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?工廠審核(驗廠)注意事項驗廠準備注意事項. O0 B% V& h0 v: s# ^" g( f9 a; e2 f$ j0 TⅠ. Wage & Time工資工時1. Acceptable timing records可接受的考勤記錄:①.   IC swipe card timing records IC卡刷卡考勤記錄。. x0 q1 R, r( F' P. a/ D) m( E3 ?" `3 s6 M& c  W+ L; A②.   Paper card timing records with signatures from employees monthly.3 A8 J7 ~4 i: M% \5 }% _( S% K* A/ U# S5 P7 Q, {, ?8 C; Y6 D4 o, E- f打卡鐘打卡考勤記錄,但需要員工每月在工卡上簽名確認。* T! j/ V5 r8 V4 d2 t+ t6 n0 w5 C# `  Z" M0 R③. Manual timing records with accurate starting and ending time (including overtime recording), and signed by employees daily.:W0 ^; S9 R2 H/ P+ M手工考勤記錄,但需要準確記錄員工的上下班(包括加班)的時間,并由員工每天簽名確認。2. Notice in timecard preparing準備工卡時注意:①. There should be no 7 consecutive working day records不能有連續7天上班記錄。③.   Total work days, total overtime hours and total overtime hours on rest days should be clearly stated in the timecard for easy checking把上班的總天數,平時加班的總時數,休息日加班的總時數清楚寫在工卡上,方便算工資和檢查。③. The total overtime hours should not exceed 36 hours per month if the factory has no Overtime Waiver from local labor bureau; On condition that the factory has got the document from the labor bureau, the overtime hours can reach as much as 72 hours per month (Regular 8 hours plus 2 hours of overtime from Monday to Friday, 8 hours for Saturday and rest on Sunday).若沒有向勞動局申請延長加班的批文,則加班時間每月不能超過36小時,若申請加班批文后,每月加班時間可以達到72小時(周一至周五,每天正常上班8小時,加班2小時,周六加班8小時,周日休息).1④.   There should be no united timing records on timecards, i.e., unvaried starting time and ending time for several consecutive days for the several employees.不能有統一的打卡記錄,即不能有某些員工有連續幾天的上下班時間都是一樣的。3. Payroll工資表  A- d' ^, E1 NIt is suggested that the payroll is calculated on the basis of timerate which is easier to be carried out, while piece-rate pay is troublesome, especially the overtime pay of piece-rate.工資表最好是以計時工資為基礎來做,避免以計件工資來算,因為計時工資簡單容易做,而計件工資則復雜麻煩,特別是加班工資不好算。* j0 ^, i7 n" N3 j) F/ n①.   The payroll form can be designed in accordance with practical situations, but overtime compensation should be separated from regular working time pay.& L9 X7 N. s5 h) s$ l3 }  K) I工資表按工廠實際情況設計表格,但一定要把正常上班工資與加班工資分列出來。, V: W0 s" N9 U- w6 `②.   Close attention should be paid to deductions in payroll, if any. For example: each worker will be deducted RMB 100 per month as housing charge. Now supposed 8 workers share a room, then the factory will charge every room RMB 800 per month. If the local rent of room at the same level is more than RMB 800/month, then the deduction in this factory is reasonable; if the local rent of room at the same level is less than RMB 800/month, then the deduction is unreasonable, and the factory has to reduce the deduction until acceptable.9 r+ U+ D0 \/ ~9 g! c5 k8 ^5 F' t% y  s. t% B0 l工資表內若涉及扣款,則要注意所扣款數是否合理,例如:扣員工住宿費每人每月100元,每個房間8人,則工廠每月每個房間就收員工800元的房租.若同一等級的房間在當地的租金高于800元/月,則工廠的扣款是合理的;若同一等級的房間在當地的租金低于800元,則工廠的扣款就不合理,那么工廠就要減少扣款數至合理。- ]& E7 S8 h3 K' W6 R) L8 |7 g, S, r6 M" E③.   There should be signatures on the payroll from workers.