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?人教版英語必修一Unit 4 Earthquakes 重難點Teaching aims and demands:1. Topic: Basic knowledge of earthquakes; how to protect oneself and help the others in disasters 2. Useful words and expressions: shake, well (n.), rise, smelly, pond, pipe, burst, canal, steam, dirt, ruin, injure, destroy, brick, dam, useless, steel, shock, quake, rescue, electricity, disaster, army, organize, bury, coal, shelter, fresh, percent, speech, judge, honour, prepare; right away, (be) at an end, dig out, bring in, a (great )number of3. Functions: Talking about past experiences: I will never forget the day when the earthquake took place. The time was 5:15 in the afternoon and I was driving along the road. Sequence 4. Grammar: The attributive clause (I) 由that, which, who, whose引導的定語從句 The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,000. It was heard in Beijing which is one hundred kilometers away. Workers built shelters for survivors whose homes had been destroyed.Aims1. 了解唐山大地震的有關情況;地震前發生的一些異?,F象,地震發生后對整個城市造成的毀滅性破壞,以及隨之而來的全國軍民大救援等。2. 認識到這個道理:如果我們能夠了解并認識地震前的預兆,就能提前做好準備,讓更多的人獲得求生的機會,減少或避免不必要的損失。3. 進一步練習閱讀方法與技能,如細讀﹝close reading﹞,總結、歸納內容的能力﹝summarizing﹞,猜測詞義的能力﹝word-guessing skills﹞4. 學習使用談論過去經歷的句子。5. 學習并掌握本課的詞語、表達方式、語法結構。重點詞組:have time to do 有時間做某事                  happen to do 碰巧做某事shake hands with sb 握手                      burst into tears/ laughter  burst out crying/laughing突然哭/笑起來              in ruins 成為廢墟                            cut across 穿過、橫穿blow away 吹走、刮走                        fall down 倒塌rescue workers 救援人員                       be pleased to do 樂意做某事make/ give a speech 發表演說                   judging….from 根據……來判斷tens of thousands of 成千上萬                   dig out 挖掘a great/ large number of =a great many/good  大量的be trapped in/ under 陷入……/ 陷在……下面the high school speaking competition 高中演講比賽 have sb do sth= make sb do sth= let sb do sth 讓某人做某事come to an end (vi) = put/ bring sth to an end = put/ bring an end to sth 結束某事be proud of / take pride in 以……而自豪invite sb to do sth 邀請某人做某事             think little of 對……評價低   invite sb for/ to sth                           think highly of 對……評價高one-third 1/3     two-thirds  2/3        seventy-five percent   75%agree with sb                               give out 發出(氣味等);分發;耗盡agree to sth                                 give off 發出(氣味等)agree to do sth                              give away 贈送;泄露agree on sth 達成一致意見                   give back 歸還right away= right now= at once= immediately 立刻as you know 正如你所知道的                 be known as 作為……而知名as is known to all 眾所周知                   be known for 因……而出名as could be expected 正如可以預料到的        it is useless doing sth 干某事是無用的happen= take place= come about= break out偶發   有計劃      偶發     戰爭等爆發重點句子:1. It is always calm before a storm.2. Now, imagine there has been a big earthquake.  此句為There be 句型3. Mice ra。省略部分。ish.5. A smelly gas came out from the cracks of the well.6. She left me stood there without saying goodbye and went away.7. Tom is burying in thoughts of the past.8. There have had many great changes in my hometown since I left.9. The problem is too difficult for us to solve it.10. The boss told the workers that he would have their wages risen.IV.句子翻譯1. 正在修建的公路將有80米寬。 (that/ which)2. 這場大火毀壞了這棟大樓的2/3。(destroy)3. 街頭的盡頭有一個小書店。(at the end of)4. 今天別去溜冰了――冰上有裂縫很危險。(crack)5. 地震過后,全城到處是殘垣斷壁。(in ruins)6. 營救隊員去救幸存者。(rescue)7. 他們在一棵大樹下避雨。(shelter)8. 政府對他的發明評價很高。(think highly of)9. 你認為海嘯前會發生什么?(tsunami) (happen)10. 1906年4月18日清晨5點13分舊金山(San Francisco)市發生了強烈的地震。(shake/ strike/ hit)必選(1)Unit 4 Earthquakes答案第一部分 基礎練習I.詞匯a. destroyed, electricity, Disasters, frightened, injured, ruins, sheltered, honour, burst, shaken.b.詞組識記1. think little of   11. 立刻,馬上2. a smelly gas             12. 結束,終結3. a thousand kilometers away 13. 突然大哭4. two thirds of the people 14. 沉淪在一片廢墟之中5. the number of 15. 多達40萬6. be not safe for traveling 16. 吹走,驅散7. tens of thousands of 17. 代替,而不是8. rescue workers 18. 被困在廢墟下9. dig out 19.為幸存者蓋起避難所10. begin to breathe again/ turn on a new look again 20. 為...感到自豪II. 語法a.把下列句子改寫成定語從句1. I have a friend who likes listening to classical music.2. Yesterday Emily was wearing the new dress that/ which I gave her.3. I know the student whose article was published. 4. Betty, who has never been abroad, is studying English very well. 5. My grandparents live in a house which is more than 100 years old.b. whose, who/ that/ whom, that, who/ whom/ that, which/ that, that/ which, the one, which/ that, whom, whoseIII. 單項填空DAAAD, ADCBD, CBCBB第二部分 綜合練習I. 完形填空ABDAD, DABAC, DACDC, ACBACII.閱讀理解CDBAB, BBAC, DBBB, BACDCIII.單句改錯1. of → to 2. little → well/ highly 3. in → of 4. is → am5. from → of 6. stood → standing 7. burying → buried8. had → been 9. it去掉 10. risen → raisedIV.句子翻譯1. The road (that/which is) being built will be 80 metres wide.2. The big fire destroyed two thirds of the building.3. There is a small bookstore at the end of the street.4. Don’t go skating today—there are dangerous cracks in the ice.5. An earthquake left the whole city / town in ruins.6. The rescue workers came to the survivors’ rescue.7. They took shelter from the rain under a big tree.8. His invention was highly thought of by the government. 9. What do you think will happen before a tsunami?10. At 5:13 on the morning of April 18th, 1906, the city of San Francisco was shaken/ hit/ struck by a terrible earthquake. At 5:13 on the morning of April 18th, 1906, a terrible earthquake happened in/ took place in / hit/ struck/ shook the city of San Francisco.
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