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Reading ComprehensionShirley OverviewIntroductionVocabularyReading skillsConclusion              Introduction大綱要求 領會式掌握4500詞 復用式掌握2500詞 常用詞組 IntroductionWhole Paper StructureReading Part consists: 1/3 time 35%Fast reading 15 minutesRead in depth 10minutesCareful reading 15 minutes Introduction As to vocabulary靈活運用能力 Quiz VocabularyHow to memorize words/phrases Fall asleep Half-hearted For instanceSmall TalkSentence interpretationLong sentence analysis Structure考點分析 1. 動詞非謂語形式 John regretted ____ to the meeting last week. A. not going B. not to go C. not having been going D. no to be going Structure 考點分析 2. 虛擬語氣 It was essential that the application forms ____ back before the deadline. A. must be sent B. would be sent C. be sent D.were sent Structure考點分析 3.  倒裝句、強調句 So little ____ about mathematics that the lecture was completely beyond me. A. I know B. I knew C. do I know D. did I know Structure 4.固定句型,名詞從句,定語從句,獨立主格結構等。I’d rather have a room of my own, however small it is,than __ a room with someone else. A. to share B. to have sharedC. Share D. sharing StructureStrategies 1. 先看選擇項,后看題句 It is of the utmost importance that you ____ here on time. A. be B. shall be C. are to be D. must be StructureStrategies 2. 用排除法選答案 Because the first pair of pants did not fit properly, he asked for ____. A. another pants B. others pants C. the others ones D. another pair strategies 3. 結構判斷法____, he does get annoyed with her sometimes.A. Although much he likes herB. Much although he likes herC. As he likes her muchD. Much as he likes herstrategies 4. 逆向思維法The owner and editor of the newspaper ____ the conference.A. were attendingB. were to attendC. is to attendD. are to attend 重點語法歸納 時態、語態虛擬語氣: 條件式和命令式非謂語動詞: 不定式、動名詞和分詞 各類從句 倒裝、一致關系 虛擬語氣if 引導的虛擬條件句的用法如下: 時間 if條件句的謂語形式 主句的謂語形式現在 過去時 would (could, might) + 動詞原形)過去 過去完成時 would(could, might) +現在完成式將來 were to +動詞原形 would (could, might) (should) +動詞原形 虛擬語氣命令式虛擬語氣可歸納如下 1)wish 后賓語從句的虛擬語氣 William wishes now that he ____ English instead of French when he was in high school.A. have studied C. had studiedB. studies D. studied答案是C。 命令式虛擬語氣2)在 if only 感嘆句中If only I ____ what you wanted!A. knew C. had knownB. know D. have known答案是C。 命令式虛擬語氣3)在 would rather (sooner) 后的 that 從句中I’d rather you ____ those important documents with you.A. don’t take C. won’t take B. didn’t take D. not take 答案是B。 命令式虛擬語氣4)在as if / as though 從句中 She acts as if she ____ the only person affected by the ruling. A. is C. would be B. were D. will be 答案是B。 命令式虛擬語氣5)在 It’s (high, about) time 后的 that 從句中,謂語動詞一般用過。省略部分。 Vocabulary考點分析 詞類相同詞義不同的詞或詞組。 多義詞、同義詞、近義詞、近形詞。 短語動詞,即動詞+小品詞。 固定搭配,包括名詞+介詞、名詞+形容詞、動詞+名詞等。 1.詞類相同詞義不同 The ____ of blood always makes him feel sick. A. form B. view C. Look D sight 2. 近義詞Although they plant trees in this area every year, the tops of some hills are still ___. A. blank B. hollow C. vacant D bare 3.同根詞 The football game comes to you __ from New York. A. lively B. alive C live D. living 4.近形異義詞We must __ our forests and woodlands for future generations. A. reverse B. reserve C conserve D. convert 5.固定搭配In recent years much more emphasis has been put __ developing the students’ productive skills. A. onto B. in C. over D on Vocabulary應試技巧 1. 根據詞的固定搭配選擇答案(記住介、副詞的本意是關鍵) He is indifferent ____ hardships and dangers. A. of B. in C to D. at Vocabulary get 使 get sth.across get into get through get over get along get away get sb. down get down to Vocabulary應試技巧2.通過區別同義或近義詞。(本質區別最重要) In the theatre the actors are very ____ to the reaction of the audience. A. sensible B sensitive C. emotional D. positive Vocabulary應試技巧3.根據上下文的邏輯含義以及主從句之間的關系選擇答案 The night was so ____ that not a sound could be heard. A quiet B. dark C. beautiful D. dangerous Vocabulary應試技巧 4.根據常識選擇答案 Mark Twain was not the author’s real name; it was a ____. A. nickname B pseudonym C. Surname D. sign Vocabularye.g. A dark suit is __ to a light one for evening wear. A. favorable B. suitable C preferable D. proper Vocabulary應試技巧 5.采用排除法選擇答案 When he found that his car was stolen, he was mad with ____. A. delight B wrath C.indifference D. hope 如何記憶詞匯借助上下文 借助上下文 1)根據生詞前后出現的其他詞語的意思或整個句子的意思猜測詞義。 He is successful as a businessman because of his dynamic personality. He seems to have unlimited energy. 借助上下文2)利用信號詞 is, is called, means, that is, i.e., or, defined as, refer to 等對某一詞匯的定義、解釋或說明猜測詞義。如: The word biotechnology refers to a combination of biology and technology. 3)利用信號詞 in contrast, on the other hand, rather than, however, yet, although, while, unlike, but, whereas, as opposed to 等判斷反義詞的意思。如: My sister Marie is an optimist, while her boyfriend is one who is always gloomy and expects the worst to happen.4)根據舉例猜測詞義。 Condiments) e.g. pepper, salt, and mustard(芥菜), make food taste better.5)根據標點符號猜測詞義。 The principal ? money he put in his savings account to earn interest ? was safe even though the bank was closed by the police.6)根據定語從句猜測詞義。 The type of meter is called multimeter, which is used to measure electricity. 7)根據同位語猜測詞義。 The invention of snorkel, a long air tube that reaches up to the surface, has made it possible for submarine to use their diesel engine even when they are submerged.8)根據上下文的邏輯關系猜測詞義。 You should cut out this paragraph in order to make the essay succinct.9)根據常識猜測詞義。 Fish breathe with gill. Conclusion accumulation Conclusion Good Luck
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