for the next day, I’d like to know the time to return. Besides, is there any time for shopping? w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m   Best wishes,                                               Li Hua
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