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?單元能力小測Ⅰ.單詞拼寫1.Everybody was informed that his wedding ______ (典禮) would be held in the beautiful park next Sunday.2.His rude behaviour is ________(難以忍受的) to his classmates, so he makes few friends in his class.3.Having experienced the terrible earthquake on May 12th,2008, the young boy made a ________(堅定的) decision that he would be a soldier in the future.4.The difficulty is ________(臨時的) so we should be optimistic.5.The burning plastic gave off ________(有毒的) gas, which is harmful to our health.6.She is suffering from a lung ________(感染).7.She showed the ________(癥狀)of a heavy cold.8.The cut on my arm ________(流血) a lot when I was hurt yesterday.9.As soon as he came back to life from the accident, he called an ________(救護車).10.His illness put ________(壓力) on his poor family.答案1.ceremony 2.unbearable 3.firm 4.temporary5.poisonous 6.infection 7.symptom 8.bled9.ambulance 10.pressureⅡ.用所給詞的適當形式填空或在空白處填入語法形式適當的詞。1.He held his wife ________ (tight) before boarding the plane.2.The car got ________(stick) in the mud and couldn't move.3.The sun's ________(harm) rays do harm to your skin.4.He acted ________ our guide when we touring the town.5.I saw her ________(lie) on the ground.6.It was his quick action ________ saved the woman.7.There is some doubt ________ he can recover from his injury.8.Watch out ________ the poisonous animals while walking through the forest.9.He felt as if he was cut ________ from the outside world, trapped on the lonely island.10.He ________ (wet) the quilt and placed it over his head in the fire.答案1.tightly 2.stuck 3.harmful 4.as 5.lying6.that 7.whether 8.for 9.off 10.wettedⅢ.完形填空It is a true story behind a well-known piece of art.In a village near Nuremberg lived a family with eighteen children. Merely to keep food on the table, the father worked eighteen hours a day. Despite their __1__ condition, two of the children had a dream to seek their talent for __2__ but they knew well their father would never be able to send __3__ of them to Nuremberg to study at the Academy.The two boys finally worked out an agreement. They would toss (扔) a coin. The __4__ would work in the nearby mines to support his brother. Albrecht __5__ the toss and went off to Nuremberg. Albert went into the dangerous mines and, for the next four years, financed his brother, __6__ work at the academy was almost a(n) __7__ success. Albrecht's woodcut and oils were much __8__ than those of his professors and he soon was earning considerable fees __9__ his works.When the young __10__ returned home, the family held a festive dinner. Albrecht rose to toast to his beloved brother, “Now, Albert, it is your __11__ to seek your dream and I will support you”.All heads turned to the far end of the table, where Albert sat, tears streaming down his pale face, while he __12__ and repeated, “No...no.” Finally, Albert rose and __13__ the tears from his cheeks. He said softly, “I __14__ go to Nuremberg, bro。省略部分。white cat often turn up at Mrs. Newman's home in Luton, when their belongings go missing.The first theft was recorded just a week after he was let out of the house for the first time. His largest prize is a bath towel which he dragged through the streets and his most expensive is a Fred Perry polo short. On one occasion he stole a woman's shoes from a garden in a neighboring road and returned a week later to take the other one. Many of the things have fallen off washing lines as they often have clothes pegs (掛鉤) still attached.Mrs. Newman, an accounts assistant, has built up two large boxes filled with Denis' stolen things which she keeps in case anyone arrives to get them. She said, “We have had him since he was six weeks old. I would say he has taken well over 100 things now, so I have started collecting them up and if people are looking for something, I tell them to knock on my door. I have never tried to stop his behavior. I would much rather he brought objects into the house than dead animals. He normally leaves them outside the front door but some of the time he will bring them up to my bed while I am asleep.”Vicky Halls, a cat behaviorist, said, “There are so many different theories on why cats steal, but I think it's a basic hunting instinct (本能). Cats steal all sorts of things and bring them in and carry items as if they were prey (獵物). It could be the feel of certain items in their mouths that they like, which could be why certain things are taken time and time again.”1.Why do Mrs. Newman's neighbors often go to her house in Luton?A.Because they want to play with Denis.B.Because they are Mrs. Newman's good friends.C.Because they want to make a crime record of Denis.D.Because they want to find their lost belongings.2.What is Mrs. Newman's attitude towards the cat?A.Ashamed. B.Calm.C.Negative. D.Worried.3.What can be learned from the passage?A.The cat burglar is only two years old.B.The cat's stolen goods are mostly foods.C.Mrs. Newman encourages the cat to steal things.D.Vicky Halls has no patience with the cat.4.What is the purpose of writing the passage?A.To call on people to protect animals.B.To accuse Mrs. Newman.C.To introduce a funny cat.D.To promote cat behavior research.答案1.D 細節理解題。由第一段最后一句可知。2.B 推理判斷題。由第三段女主人的談話可知其對此事的態度是比較淡定的。3.A 細節理解題。由第一段倒數第二句可知。其他三個選項均與原文不符。4.C 寫作意圖題。由文章開頭可知,本文只是講述了一個關于貓偷東西的故事。Ⅴ.短文改錯Music and songs play a important part in our daily life. For example, it can bring us pleasure and make us happy. However, they can help us improve our study and working efficiency. I was fond of listening to songs and music very much, but my favorite song is Country Road. The lyrics and music bring me into a beautiful world in that I am loved and cared by Grandma. What's more, they make me think of my wonderful childhood was spent in my hometown and I can still remember the game played with my young fellow. In a word, once enjoying, the song will never be forgotten.答案
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