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高中英語精品教案(人教版):必修三Unit 2 Healthy eating Period 1 Warming up and reading.doc

'高中英語精品教案(人教版):必修三Unit 2 Healthy eating Period 1 Warming up and reading.doc'
?Unit 2 Healthy eating單元要覽類別課程標準要求掌握的項目話題Problems with diet; balanced diet and nutrition詞匯dietn. 日常飲食 vi. 節食rawadj. 生的; 未加工的nutn. 堅果; 果仁vinegarn. 醋beann. 豆; 豆科植物lien. 謊話; 謊言 vi. 說謊pean. 豌豆customern. 顧客; 消費者cucumbern. 黃瓜discountn. 折扣eggplantn. 茄子weaknessn. 缺點; 虛弱; 弱點peppern. 辣椒; 辣椒粉strengthn. 強項; 長處; 力量mushroomn. 蘑菇consultvt. 咨詢; 請教; 商量peachn. 桃子fibren. 纖維; 纖維制品lemonn. 檸檬digestvt. & vi消化 n. 摘要; 概要balancevt. 平衡; 權衡 n. 天平; 平衡carrotn. 胡蘿卜barbecuen. 燒烤; 烤肉debtn. 債; 債務muttonn. 羊肉baconn. 熏咸肉; 臘肉roastadj. 烤制的 vt. 烤; 烘; 烘烤poisonousadj. 有毒的fryvt. & vi. 油煎; 油炸limitvt. 限制; 限定 n. 界限; 限度oughtv. aux. 應當; 應該limitedadj. 有限的glarevi. 怒目而視; 閃耀n. 怒視; 炫目的光benefitn. 利益; 好處 vt. & vi有益于; 有助于; 受益slimvi. 變瘦 adj. 苗條的; 纖細的breastn. 胸部; 乳房curiosityn. 好奇心garlicn. 大蒜hostessn. 女主人; 女主持人sighvi.  嘆息n. 嘆息; 嘆息聲spyvt. & vi窺視; 秘密監視 n. 間諜; 偵探combinevt. & vi. (使)聯合; (使)結合短語balanced diet平衡膳食in debt欠債ought to應該; 應當spy on暗中監視; 偵查lose weight體重減輕; 減肥cut down削減; 刪節get away with被放過; (做壞事)不受懲罰before long不久以后tell a lie說謊put on weight增加體重win. . . back贏回; 重新獲得be amazed at對……感到吃驚earn one’s living謀生compete with與……競爭重要句型1. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. (present participle used as adverbial)2. By now his restaurant ought to be full of people. (ought to)3. Nothing could have been better. (could have done)4. Something terrible must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did. (must have done)5. He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! (can’t/couldn’t have sb. doing)功能1. Suggestions and adviceWhat should we do?  Shall we. . . ?  How about. . . ?You must/mustn’t. . . .  I think you ought to. . . .  Perhaps you should. . . .You’d better. . . .  You need/needn’t. . . .  You have to/don’t have to. . . .My advice is/would be. . . .  You might. . . .  I suggest that you. . . .I would strongly advise you to. . . .  It might be a good idea to. . . .2. Seeing the doctorWhat’s the matter?  What’s wrong with you?What seems to be the trouble?  How long have you been like this?It’s nothing serious, only. . . .  I suppose you had better. . . .I think you ought to. . . .3. Agreement and disagreementI’m not sure that!  You could be right, but. . . .(I’m afraid)I don’t agree.  I agree up to a point, but. . . .That’s an interesting idea, but. . . .  Do you really think. . . ?Rubbish! /Nonsense!  You can’t be serious!Actually/As a matter of fact, I think. . . .  That’s not how I see it.語法Modal verbs: ought to/ought not tohave to/don’t have to/mustn’t/needn’t教學重點1. Get students to know about problems with a diet, a balanced diet and nutrition.2. Have students learn useful new words and expressions in this unit.3. Enable students to grasp and use the expressions o。省略部分。 students 2 minutes, and ask them to skim the passage for the general idea of the passage.2. Give students 5 minutes to read the passage carefully, and answer the following questions.1)What makes a balanced diet?2)What is wrong with the diet of both Wang Peng and Yong Hui?3)Why does it matter if you only eat at Wang Peng’s or Yong Hui’s restaurant?3. Give students 4 minutes to read the passage a third time. Encourage them to try to deal with the language points in the context. Then let them answer the following questions.1)What does the word “frustrated” mean in Paragraph 1?2)How do you understand the sentence “Nothing could have been better”?3)What does the phrase “get away with” mean?4. Listening and reading aloudPlay the tape of the text for students and let them pay attention to the pronunciation of each new word and the pauses within each sentence. Then ask them to read the text aloud to the tape.→Step 5 DiscussionAsk students to work in pairs to discuss and compare the two restaurants. Try to find out the strength and weakness of each to fill in the chart.Wang Peng’s restaurantYong Hui’s restaurantStrengthWeakness→Step 6 ExtensionLet students think about and discuss the following questions.1)What do you think will happen to Wang Peng’s restaurant?2)In your opinion, what kind of food should we eat?3)Can you make a balanced diet for yourself?→Step 7 Closing down by retelling the story1. Have students get prepared in 3 minutes or so and then ask them to retell the story.2. Ask as many students as possible to have a try in front of the class.→Step 8 Homework1. Go over the text and try to learn all the useful words and expressions in this part by heart.2. Finish the exercises in Comprehending on Page 11.板書設計Unit 2 Healthy eatingCome and eat here(1)True or falseKey sentences1. Usually Wang Peng’s restaurant was full of people.2. Yong Hui could make people thin in two weeks by giving them a good diet.3. Wang Peng’s regular customers often become fat.4. Yong Hui’s menu gave customers more energy-giving food.5. Wang Peng’s menu gave customers more protective food.6. Wang Peng decided to compete with Yong Hui by copying her menu.1. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated.2. Nothing could have been better.3. Something terrible must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did.4. He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies!5. Perhaps with a discount and a new sign he could win his customers back.活動與探究As we know from the story, Wang Peng wants to know what’s the matter with his menu and he wonder what he should do to satisfy the demand of the customers who enjoy the taste and also want to keep fit. Suppose you are an expert who knows nutrition very well. Write a research report for Wang Peng to give him some suggestions and advice on diet and make a balanced menu for his restaurant.8
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