?高中英語同義詞大全 (1)able 能干的,有能力的capableabandon 放棄give upgive awayquitresignsurrenderadapt to 適應fit inadmit 承認acknowledgeabolish 廢除do away withcast asideaboutas for 與 … 有關concerningin relation towith reference toin respect ofaccidentally 偶然,無意中occasionallyby chanceby accidentaccording to 根據based on basingdepending on in terms ofon the advice ofadmire 崇拜,欽佩adorelook up toadvantage 優點strengthplusexcellencedisadvantage 缺點shortcomingweaknessdrawbackadvice 建議suggestiontipproposaladvise 建議suggestproposerecommendadvise 說服persuadeconvinceaffect 影響effectinfluencehave an effect onimpactagainst / anti 反對,不同意disagree withdisapprove ofobject tobe opposed toopposeagree with 同意agree to do sthagree on doing sthapprove of for in favor ofsubscribe toallow 允許permitgive sb permissionshallahead of time 提前ahead of schedulein advancebeforehand bring forwardannounce 宣布declareall 所有的,全部的totalentireoverallevery bit ofof allaltogether 總共in all in totalanyway 不管怎樣anyhowin any casein any eventregardlessappear 出現turn upshow uparisearea 地區zoneregiondistrictneighborhood高中英語同義詞大全(2)arrive 到達arrive inarrive atreach get toas soon as 一…就…the moment immediately on (doing sth)hardly … when no sooner … thanas long as 只要so long asif onlyautumn 秋天fallcan do sth 能做某事be able to do sthbe capable of doing sthbe enough to do sthbe eager to 渴望long tolong fordesire to doban 禁止forbidprohibitmustn’tbecause 因為as since for in that now that thatbecause of 因為as a result ofdue toowing towhat withbecome 成為makepromisechange intotransform intobegin work 開始做某事begin to workbegin workingget down to workset about to doing sthbefore 在。。。的前面in front ofahead ofbelieve 相信be surebe certainbe confidentbe convincedbelieve in 信任trusthave faith inhave trust inhave belief inhave confidence inrely onbesides 此外,另外alsofurthermorewhat’s morein additionmoreoverblame 責備scolddispraiseboring 無聊dulluninterestingbusinessman 商人dealermerchanttraderbut 但是,然而however 句首, 句中yetthough 句尾, 句中neverthelessbut for 要不是if it were not forbuy 買purchaseby no means 絕不,從不on no conditionat no timenevercancel 取消call offdeclare offtake care 當心 be carefullook outcatch 抓住hold take 。省略部分。 adore look up tohave respect forshow respect toresult 結果outcomeconsequencerepresent 代表stand for be representative of be typical ofon behalf ofreview 復習revisego oversatisfyingfulfillingdesirablesee 看見catch sight ofin sightseek 尋找look for ask forsearch forhunt for高中英語同義詞大全(10)set up 建立,成立 formfoundestablishshould do 應該ought to dobe supposed to dobe to doshould have done 本該ought to have donebe supposed to have donebe toshout 喊叫cryyellcallexclaimshow off 炫耀have a parade ofshut down 關閉close downso 因此therefore thus hence accordingly as a resultas a consequenceconsequentlysolve 解決settlesometimes 有時 at times once in a whileoccasionallyfrom time to timesoon 不久shortly before longafter a whileso far 迄今為止to this day up to now by now till nowsorrow 悲傷sadnessunhappinessspend time in doing sthtake time to do sthdevote time to doing sthconsume time in doing sthcost sb in sthsucceed 成功make itbe successfulsuddenly 突然all of a sudden abruptlysuggestion 建議advicetipproposalsuggest 建議adviceproposerecommendbe surebe confidentbelievebe convincedsurprised 感到驚訝astonishedamazedflooredshockedsurprising 令人驚訝astonishingamazingshockingsurprise 驚訝astonishmentamazementshockin surprise 驚訝地in amazementin astonishmentwith wondersucceed in doing sthbe successful in doing sthdo sth successfullydo sth with a successtalk 談話chatconversationcommunicationtease 取笑,捉弄laugh atmake fun ofplay a trick onthank 感謝appreciatebe grateful tobe thankful to高中英語同義詞大全(11)that is to say 換句話說that isnamelyin other wordsthereafter 其后,在那以后after thatafter whichlater onthing 東西,物質objectmattersubstance though 雖然,盡管although while as in spite of the fact that despite the fact thaton time 準時to the momenttooeitheralsoas welltraditional 傳統的conventionalusemake use ofmake the most ofuse sth to do sthuse sth for sth / doing ethrun out ofuse upvarious 各種各樣的all kinds ofall sorts ofa variety ofvarieties ofvisible 看得見visualin sightcan be seenwant 想要would like would lovefeel like intendway 方法means method approachall the way 一路上along the waywear 穿著be dressed ininhave … onwhenever 無論何時no matter whenevery timeeach timein a word 簡言之in shortall in allin generalbe worth doing 值得被做be worthy of being donebe worthy to be donedeserve to be done11
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