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全國外語翻譯證書考試 英語四級口譯授課人:朱玉清2009年5月10日口譯演練Warming -up exercisesPart ⅠA:請問,學生參與國際交流會得到哪些好處? What will benefit the students who go on international exchange?B: Students on an exchange in another country gain exposure to world systems and learn how to perform on the international scene. 通過交流到別的國家去, 學生就有機會接觸世界上各種不同的制度,學會如何在國際舞臺上扮演角色。You meet people from other countries, participate in clubs, activities, and be exposed to a vast number of cultures, which will improve interpersonal skills and your confidence to deal with a variety of different people. 他們有機會認識來自不同國家的人, 參與各種俱樂部和其他活動, 接觸許多不同的文化等。這些有助于學生改善于他人的交際技巧,增強他們與各色人物打交道的信心。(同一動詞,不同譯法,符合中文表達習慣)The exchange is an excellent opportunity to improve on language and budgeting skills, while learning to adapt to different environments and situations. 這種國際交流一方面能使學生適應不同的環境, 另一方面也是他們提高語言水平和學會安排個人生活預算的好機會。(增詞補全譯文) You may also wish to use the formal exchange to serve as the starting point for travel to different parts of the world. 學生可以利用這種正式的交流機會開始周游世界。A: 什么樣的學生應該申請這個項目?Who should apply for this Exchange Program?B: Student who have completed at least two years in Science are eligible to apply for admission to the Exchange Program. 學生必須在理科方面修完至少兩年的學業才有資格申請這個交流項目。The majority of students who participate in exchanges have a keen interest in other countries and cultures, enjoy a change of routine and are able to adapt easily to different circumstances. 多數參與交流的學生都對異國及其文化產生濃厚興趣,樂于改變習以為常的生活習慣,很容易就適應不同的環境。(名詞變動詞的應用) To be acceptable for an exchange you must have at least “B” overall average and be proficient in the language of instruction at the host country. 為了能夠被選入這個交流項目,學生的總平均分至少為“B” ,并且熟練掌握主辦大學的授課語言。(形容詞變動詞的應用)A: 參加這樣的交流項目,每個學生須交多少錢?How much should one student pay for the Exchange Program?B: Tuition fees are paid to the University of Waterlo prior to departure. There is no extra tuition charged for participating in an Exchange Program. 離境(出發)前必須把學費交給滑鐵盧大學。參加本交流項目不需要繳納額外的學費。 While studying abroad , the student is responsible for any extra studying costs, travel expenses, passports or visa arrangement , accommodations, food and all other living expenses. 在國外學習,學生必須自付額外的學習費用、旅游費用、辦理護照或簽證的費用、住宿費、膳食費以及其他生活費用。(適當增詞補充) 口譯技巧之譯統 天 下 翻譯技巧之化有形為無形   技巧是有形的,必須熟練并運用到翻譯實踐中去。在口譯實戰中,時間壓力讓我們無法考慮運用何種技巧。只有盡快、盡可能完整地獲取來源語的主要信息,盡快地按目標語的習慣搭配進行組句,力求語速平穩、意群完整地進行表達,才能在口譯場和考場上生存?!  ∩娌⒖鞓分?。優秀口譯員的境界理解=表達口譯技巧和對策提升記憶,把握意群 攻克英語句子記憶障礙是口譯入門的第一關。 意群"記憶法可以迅速提升我們對英語長句的把握。具體練習的方法是:選擇字數在40-50左右的句子,聽兩遍,然后根據意群,記憶并復述整個句子。提高英語的聽力,還可以迅速提升對英語句子的記憶能力。 1. Mr. Green has always been very critical of his daughter's writings, but somehow he gave some favorable comments on this poorly written poem of hers.   這個句子一共有25個單詞,但是意群卻只有兩個:Mr. Green has always been very critical of his daughter's writings--格林先生對他女兒的寫作非常挑剔;but somehow he gave some favorable comments on this poorly written poem of hers但不知怎的,對她的這首寫得頗為遜色的詩歌卻給予了肯定。 。省略部分。o-operation, which was signed earlier this week, will be instrumental in increasing that knowledge. 