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Unit 7Where would youlike to visit ?Some useful wordsbeautiful relaxing tiring dangerous educational peacefulfascinating interesting fun boring thrilling exciting 西安海南Look at the pictures and describe them.DisneylandJungleHua Shan MountainHong Kong 1. on vacation 意為“在度假,在休假中”,這主要是美式用法,英國人常用on holiday。 其中的介詞on是表示狀態、方法等,意思是“進行中, 在……中,于……狀態”。 The Smith family is now on vacation. 2. go on(或for)+名詞, 表示“去……”。 Let’s go on a journey on May Day. Let’s go for a walk after supper. Explanation3.through與across的區別: “across”,意為“橫過”, 常指從這邊到另一邊, 即:“from this side to the other”. The bus is coming across the bridge “through”,意為“常指從事物內部穿 過”。 The deer is going through the forest. 4. I like places where the weather is always warm. 我喜歡天氣總是溫和的地方。 本句是含有關系副詞where的定語從句。關系副詞where指地點,只能跟在表示地點的名詞后面,如:place, village, town, city, home等。 在從句中作地點狀語。e. g.那里就是我成長的地方。That is the place where I grew up. 她回家了, 她將在家里呆一個星期。 She has gone home where she will stay for a week. 5. I hope to visit Hawaii some day. 我希望有一天能去游覽夏威夷。 (1)動詞hope和wish都作“希望”講,但它們的用法不完全相同。主要區別是: ① hope和wish都可以跟動詞不定式作賓語(hope / wish to do sth.),但wish to do sth.比較正式,口氣也比較強烈。hope to do sth.所表達的愿望是比較容易實現的、較現實的。例如: 我們希望有一天能去參觀長城。 We hope to visit the Great Wall one day. I wish to travel around the world when I grow up.我想長大后周游世界。② wish后面可以跟含有動詞不定式的復 合結構(wish sb. to do sth.),而hope卻沒有這種用法。例如:你希望我幫你的忙嗎? Do you wish me to help you?③ hope和wish后都可跟賓語從句, 但wish 后的賓語從句要用虛擬語氣。例如:我希望你已經準備好了。 I hope you are ready.我希望自己會飛。 I wish I could fly.④ wish之后可以跟雙賓語(wish sb. sth.),而hope不能。例如:祝你成功。 I wish you success. (2) some day 意為“(將來)有一天,有朝一日”,這是英式用法,美式用法寫作someday, 二者無區別。如果表示過去的“有一天”時,使用one day, the other day等。e. g.我的夢想將來有一天會實現。 My dream will come true some day (someday). 有一天,他帶著一個小男孩來看我。 One day he came to see me with a little boy. (或用the other day 代替one day). 注:one day 表示過去也可表示將來的某一天。e. g. 總有一天老師會知道這件事。 The teacher will know about it one day. I . would like的用法:下面先來看幾個句子:1) I would like to drink a cup of coffee. 我想喝杯咖啡。2) Would you like a cup of coffee? 你想要杯咖啡嗎?3) Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me? 你想和我一起喝杯咖啡嗎?Grammar focus通過閱讀上面的幾個句子,你得出什么結論了嗎?下面我們一起來分析這幾句話,總結would like的幾種不同用法:would like sth.表示“想要某物”; would like to do sth.意為“想要做某事”,to的后面要跟動詞原形。 would like相當于would love,在肯定句中常與第一人稱(I, we)連用,表示意愿或委婉地表達請求或提議等。例如:我們想要一些吃的東西。We would like something to eat. 我想做一些有趣的事。I’d like to do something interesting. 2) Would you like sth.?表示征求意見,意為“來點兒……如何?” 其肯定答語常為:Yes, please. 否定答語常為:No, thanks / thank you. 例如:A:你想吃個蘋果嗎? Would you like an apple? B:不用了,謝謝。 No, thank you. 3) Would you like to do sth.? 表示邀請或建議。其肯定答語常為:Yes, I’d like / love to. 否定答語常為:I’d like / love to, but... 例如:A:星期天和我一起去購物好嗎?Would you like to go shopping w。省略部分。____ as soon as possible or continue studying.start workDreams ofTeenagersMorerealisticTo (2)____________ at the 2008 Olympics. To go to the (3) _____ one day.LessrealisticTo (4) ______________, perhaps famous sportspeople or singers.To go on (5)_____________.ImpossibleTo be able to (6)___.be volunteersmoonbecome famousexciting tripsflyConclusionMost students hope to have a good education and find (7)_________ .Most students dream of very different things: good things, and even (8)_____ things.crazya good job 1. Here are some of the findings of a survey about hopes and dreams, in which thousands of students across China took part . 這里有一些全中國參與這項活動的數千萬名學生的愿望和夢想的調查結果。講解 (1) in which …為非限定性定語從句。 in 與從句中的took part 構成短語 “參加”, in 不能省略。 這是一所老房子, 我的祖父母在這里已住了將近30年了。 This is an old house, in which my grandparents lived for nearly 30 years. (2) thousands of 表模糊的數字,后接可數 名詞復數,此類用法還有hundreds of, millions of, billions of 等。 如: Thousands of years have passed. 2. It seems some students would like to start work as soon as possible, so that they can help provide better lives for their parents. 一些學生好象想盡快的參加工作, 以便他們能幫助父母過上更好的生活。 (1) seem “似乎”,與形式主語連用時,后接that從句,that可以省略。 他好象病了。 It seems that he is ill. 其后可以接形容詞做表語。 他今天似乎很高興。 He seems happy today. 其后也可以接動詞不定式。 他似乎很生氣。 He seems to be very angry. (2) so that以便,為了 引導目的狀語從句,從句中常用will, would, can, could, may, might, be able to, want等詞。 He worked hard so that everything would be ready in time. 他努力工作,為的是及時做好各項準備?!?3. Many students said they would like to be volunteers at the 2008 Olympics, maybe working as translators or tour guides. 許多學生說他們想要做2008年奧運會的自愿者, 也許做翻譯或導游工作。 maybe也許, 可能, 通常放在句首, 也可以放在句尾, 和單詞“may”的漢語意思相同, 但是用法不同。May是情態動詞, 后接動詞原形be, 意為“也許是, 可能是”。 e. g. Maybe he is in the office.= He may be in the office. 4. And quite a few said they dream of going to the moon one day. 有相當多的人說他們夢想著有一天能到月球上去。 quite a few “相當多的”后接可數名詞復數?!?Frank has quite a few friends there. 5. It is very important to dream, so hold on to your dreams; one day they may just come true. 有夢想是非常重要的, 因此要堅持你的夢想; 有一天他們就有可能會變成現實。 hold on 此處為“堅定”的意思。 How long can they hold on? You must hold on to your ideas.用所給詞的適當形式填空。1.I can't find my shoes _________ (somewhere).2.He likes __________ (travel) by train.3.Why_________ (not come) here earlier?4.I've just finished _________(copy) the new words.copyinganywhere travelingnot come5.Beijingers are true _______(friend) to the world.6.I spent two hours _________ (mend) the bike.7.This is an __________trip. We are all _______ (excite) about it.8._________(collect) stamps is very interesting.Collectingfriendly mending excitingexcited9._________(travel) by train is the best way to travel.10.Shanghai is one of biggest _______ (city) in the world.citiesTravelingBye~~~~
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