工資表上要有員工本。省略部分。ike burn, scald or injures caused by machines;6 j( I# ^1 h: S$ [7 Q0 w" n% p0 E6 f* N' q! S, {B. Under working conditions of strong radiant or low temperature;C. Under noxious, pungent, infective, and/or dusty working conditions; 8 B! I/ n' D: g: r% H- LD.  Under corrosive, damp and/or dirty working conditions4 E9 P( T+ m9 f  z) U1 i! ?在下列情況的一種,工廠應供給工人工作服或圍裙,并根據需要分別供給工作帽,口罩,手套,護腿和鞋蓋等防護用品。A.有灼傷,燙傷或者容易發生機械外傷等危險的操作。B.在強烈輻射熱或者低溫條件下等操作。C.散發毒性,刺激性,感染性物質或大量粉塵的操作。: k5 ~- @) o( ]( Q/ mD.經常使衣服腐蝕,潮濕或者特別骯臟的操作。⑤.   Cotton masks, protective glasses and gas mask should be provided for laborers working in conditions of health-harming gas, steam or dust./ B$ Y( G, Y2 U1 _! P8 F# j在有危害健康的氣體,蒸汽或者粉塵的場所操作的工人,工廠應分別供給口罩,防護眼鏡和防毒面具。) ⑥.   Waterproof shoes must be offered to workers standing long on floors with water or other liquids.; {* o0 c% d  ?; I/ }9 t1 s3 D經常站在有水或者其他液體的地面上操作的工人,工廠應供給防水鞋或防水靴等。6. Broken Needle Records斷針記錄  ) m" J: M: V& s  L- \% I5 Z6 g* C/ U①.   Broken needles should be recorded in complete set. Miss of any part of broken needles will be considered a violation of social compliance in audit.有使用針的工廠應保留斷針記錄,要注意把整根斷針都保留并作記錄,缺少任何一部分都不行。②.   Records of broken needles should be updated every day!應該每天記錄斷針情況。7 `* E6 v2 `: s, S! _1 ~7. Labels & Marks on Electric Switches電器開關的標識①.   Every individual switch must be clearly labeled indicating its functions.電器開關應標識清楚是控制什么電器的。②.   Words of “有電危險” must be marked visible on electricity distribution box.配電箱應有明顯的警告標志“有電危險”。/ \- S2 ]+ e& [. |& p! {2 f# U0 x$ A7 N4 M$ `) a7 K! |8. First Aid Kit急救藥箱,①.   At least one first aid kit per independent workshop or 100 workers. All kits must be kept unlocked and accessible.每一個獨立的工作間或每100名工人至少設一個急救箱。急救箱不能上鎖,并容易找到。* `( [' Z! g& B8 n+ {- ^4 c: g5 ^" R# N: Y5 T②.   Following leechdoms must be provided: alcohol and drugs with circles in the attached list.,急救箱應常備以下藥品:酒精和清單內打圈的藥品7 G  x8 U( |7 p5 y③.   No oral medicines should be found in the first aid kit. $ l% _! B  x7 [8 ^; I6 ]注意急救箱內不能有口服藥品。④.   There should be a drug list and drug-using records in the first aid kit.急救箱應有一份藥品清單和用藥記錄。⑤.   There are also first aid kits! 宿舍也要設急救箱。9. Toilets衛生間2 k7 b* \) _' I+ o: y  t: Y4 H' L①.   Toilet tissues, soap or hand wash should be provided.工廠應供應衛生紙,肥皂或洗手液。' n# Q0 h2 I) F# A/ j* D②.   Sufficient private room in the toilets (such as individual doors or separated walls)衛生間應有足夠的私人空間(如設有間隔墻和門)。③.   Toilets should be separated by genders.衛生間應分男女廁。(有圖案或者當地文字表示)10. Usage & Storage of Chemicals化學品的存放與使用' v5 \. D0 X( w# K( i! K9 X6 ]①.    All chemicals used and stored should be labeled.6 a+ Q) J$ @- @, ]2 R6 k$ |: Y2 F. ?0 z0 d使用中或存放的化學品都應貼有標簽。②.    Second containers should be provided for chemicals used or stored.'3 X: z6 e0 d8 N使用中或存放的液體化學品都應設有第二容器。! M( _) I( Q, q/ F# o③.    Corresponding MSDS should be posted on walls where chemicals are used or stored. 5 L) r+ m0 E. U3 V! [使用或存放化學品的地點都應張貼相應化學品中文的物料安全數據表(即MSDS)并上鎖.
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