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說 明 文(26) Long ago in Egypt, workmen stopped working on the Great Pyramid when they did not get enough garlic(大蒜)to eat. The food the Egyptians liked so much 1 to the lily family(百合科). 1. A. belongs B. contributes C. sticks D. leads 1.A根據句意及空后的the lily family可知這里填belongs。It is a ball made up of small cloves(丁香). It has one of the 2 flavors known to man. The Romans hung bags of garlic around their 3 . They hoped it would keep away the evil eye. 2. A. ugliest B. smelliest C. dirtiest D. strongest2.D根據常識及空后的flavor(味道)可推出填strongest。3. A. feet B. necks C. waists D. ears3.B根據常識及句中的動詞hung(懸掛)可知。其他選項不合常理。They also thought it would prevent them getting 4 . A similar idea is still held. Many people take garlic, thinking it will 5 or cure disease. Most 6 say it does no such thing. 4. A. angry B. upset C. ill C. hungryC由下句中的cure disease可知這里選C。ill與disease是詞語同現。5. A. prevent B. suffer C. find D. stopA根據空后的并列動詞cure可推出填prevent。prevent與cure是詞語同現。6. A. physicists B. Doctors C. chemists D. historiansB由上句中的disease可推出。doctors與disease是詞語同現。They say it may help in one way, though. Its 7 may force people to stay far away. At least then they can’t 8 germs(細菌)on to each other. But keeping your distance can be 9 at times. 7. A. shape B. size C. smell D. color7.C根據常識,大蒜的氣味(smell)難聞, 故選C。8. A. give B. hand C. take D. pass 8.D根據句意及搭配可知, pass on to“傳遞”。 9. A. easy B. hard C. simple D. complex9.B根據下句的舉例可推出填hard。What if you’re in a play, for instance? 10 have been known to forget their lines because they couldn’t 11 the garlic smell from a fellow actor’s breath. 10. A. Actors B. Teachers C. Drivers D. Players10.A由句中的fellow actor’s 可知。與actor是原詞復現。11. A. smell B. hold C. stand D. see 11.C根據句意尤其是句中的forget their lines可推出這里填stand(忍受)。Through the years man has tried to 12 with the smell of garlic. But no medicine, mouthwash, chewing gum, or toothpaste seems to 13 much. We now know why. It’s been found that the oils of the garlic do not stick to the teeth or 14 . 12. A. agree B. combine C. cope D. connectC根據句意及下句內容可推出。cope with“處理; 對付”。13. A. matter B. improve C. develop D. helpD由句意可知選D, help“起作用”。14. A. tongue B. lips C. eyes D. noseA根據句意,尤其是空前的teeth可知。其他選項不合常理。They go into the lung(肺), from where they are breathed out. They pass out through the skin too. Garlic is being used in more and more foods. It can now be bought in 15 form. This makes it easier to use. But most good cooks still say fresh garlic is better.15. A. baked B. packed C. cooked D. dried15.D根據下句內容, 尤其是fresh garlic可推出。dried與fresh是詞語同現。couldn’t stand不能忍受fellow同事的, 搭檔的prevent... from doing sth.阻止……做某事(27) A Californian woman divorced her husband because he played computer games at night and slept during the day, which affected her sleep gre。省略部分。rth is covered by water, but there are many voices saying that, in future, drinking water will be worth the same as 1 today, or even more. This is a huge problem and we need to 2 every idea to deal with it. 1. A. soil B. oil C. air D. rice1.B根據常識,將來的水將和油(oil)一樣貴, 甚至更貴。2. A. suspect B. hesitate C. value D. question2.C因為有了問題, 所以我們需要重視(value)每一個能解決的想法。 The Water Building Resort is a very interesting 3 . It is a building designed by Orlando De Uruttia. This building will be able to convert(轉變) 4 into water and that’s why it’s beautifully 5 in the shape of a falling drop of water. 3. A. solution B. combination C. navigation D. operation A根據上句中的This is a huge problem可知。solution與problem是詞語同現。4. A. cloud B. fire C. air D. fogC根據本段最后一句的Converting air into water可知。與air是原詞復現。5. A. consisted B. departed C. assigned D. designed D上句中的It is a building designed有提示。與design是原詞復現。 The building also uses 6 energy sources. The facade(外墻)of the building, which is covered with photovoltaic(光電的)glass, 7 the sun’s rays into solar power. 6. A. enjoyable B. responsible C. renewable D. reasonable 6.C因renewable energy sources(可再生資源)與后面的photovoltaic glass(光電玻璃)是上下義復現。7. A. converts B. concerns C. confirms D. inverts7.A由前面的convert 4 into water可知。與convert 和converting是原詞復現。Converting air into water is 8 thanks to its special 9 . 8. A. useful B. possible C. important D. necessary8.B多虧(thanks to)有了專門的設備, 才使得把空氣轉化成水成為了可能(possible)。(因果推斷)9. A. settlement B. Government C. accomplishment D. equipment9.D根據最后一段第一句中的Its special equipment可知。與equipment是原詞復現。 The Water Building Resort can also 10 sea and rain water and it is designed for construction along warm and 11 coasts. 10. A. purify B. modify C. simplify D. beautify 10.A最后一句中的by purifying sea and rain water有提示。與purifying是同源詞復現。11. A. lonely B. humid C. hot D. dry11.B根據空前的warm可知。humid(潮濕的, 濕潤的)與warm是詞語同現。There are restaurants, gyms, hotel and conference rooms, exhibition halls on the upper floors and an underwater aquarium(水族館)at the 12 of the Water Building Resort. Its special equipment can 13 up to 5, 000 liters of pure drinking water a day, a volume of 2, 117m3 supporting about 48 people using an average of 105 liters per person. 12. A. top B. middle C. center D. base12.D根據句中的exhibition halls on the upper floors可推出an underwater aquarium 應該是在底部(base)。base與upper floors是詞語同現。 13. A. prevent B. promote C. produce D. conflict13.C根據搭配,produce(生產)與后面的水的產量搭配。Drinking water 14 from air and obtained by purifying sea and rain water is 15 for the entire building.14. A. created B. discovered C. invented D. obtained14.D由空后的and obtained可知。與obtained是原詞復現。15. A. enough B. Present C. dependent D. convenient 15.A根據前面說的supporting about 48 people using an average of 105 liters per person, 因此可以推斷出是“足夠的”。 Thank you !
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