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?全國2011年4月高等教育自學考試英語(二)(00795)試題I. GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARYComplete each of the following 15 sentences with the most likely answer. Write the letter corresponding to your choice on the answer sheet. (1 point each, 15 points in all) 1. The idea of traveling through _________ space to other planets interests many people today. A. a B. the C. / D. one 2. I'd get the book for you _________ I could remember who last borrowed it. A. only if B. if only C. except that D. in case that 3. We had to get him to the hospital right away. Otherwise, it _________ too late. A. is B. will be C. was D. would be4. I think your sister should know _________ to spend her money on fancy goods. A. other than B. rather than C. better than D. more than5. If negotiations for the new trade agreement take _________ , serious food shortage will develop in several countries. A. too much longer B. the longestC. much too long D. the longer6. He was a man of ready advice. He _________ advise anyone on anything on the spur of the moment. A. should B. couldC. must D. might7. I didn't go to his party last night, because _________ I changed my mind.A. on a second thought B. on the second thoughtC. on second thoughts D. on the second thoughts8. _________ we do, it must conform to the interests of the people.A. Whatever B. WhicheverC. Whenever D. Wherever9. We must make young smokers realize the harm of cigarettes to their health and help them _________ smoking.A. rid B. leaveC. quit D. cancel10. You can do what you like, but I do not want you to be_________.A. on the way B. along the wayC. by the way D. in the way11. It is hard to act according to the _________ which you don't believe in.A. principles B. judgementsC. procedures D. attitudes12. John was _________ leaking information to a foreign company.A. suspected of B. suspicious ofC. doubted about D. doubtful about13. The _________ physicist has been challenged by his colleagues.A. respecting B. respectfulC. respective D. respected14. Newly woven baskets of this kind often _________ a strange smell.A. give away B. give overC. give off D. give up15. I'm rather confused; would you please _________ your proposal to me again?A. expose B. expandC. explain D. exploreII. CLOZEFill in each of the 15 blanks in the passage with the most likely answer. Write the letter corresponding to your choice on the answer sheet. (1 point each, 15 points in all)Most living things undergo two types of biological change during their lifetime. One is 16 , an increase in the size or efficiency of an organism. The other is aging, which involves a decrease in size or efficiency.Signs of aging begin to 17 in most people between the age of 30 and40. Heredity determines most of the ways a person changes while aging, but environment also 18 . Graying hair is probably the most common sign of a。省略部分。es and gentlemen," I began, "when the hero finds himself facing danger, the first thing he discovers ..."46. When he was told that he was to go down into the water, the writer had to sit down probably because ________ .A. he could not control his shaking legsB. he wanted to have a better look at the waterC. he wanted to get ready for the underwater adventureD. he could not help asking Doctor Bonbon some questions47. What happened under the water?A. He shot at a shark. B. He shot at the boat.C. He was attacked by a shark. D. His gun was torn away by a shark.48. In the sentence "But I didn't let his mocking stare disturb me." the word "mocking" could be replaced by ________ .A. amusing B. sneeringC. concerning D. encouraging49. The afternoon speech probably opened in this way, "When the hero finds himself facing danger, the first thing he discovers ________ ."A. is his true selfB. is the life valueC. is his wrong concept of heroismD. is the challenge from other people50. The story was told in the tone of ________ .A. seriousness B. admirationC. humour D. criticismV. WORD DERIVATIONComplete each of the following sentences with a (compound) word derived from the one(s) given in brackets. Write your word on the answer sheet. (1 point each, 10 points in all)51. The young speaker smiled to the audience ________ as he walked into the lecture hall. (humble)52. When I replied that I did not have any aptitude for salesmanship, she turned her eyes away from me, greatly ________ . (disappoint)53. After they had worked a few miracles, their imagination increased, and their ambition ________ . (large)54. My mother believed that I was blessed with a rare ________ to make something of myself. (determine)55. Alex was almost ________ with anger and despair when our team lost the game. (speech)56. The local government gained ________ control of the area after the UN peace-keeping forces left. (effect)57. What caused the ________ of the first world war? (break, out)58. Some newspapers often fail to respect pop icons' right to ________ . (private)59. The homeless child was once treated as a ________ by the owner of a restaurant in the town. (beg)60. The airport control tower kept postponing the ________ of our plane, which annoyed us greatly. (depart)VI. SENTENCE TRANSLATIONTranslate the following sentences into English and write your sentenceson the answer sheet. (3 points each, 15 points in all)6 1.我的計算機肯定有問題了,今天我得請人把它修好。62.現今,看來人們普遍希望消除貧困。63.我猜想你們倆從沒有見過面,是吧?64.他們成功地將這個探險故事賣給了一家日報。65.把中國建設成為強大的社會主義國家是歷史賦予中國青年的使命。VII. WRITINGWrite a composition on the answer sheet in about 150 words, basingyourself on one of the texts you have learned. (15 points)TOPIC: Retell the story "The Model Millionaire". Use the followingquestions as an outline.l Who was Hughie Erskine?l What act of kindness did he perform one day?l What did this result in?l What is your comment? (one sentence)
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