我相信, 我們在本周頭幾天里簽訂的合作項目將能(有助于)大大增加我們在這方面的知識。 It is a renewed commitment to the cultural dialogue between our two countries, and it is a framework to be filled with substance. 這個合作項目是我們兩國之間文化對話的新任務, 它是一個需要以實際行動來完成的框架。 It is important that Chinese-Norwegian relations are not shaped only by governments, but also by cultural institutions and organizations, universities, private groups and individuals. 需要強調的是,鑄造中挪關系的不僅僅是兩國的政府,還包括兩國的文化機構與組織、大學、私立團體和個人。 Finally, I would like to propose a toast to a bright future for China– and for the friendship and cultural co-operation between China and Norway. 最后,讓我們為中國的美好前程干杯,為中挪的友誼與文化合作干杯。Part Ⅲ漢 譯 英段 落 一首先,我代表中國政府和人民,對布什總統來華訪問表示熱烈歡迎。這是我與布什總統的第二次會晤。四個月前,我們在上海亞太經合組織會議期間進行了成功的會晤。在今天的會談中,我與布什總統回顧了中美關系30年來的歷程,深入討論了雙邊關系和當前國際形勢,達成了許多重要共識,取得了多方面的積極成果。我希望并相信,這次會晤對中美關系的改善與發展將產生積極的影響。首先,我代表中國政府和人民,對布什總統來華訪問表示熱烈歡迎。 First of all, on behalf of the Chinese government and the Chinese people, I would like to express my warm welcome to President Bush’s visit to China. 這是我與布什總統的第二次會晤。四個月前,我們在上海亞太經合組織會議期間進行了成功的會晤。This is my second meeting with President Bush. Four months ago, we had a successful meeting during the APEC meetings in Shanghai.在今天的會談中,我與布什總統回顧了中美關系30年來的歷程,深入討論了雙邊關系和當前國際形勢,達成了許多重要共識,取得了多方面的積極成果。In our talks today, President Bush and I reviewed 30 years of Sino-US relations and had in-depth discussions on bilateral relations and the current international situation. We have reached consensus on many important issues and achieved positive results in many areas.我希望并相信,這次會晤對中美關系的改善與發展將產生積極的影響。I wish and believe that my meeting with President Bush will have a positive impact on the improvement and development of Sino-US relations.段 落 二防止大規模殺傷性武器擴散,維護朝鮮半島、南亞、中東等地區的和平與穩定,保護環境等,是世界各國人民普遍關心的重大問題。中美雙方應在這些方面加強磋商與合作,這符合中美兩國的共同利益。我們愿意繼續與美方保持溝通,加強合作,共同致力于公正合理地解決這些問題,促進世界的和平與穩定。防止大規模殺傷性武器擴散,維護朝鮮半島、南亞、中東等地區的和平與穩定,保護環境等,是世界各國人民普遍關心的重大問題。To prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, maintain peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, South Asia and Middle East and protect the world’s environment , these are major issues of concern to the people the world over.中美雙方應在這些方面加強磋商與合作,這符合中美兩國的共同利益。China and the US ought to step up consultation and cooperation in these fields, for this serves (meets, is inconsistent with, is in) the common interests of the two countries.我們愿意繼續與美方保持溝通,加強合作,共同致力于公正合理地解決這些問題,促進世界的和平與穩定。We stand ready to keep in touch with the US, cooperate more closely with each other in search for a fair and reasonable solution to these problems, and promote peace and stability in the world.We are willing to keep communicating with the US side, strengthen cooperation and work together to solve these problems in a fair and reasonable manner, so as to promote global peace and stability.Good luck to everyone in the examination ! Wish to be passed smoothly !THANK YOU !
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