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?課 題M9U4課時9-1New words 1主備人授 課 時 間200810教 學 目 標1. let students read the new words correctly.2. get students master some important words.教學重、難點How to get students master the important words and phrases.教、 學 具slides預習要求Read the new words by themselves.教師活動內容、方式學生活動內容、方式旁 注Step 1 GreetingStep2 Read after the teacherRead each word twice.Step3 Vocabulary explanation1. expression(n.).“詞語;表情;表達”。 “Shut up!” is not a polite expression.“住嘴!” 不是一句禮貌用語。I could tell from his expression that he was angry.我從他的表情看出他生氣了。 His clear expression of the plan made it easy for us to understand.他清楚地說明了計劃,我們很容易明白。鞏固:The _____ on his face told me that he was angry. (湖北 2006)A. impression B. sight C. appearance D. expression選D。句意:他臉上的表情告訴我他非常生氣。impression印象;sight看見,視力;appearance外貌,出現。2. polish v. 磨光,擦亮;修改,潤色,使完美[轉化] polish n. 光澤;教養;擦,拭,打磨;擦拭劑[拓展] polish up 磨光,擦亮;提高,改進 polish off 迅速做完或吃光;打敗 polish the apple 討人歡心,拍馬屁3.interpret: verb [T] interpretation  noun [C or U]:an explanation or opinion of what something means:interpreter  noun [C]:a noted interpreter 一個著名的口譯者4.instruction    noun [C usually plural]The police who broke into the house were only acting on/under instructions闖進這所房子的警察只是按指令行事。instructions    plural noun5. behalf: nounon behalf of sb/on sb's behalf representing; instead of:Please don't leave on my behalf (= because of me).請不要因為我離開6.extension  noun [C or U]We're building an extension to/on our house.extend (REACH)   verb [T; I usually + adverb or preposition] 撒哈拉沙漠綿延好幾英里。The Sahara Desert extends (= reaches) for miles.酒館最近延長了營業時間The pub has recently extended its opening hours (= made them longer).7.circumstance: noun你在任何情況下決不能接近這個人。Under no circumstances should you (= You must not) approach the man.Step 4 : consolidationStep 5 : Homework1. Review all the new words2. Do Part A1 and A 2 on page 124 in Workbook so they will have more chances to use some useful words and phrases leant in this section.Ss translate練練吧!1.我在出門前擦亮了鞋子。 I polished my shoes before leaving home.2.你的論文很好,只需要稍稍潤色一下。 Your essay is good; you just need topolish it a bit.Have a try:.關于下一步做什么他們需要明確的說明。 They need clear instructions on what to do next課 題M9U4 課時9-2New words 2主備人授 課 時 間200810教 學 目 標1.Let students read the new words correctly and fluently.2. Get students master some important words. 教學重、難點How to get students master the important words and phrases.教、 學 具slides預 習 要 求Preview the new words.教師活動內容、方式學生活動內容、方式旁 注Step1 GreetingsStep2 Read after the teacherRead each word twice.Step3 Vocabulary explanation1.Remain 用法探究 (vi.)1).表示“剩下”、“仍有”,只能用于主動語態,不可直接跟賓語。例如: They had all those that remained.他們把剩下的全部拿走了。 2).表示“留下”、“逗留”,特指在他人走后留下。例如: ①They went,but I remained.他們走了,但我留了下來。 ②I shall remain here all the winter.整個冬天我將留在這里。 3).表示“尚待”、。省略部分。hist temple in China is the White Horse Temple in Luoyang, Henan Province.) What will you write about if you want to tell other people about a historic religious site? (The things that need to be covered include: where the site is located, when it was set up, why it was set up, who set it up and its importance in history.)3. Read an article from a history book about the oldest temple in China. First read the instructions and then the article and take notes . Compare your notes to decide who has got the most important information about the historic site. 3. What is the name of the temple? (The White Horse Temple.) Where is the temple located? (It is located in Luoyang, Henan Province in the east central part of China.) Why is it called the White Horse Temple? ( To remind people of the white horse that the Buddhist readings and images had traveled on from India.)4. Divide the article into several parts and give the main idea for each part. Part 1 (Paragraph1) brief introduction of the White Horse Temple Part 2 (Paragraphs 2-5) the story behind the temple Part 3 (Paragraph 6) the architecture of the White Horse Temple Part 4 (Paragraphs 7-9) the importance of the White Horse Temple5. Do Parts B1 and B2, Part D1 and D2 on p127&p129 in Workbook Part B1. Discuss the questions in Part B in groups of four and present your report to the whole class.2. Read the dialogue in Part A on page 130 and the newspaper article in Part B on page 131 in Workbook so you will know more about this subject.Step3. language points:1. remain① vi 剩下,遺留● e.g. After the fire, very little remained of my house.② vi 留待以后去看,去做,去說 e.g. Much work remained to be done.③ vi逗留,留下 e.g. I’ll remain to see the end of the game.④ link v. 保持,仍是 e.g. The door remained closed.2. (L7) When the emperor woke up, he asked his officials to interpret his dream and tell him what it meant.(Let students analyze the complex sentence and use)3. (L31) It was the White Horse Temple that first brought the meaning of ‘temple’ to the word ‘si’. ( Let students analyze the emphasize sentence and use)(05天津)It was ____ you do rather than what you say ______ matters.A. that, what B. that, which C. what, that D. what, this4. (L41) It is called the Qiyun Pagoda and it is the first known Buddhist pagoda in China.( Let students analyze the compound sentence and use) Homework _________ (finish), we went to bed very early.Step4 Homework:1. Read the article again.2. Choose any of religious sites to write a report about it cooperating in groupsSs discuss and answer the questions.Ss may express opinions freely.Ss read the article again and work in pairs by asking each other questions about the White Horse Temple. Check the answers together.Consolidation:(02全國)Having a trio abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remained ______ whether they will enjoy it.A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen第 19 頁 共 19 頁
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