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高一英語人教課標必修1 Unit 2 同步練習.doc

'高一英語人教課標必修1 Unit 2 同步練習.doc'
?Unit 2 English Around the WorldExercises for warming up and reading【一清--知識掃描】I.構詞法Word formation1. culture ____________adj2. actual ____________adv.3. east____________adj4. polite____________antonym5. identity____________v.6. use____________n.7. direction____________v. 8. rule____________ n.II.選詞填空Choose the proper words from the box for the blanks, using the right forms.direction block usage rapid native recognize request standard identity1. Noticing there might be danger ahead, she gathered the children around her _______.2. He has lost his _______ card and is being questioned by the police.3. The police have _______ the road as a result of an accident.4. Everyone _______ him to be the lawful heir.5. The gunshot sent hte birds flying in all _______.6. Visitors are _______ not to pick the flowers.7. Columbus thought the _______ of America were Indians.8. The kilogram is the international _______ of weight.【二清—能力過關】III.單選題1. We all have a part to ________ in the fight against crime. A. play B. take C. playing D. taking2. It was not ________ that native speakers don’t know grammar very well. A. surprise B. surprising C. surprised D. surpises3. Spring is coming and the grass is just beginning to ________. A. come along B. come up C. come with D. come through4. He lives three ________ away from here. A. blockings B. buildings C. streets D. blocks5. The boy often ________ money from his grandparents. A. requests B.orders C. tells D. commands6. He likes to help others ________ he is very busy. A. because B. if C. even D. even if7. The film was made ________ the World War II. A. base on B. based on C. base in D. based in8. There are twenty students who are going to have a picnic on Sunday, six girls ________. A. include B. included C. including D. includes9. Did you have any difficulty ________ the question? A. to answer B. answering C. having answered D. answered10. The number of people invited to the party ________ sixty, but a number of them ________ absent. A. were; was B. was; was C. was; were D. were; were【三清—思維拓展】IV.閱讀 What is language for? Some people seem to think it’s for practicing grammar rules and learning lists of words——the longer the lists, the better. That’s wrong. Language is for the exchange of ideas and information. It’s meaningless knowing all about a language if you can’t use it freely.Many students I have met know hundreds of grammar rules, but they can’t speak correctly or fluently(流利地). They are afraid of making mistakes. One shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes when speaking a foreign language. Native speakers make mistakes and break rules, too. Bernard Shaw once wrote, “Foreigners often speak English too correctly.” But the mistakes that native speakers make are different from those that Chinese students make. They’re English mistake in the English language. And if enough native speakers break a rule, it is no lon。省略部分。 on ; one another; increase rapidly; communicate with ; be different from; make use of ; standard English; believe it or not ; play a part in II.翻譯句子is based on; because of; came up to; plays an important role/part; different from; make use of; even if/though; In the 1960sIII.課文改編完型16th; million; present; first; second; foreign; difference; native; communicate ;from; South; number; increasing IV.閱讀FFFTTLearning about languageI.詞型變化presented; present; requested; request; standard; standard; native; native; command; commandII.單選題DAAAA DBABDIII.完形填空CBADB CACAB DBADD CCDCCUsing the languageI.單詞拼寫vocabulary; natives; accent; identity; culture; rapid; includes;elevator; actually; internationalII.單選題DDCDD DACAAIII.閱讀 DBDBBIV.本單元相關主題寫作English is a living language and is widely used all over the world. More and more people begin to learn English in order ot be able to use it freely at work and communicate with people from other countries.It is not easy for us to learn English well. But if we make every effort to speak it and use it, we can learn it well. We should be active in speaking more English and answer the questions in English in class. After class we’d better talk to our classmates in English. As the old saying goes: “Where there is a will, there is a way”. As long as we study hard, we can speak it well and use it freely.【學業評價】必修2第1單元測試I. Choose the best answers.DCAAA CBCBA BCBBDII. Read the passage and then choose the best answer for each blank.BCCBB BACDB BCDABIII. Read the passages and then choose the best answers.第一節: DDC CCD BCB CCC第二節:BFAFC第二卷IV.Complete the following sentences with the correct forms of the words.usage; cultural; impolite; direction; recognizingV.Choose the proper expressions from the box for the blanks, using the right forms.make a list of; communicating with ; played the part of ; is based on; Believe it or not ; VI. Complete the following sentences.a great number ; such as; Believe it or not; only time will tell; communicate withVII. Write an English composition in about 100 words according to the instructions given. Dear Chen Li, I'm glad to hear from you. You asked me about the difficulties you may meet with when you get here in the UK. Now, I'd like to tell you something about it.First, you may have the problem about the language you think you are well prepared. You may find it difficult to communicate with the natives, because many of them have a strong accent. Besides, you may not get used to the western food here or even hate to have it. What's more, you may feel lonely and misss your family and friends, especially inthe very beginning.However, you needn't worry about it. Several weeks later, you will get used to everything here and love the place, and I'll also try my best to help you when necessay.Best wishes! Yours, Wang Xiaoying
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